I'm The Fucking King Of Chipbreak

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    I'm the Fucking King of Chipbreak -- Saskrotch MP3

    Saskrotch's "I'm the Fucking King of Chipbreak" from the album "Exploding Head Disease". You can (usually) download it for free off of ...

    Tags: Saskrotch, Exploding Head Disease

  • Saskrotch- I

    Saskrotch- I'm The Fucking King Of Chipbreak MP3

    Track del FREE LP de Saskrotch "Exploding Head Disease" del 2009. Descargalo desde aquí: http://saskrotch.bandcamp.com/album/exploding-head-disease ...

    Tags: Saskrotch, Chiptune, Breakcore, IDM, Chipbreak, Drill N Bass, 8bit, Experimental, Electronic, Chicago, USA

  • "I

    "I'm the fucking king of the world, get on your knees..." MP3

    Aschenbach ruled the Essenback family effortlessly, he had his fingers in everyone else's business and manipulated all. Plus he was sooo Aryan looking, ...

    Tags: The, Damned, 1968, Visconti, Aschenbach, Nazi, Germany, book, burning, Fall, of, the, Gods

  • Adam Sapphire - I

    Adam Sapphire - I'm The Fucking King MP3

    Adam Sapphire - Chapter XI: New Earth Order Knights of Hope http://adamsapphire.bandcamp.com.

    Tags: Adam Sapphire, Adam Zivojnovich, Crystal Castles (Musical Group), Coheed And Cambria (Musical Group), Nine Inch Nails (Musical Group), Deftones (Musical Group), The Blood Brothers (Musical Group), Mindless Self Indulgence (Musical Group), Progressive Rock (Musical Genre), Indie Rock (Musical Genre), Alternative Rock (Musical Genre), Electronic Music (Musical Genre), Electronica (Musical Genre), Rock Music (Musical Genre), Punk Rock (Musical Genre)

  • I am the Fucking King

    I am the Fucking King MP3

    In 6th Place with 35 Secs left, got 7 Tomahawks in a row and 2 knife kills at the end to win 1st place. Got 11 total Tomahawks that game, yea not all that much but ...

    Tags: Am, The, Fucking, King

  • The King of Chipbreak - Saskrotch (new 14ft sm)

    The King of Chipbreak - Saskrotch (new 14ft sm) MP3

    196bpm, lots of 16ths and 24th trills. =] I finally got off my fat ass and decided to play one of these chip break files I like to make on feet (instead of uploading a ...

    Tags: DSCN1919

  • [Gigamashcore/Chipbreak/Speedchip] Illegally​Embezzle​Mp3 - Eljektronnyi Mir

    [Gigamashcore/Chipbreak/Speedchip] Illegally​Embezzle​Mp3 - Eljektronnyi Mir MP3

    Released 15th November 2015 http://www.discogs.com/release/7730920 Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko!!!   – SKRD!!!-077 Album: Japanese Style Music!!! Track No.

    Tags: DJKurara, DJ Kurara, Speedcore, Chiptune, Mashcore, Gigamash, 2015, Kyou, Kyou1110

  • EMX Chipbreak Performance 1

    EMX Chipbreak Performance 1 MP3

    myspace.com/fighterxtreme Hope you like amens and 8-bit sounding stuff! Download this full track at ...

    Tags: emx, fighterx, chipbreak, emx-1, electribe, nick, nickolas, walthew, groovebox, korg, 8bit, music

  • 藤子名人 / chipbreak is dead

    藤子名人 / chipbreak is dead MP3

    chipbreak is dead http://vol4records.com/ http://hujikopro.xrea.jp/

    Tags: hujiko pro, vol4, chipbreak is dead

  • Final Fantasy-Chipbreak Syndrome **HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURA-CHAN**

    Final Fantasy-Chipbreak Syndrome **HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURA-CHAN** MP3

    Happy Birthday Sakura!! Anime: Final Fantasy(s) Song: Chipbrake Syndrome Artist: Victor Echo 1-2 *Seizure Warning* I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!

    Tags: austin, hall, allan, victor, echo, 1-2, final, fantasy, II, III, VII, VI, XI, and, lot, others, naruto, shippuden, skaterconluver, sakura, sasuke, neji, Nightmare812, Leon, Squall, Cloud, Strife, Tifa, Vincent, Valentine, Tidus, Yuna, Yuffie

  • HoppiTronic - Chipbreak on EMX

    HoppiTronic - Chipbreak on EMX MP3

    http://www.myspace.com/hoppitronic this is not a full song .. its just a part of my livestuff.

    Tags: HoppiTronic, Korg, EMX, electribe, bit, music, chiptune, chipbreak, nintendo, amen, break

  • Joy To The World (Chipbreak Remix)

    Joy To The World (Chipbreak Remix) MP3

    http://brkbrkbrk.com/mc2010/ Grab the 2010 christmas compilation here! Love Through Cannibalism.

    Tags: Joy To The World, Christmas, Chipbreak, Drum And Bass, Breakcore, 8bit, Chiptune, Nintendo, Remix, Love, Through, Cannibalism, Saskrotch