Half Heard In The Stillness

  • Half heard in the stillness between

    Half heard in the stillness between MP3

    performed at Univ.of Utah's Marriott Center for Dance, March 11, 2010 Choreographer: Chelsea Rowe Dancers: Natalie Grant, Chelsea Hecht, Zach Enquist, ...

    Tags: choreography, dance, modern, contemporary, University of Utah, Department of Modern Dance

  • Half heard in the stillness

    Half heard in the stillness MP3

    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Half heard in the stillness · Robert Fox The Fire and the Rose ℗ 1992 Fx Music Released on: 1998-10-20 ...

    Tags: Robert Fox, The Fire and the Rose, Half heard in the stillness

  • Half Heard in the Stillness Live Broadcast - Fri Oct 23 20:13:24 EDT 2015

    Half Heard in the Stillness Live Broadcast - Fri Oct 23 20:13:24 EDT 2015 MP3

    Tyler tested out the live broadcast option on our channel. Kind of fun! But it kept dropping the feed, which is why you get random gaps in the songs.

    Tags: live broadcast, Singer-songwriter (Profession), cover songs, josh ritter, David Gray (Musical Artist), Songs, music, live music, Griffin House (Musical Artist), Live, Concert, Performance, Taylor Guitars (Guitar), GS mini

  • Harry Potter: A  Christmas Dance

    Harry Potter: A Christmas Dance MP3

    Ron, Hermione , Harry Ginny.

    Tags: Christmas (Holiday), Christmas Music (Musical Genre), Dance (Interest), Harry, Potter, Merry, Hermione, Harry Potter Literary Series (Award-Winning Work), Watson, Daniel, Harry Potter (Film Character), Harry Potter Film Series (Film Series), Granger, Merry Christmas, Bells, Holidays, Carol, Jingle, LEGO (Interest), Stop Motion (TV Genre), Half Heard in the Stillness, Television (Invention), stop motion

  • Accidental Black Face, Trick or Treat Edition!

    Accidental Black Face, Trick or Treat Edition! MP3

    Today was the Trick or Treating night for our area. I'm not sure why they don't do it on the actual Halloween evening. The kids spent the day in great anticipation ...

    Tags: blackface, black face, Half Heard in the Stillness, Bratayley, The Daily Bump, Daily Bumps, Halloween (Holiday), kids, children, vlog, Vlogging, daily vlog, family life, accidental, goofy, Ada, Rosie, Henry, trick or treat, holiday, candy, toddler, preteen, costumes, dress up, Ohio (US State)

  • Thanksgiving With Dog Breath

    Thanksgiving With Dog Breath MP3

    Happy Thanksgiving! We're just hanging playing with our dogs.

    Tags: Half Heard in the Stillness, dogs, pets, animals, Thanksgiving (Holiday), family time, toddler, vlog, vlogging, Family (Organism Classification Rank), Video Blog (Website Category), Dog (Domesticated Animal), Animal (Film Character)

  • How to Survive the Grocery Store with Three Kids!

    How to Survive the Grocery Store with Three Kids! MP3

    The kids love making vlog style videos. They begged to vlog a grocery store trip. So how do you survive a grocery shopping trip with three crazy kids? Well...with ...

    Tags: Half Heard in the Stillness, Grocery Store (Industry), children, kids, halloween, shopping, scared, baby, scary, crying, toddler, Funny, Cute, Laughing, Scream, Cuteness (Website Category), Kids (Film), Weird, family vlog, vlog, Video Blog (Website Category), vlogging, truth, daily bumps, bratayley, viral videos, parenting, fail, Halloween (Holiday), masks, Creepy, Scare, Screaming

  • Toddler Hates Pancakes

    Toddler Hates Pancakes MP3

    Sunday morning breakfast at home, just an average day in the land of chaos. Subscribe to our channel to see our latest videos!

    Tags: Kids, breakfast, cooking, pancakes, flap Jacks, family, vlog, vlogging, toddler, tantrums, two years old, son, daughter, adult coloring book, Video Blog (Website Category), Eating, Pancake (Dish), Food (TV Genre), Cute, Kids (Film), Funny, Laughing, Cuteness (Website Category), Kitchen, Reality Television (TV Genre), Try, The Daily Bump, Seven Supergirls

  • Life With a Giant Bunny

    Life With a Giant Bunny MP3

    Molchy the Rabbit wants all the apples!

    Tags: Half Heard in the Stillness, moments, memories, shorts, family, family life, pets, rabbits, rabbit, Flemish giant, Flemish, cross, new Zealand, bunny, Conejo, pet, animal care

  • Henry Sabotages Daddy

    Henry Sabotages Daddy's Music Video Attempt MP3

    Henry has decided to play along with a very out of tune kiddy guitar...

    Tags: Josh Ritter (Musical Artist), cover songs, guitar, kids, toddler, silly, sabotage, fail, family, acoustic guitar, singing, singer song writer, Music Video (TV Genre), Musician (Profession), Music (TV Genre), Songs, Acoustic, Lol, Folk, Cover, Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Cute, Funny, Owned, Guitar Cover, Noob, Acoustic Cover, Laughing

  • Belly button pokes!

    Belly button pokes! MP3

    Henry giggling at 10 months old. Check out more videos on our channel! http://www.youtube.com/c/halfheardinthestillness.

    Tags: baby, laughing, hysterically, Cute, Funny, Belly, Laugh, adorable, giggling, belly button, Cuteness (Website Category), viral, trending, videos that make you smile, Half Heard in the Stillness

  • Jenny the Old English Game Bantam hen laying an egg.

    Jenny the Old English Game Bantam hen laying an egg. MP3

    Out it pops! See more of our chicken videos on the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSvFFYEY0Ziraw_O_397lSjz7yFkX85Uv Meet our kids: ...

    Tags: Chicken, Egg, Bird, Laying, Hen, Pullet, Oegb, Bantam, Chick, viral video, science, Homeschooling (Religious Practice), kids, graphic, up close and personal, Half Heard in the Stillness, vlog, vlogging, popular, urban homesteading, urban chickens, chickens in the city, backyard chickens, eggs, bird, nesting, fail, gone wrong, surprise, Unboxing (TV Subject), bird brain

  • Be the Change You Want to See in the World: Igor, Summer 2015

    Be the Change You Want to See in the World: Igor, Summer 2015 MP3

    We went into this summer hoping we'd be able to adopt Igor. We ended the summer on a sad note when things didn't end up the way we'd hoped. The summer ...

    Tags: hosting, orphan, ukraine, program, summer, rehosting, adoption, foster, Children of All Nations, Children, love, Eastern Europe (Location), columbus, ohio, ukrainian, child, exchange, student, experience

  • Henry Gets a Haircut

    Henry Gets a Haircut MP3

    Henry's very second haircut. Well, third haircut if you count the time I mistakenly buzzed off all of his hair.

    Tags: Toddler, haircut, kiddie cutters, children, family, vlog, vlogging, kids, daily life, cute, baby, driving

  • #IgorForever

    #IgorForever MP3

    IgorForever is the sum of our hopes for one awesome kid. Currently our boy lives in an orphanage halfway across the world. We've hosted him in our home ...

    Tags: igorforever, orphans, orphan hosting, adoption, children, go fund me, family, children of all nations, love, faith, hope

  • Daddy and Igor Wrestