• Real Life Holodeck with an Oculus Rift - Computerphile

    Real Life Holodeck with an Oculus Rift - Computerphile MP3

    The closest thing to Star Trek's 'Holodeck' - a large scale tracking lab with VR headsets used to develop everything from redirected walking to quadcopter control ...

    Tags: computers, computerphile, Oculus Rift (Video Game Platform), Holodeck, vr, virtual reality, Max Planck (Academic), university of nottingham

  • Microsoft RoomAlive - one step closer to holodeck

    Microsoft RoomAlive - one step closer to holodeck MP3

    RoomAlive is a proof-of-concept prototype that transforms any room into an immersive, augmented entertainment experience through the use of video projectors.

    Tags: Microsoft Corporation (Venture Funded Company), Holodeck, Software (Industry), realitate augmentata, Microsoft RoomAlive, RoomAlive, Immersion Room, IllumiRoom, Microsoft Research, Microsoft Research (Organization)

  • Introducing the Real-Life Holodeck

    Introducing the Real-Life Holodeck MP3

    One of the most exciting and intriguing technologies portrayed in Star Trek was the holodeck, a virtual interactive environment where characters could live out ...

    Tags: computer scientist, Fiction, science fiction, New York City, NYC, World, Science, Festival, Brian Greene, Physics, proof, Space, Lawrence Krauss, Seth Shostak, Real-Life Holodeck, intriguing technologies, Star Trek, holodeck, outer space, Computer Scientist, modern technology, Eric Horvitz, interactive, science of Star Trek, star, Trek, 2015, what is the holodeck

  • Star Trek holodeck.avi

    Star Trek holodeck.avi MP3

    This is a video taken from Star Trek - The Next Generations series (episode named Hollow Pursuit) in which the famous holodeck can be seen both populated ...

    Tags: Star, Trek, holodeck

  • Captain Picard tommy gunning Borg

    Captain Picard tommy gunning Borg MP3

    The best scene from Star Trek: First Contact. Copyright Paramount Pictures 1996.

    Tags: Captain, Picard, Borg, Tommy, gun, holonovel, star, trek, first, contact, awesome

  • Star Trek holodeck introduction

    Star Trek holodeck introduction MP3

    This video is uploaded for academic presentation purpose only.
  • Unite 2015 - The Holodeck is here - Designing for Room-Scale VR

    Unite 2015 - The Holodeck is here - Designing for Room-Scale VR MP3

    The HTC Vive is the first but certainly not the last piece of VR hardware to bring standing, room-scale experiences to the living room or dedicated VR room.

    Tags: Unity (Software), Video Game (Industry), Video Game Development, Unite 2015 Boston, HTC Vive, Owlchemy Labs, Virtual Reality (Media Genre)

  • To build a holodeck: an exclusive look at Microsoft

    To build a holodeck: an exclusive look at Microsoft's Edison lab MP3

    Joshua Topolsky visits the Edison Lab on Microsoft's Redmond campus. More from The Verge: Subscribe: ...

    Tags: Envisioning, journalism, culture, holodeck, tech, science, reviews, news, entertainment, Glasses Free 3D, Magic Window, technology, the verge, Edison Lab, 3D, Joshua Topolsky, Microsoft Research

  • Minecraft Mods - Holodeck - YogLabs

    Minecraft Mods - Holodeck - YogLabs MP3

    Minecraft mods time! YogLabs technology has allowed for a breakthrough in spacial redistribution. Lewis sets about showing Simon how to make a room that ...

    Tags: Minecraft mods, Minecraft mod, minecraft, mods, mod, funny, gaming, funny gaming, funny moments, yogscast, yogscast complete, bluexephos, xephos, honeydew, showcase, yoglabs playlist, yoglabs, holodeck, hard drive, ME, server, room, spatial, spacial

  • One of Lieutenant Barclay

    One of Lieutenant Barclay's Holodeck Fantasies MP3

    This is just one of Lieutenant Barclay's holodeck fantasies that appear in this episode in which he worries Guinan, pushes Geordi across Ten Forward, ...

    Tags: mike, buffat, wiximar, star trek, the next generation, hollow pursuits, lieutenant, la forge, reginald, reggie, barclay, counselor, troi, deanna, levar burton, marina sirtis, jonathan frakes, dwight schultz, intimidation, fantasy, holodeck, Reginald Barclay (Fictional Character), whoopi goldberg, guinan, geordi, commander, riker, sexy, hot, air, seduction, scare, ten forward, uss enterprise, enterprise, enterprise d, 1701d, uss, tng, Space, Star Trek (Film)

  • VIPE Holodeck

    VIPE Holodeck MP3

    The Virtual Immersive Portable Environment is the most realistic, cost effective virtual training system available.

    Tags: military training, police training, virtual training, holodeck, VIPE

  • Choose Your Holodeck Adventure ASMR Roleplay

    Choose Your Holodeck Adventure ASMR Roleplay MP3

    Hello, beautiful people. Just a simple and silly roleplay. The AI is a bit on the fritz so you'll have to forgive her. Shot it in one take with no clear vision but I hope ...

    Tags: Holodeck, ASMR, roleplay, soft spoken, relax, relaxation, sleep, insomania, auto sensory meridian response, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

  • Star Trek Voyager - Velocity Holodeck Game

    Star Trek Voyager - Velocity Holodeck Game MP3

    Captain Janeway & Seven of Nine playing a holodeck game called 'Velociy' Star Trek Wiki: http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Velocity.

    Tags: star, trek, voyager, holodeck, holo, deck, janeway, seven, of, nine

  • New Microsoft Holodeck!!

    New Microsoft Holodeck!! MP3

    Mircosoft patents Holodeck! Order your SourceFed Posters here: http://bit.ly/SourceFedPosters Our Sources http://bit.ly/U6y3k9 http://bit.ly/OfMy2C Go to ...

    Tags: SourceFed, Philip, DeFranco, Elliott, Morgan, Joe, Bereta, Lee, Newton, Steve, Zaragoza, Trisha, Hershberger, sxephil, 20, Minutes, or, Less, 09122012SF, holodeck, microsoft, star, trek, pfed, ffed, James, Haffner

  • Fully Functioning Holodeck in Minecraft Tutorial (FTB DW20)

    Fully Functioning Holodeck in Minecraft Tutorial (FTB DW20) MP3

    A little project I made in the Direwolf20 modpack for Minecraft. It is basically a holodeck styled after the ones from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It mainly uses ...

    Tags: Holodeck, Minecraft (Award-Winning Work), Star Trek (Fictional Universe), feed the beast, direwolf20, computercraft, dan200, ftb, applied energistics 2, spatial io

  • Microsoft HoloLens Live Demo -  FULL Video

    Microsoft HoloLens Live Demo - FULL Video MP3

    Microsoft HoloLens Live Demo in the Windows 10 live event Microsoft HoloLens Trailer Subscribe us to stay up to date with new news! Also check out: Minecraft ...

    Tags: news, asia news, world news, Windows Live (Website), Microsoft Corporation (Venture Funded Company), Demo, Software (Industry), Microsoft HoloLens, Microsoft HoloLen, MS Hololens, Hololens, windows 10, Microsoft Windows (Operating System), Computer, Windows Holographic, Demonstration

  • TNG Recut 7 Holodeck Pleasure

    TNG Recut 7 Holodeck Pleasure MP3

    My other Star Trek Edits and spoof channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXA7IhbBKWAGACPbGfMBQfw https://www.youtube.com/user/AdmiralGrin ...

    Tags: TNG, Recut, Holodeck, Pleasure

  • Project Holodeck - Introduction

    Project Holodeck - Introduction MP3

    Project Holodeck is a virtual reality platform built with consumer facing technology, DIY off-the-shelf components, cutting-edge custom software, and creatively ...

    Tags: holodeck, Project Holodeck, Wild Skies, USC, razer, razer hydra, airship, virtual reality, Razer USA (Business Operation)

  • "Holodeck 4.0": Wandern durch die virtuelle Realität

    "Holodeck 4.0": Wandern durch die virtuelle Realität MP3

    http://www.heise.de/-2562132 - Mit einem Head-mounted-Smartphone – also einem Handy vor dem Kopf – kann man am Fraunhofer IIS in Nürnberg auf 1400 ...

    Tags: Durovis Dive, Fraunhofer IIS, Gear VR, Nexus 5, Virtual Reality

  • Das Holodeck für Audio kommt! - Clixoom Science & Fiction

    Das Holodeck für Audio kommt! - Clixoom Science & Fiction MP3

    Das Holodeck kommt....für Audio! 3D Kino ist Schnee von Gestern. Dreidimensionale Musik ist das neue Unterhaltungsmedium? Also nicht ein 7.1 oder 5.1 ...

    Tags: Clixoom, Forschung, Wissenschaft, Science, Fiction, Experimente, Information, Blog, Wissen, Vsauce, deutsch, Medizin, Technik, Physik, Astronomie, Chemie, Biologie, Christoph Krachten, sensationell, Audio, MPEG-H, Frauenhofer Institut

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft's New Project Brings The Holodeck One Step Closer To Reality MP3

    Please watch: "The 10 Hottest Sex Positions Ranked By YOU" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkRFntsbb8k -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Star Trek fan or not, all of us ...

    Tags: Holodeck, Microsoft Corporation (Venture Funded Company), Software (Industry), Project, AskMen, Tech, Technology, Gadgets, Gear, CES, New, Cool, Electronics, Computers, Geek, Gizmos, Fun, News, Gift, Present, Men, Top 10, Unique, Weird, Useful, Digital, Analogue, Hi Tech, Future, Next, Best Buy, Emerging, Latest, Science, Advances, Cutting Edge, Futuristic, Rumors, Prediction, Unreleased, Military

  • Besuch im "HOLODECK" - Neues Heimkino von unserem Kunden Andreas S.

    Besuch im "HOLODECK" - Neues Heimkino von unserem Kunden Andreas S. MP3

    Unsere beliebte Reihe "Vorstellung von Kundenheimkinos" setzen wir mit diesem Video fort. Diesmal zeigen wir Ihnen das selbstgebaute Heimkino von ...

    Tags: patrick schappert, grobitv, holodeck, heimkino, grossbild, beamer, jvc hd x 35, jvc x 3, jvc x 30, leinwand, rahmenleinwand, oppo bdp 103 eu, kinostuhl, kathrein, sat empfang, 3d, 2d, selbstbau heimkino, star treck, star trek, raumschiff, kaarst, sony ex 1 r

  • Holodeck Four

    Holodeck Four MP3

    Poor Holodeck 4 janitor.

    Tags: Star Trek, Holodeck, Riker, The Perfect Mate, ST TNG, funny, masturbation

  • The Next Kinect? Microsoft

    The Next Kinect? Microsoft's Gaming 'Holodeck' MP3

    Microsoft's RoomAlive is a fleshed-out concept of IllumiRoom, but this time there are no screens! The basic idea is to project a complete environment in a simple ...

    Tags: holodeck, personal holodeck, roomalive, room alive, microsoft roomalive, illumiroom, kinect, kinect 2015, microsoft 2015, microsoft illumiroom, microsoft kinect room, kinect projector, xbox one, xbobx one kinect

  • Das Modul - Holodeck 4

    Das Modul - Holodeck 4 MP3

    Tags: Das, Modul, Holodeck, 4

  • Virtual Reality: Holodeck 4.0 | Besuch am Fraunhofer-Institut

    Virtual Reality: Holodeck 4.0 | Besuch am Fraunhofer-Institut MP3

    Das Holodeck 4.0 bringt Virtual Reality einen Schritt nach vorne und wird am Fraunhofer-Intitut für Integrierte Schaltungen in Nürnberg entwickelt. Dabei handelt ...

    Tags: pcgh, pc games hardware, Virtual Reality, Holodeck, Fraunhofer Society (Organization), Reality (Quotation Subject)

  • When Will We Each Have Our Own Personal Holodeck- - Dr. Kaku

    When Will We Each Have Our Own Personal Holodeck- - Dr. Kaku's Universe - Big Think.flv MP3

    Dr. Kaku addresses a question posed by Anna Warren: How long will it be before we can have our own Holodeck like on Star Trek? I would like to have one in ...

    Tags: michio kaku, science, kaku, holodeck, future, star trek

  • Star Trek unter der Lupe - Das Holodeck

    Star Trek unter der Lupe - Das Holodeck MP3

    Alle Staffeln von "Raumschiff Enterprise - Das nächste Jahrhundert" seht ihr auf Syfy digital HD remastered mit brillanten Bildern, brandneuen CGI-Effekten und ...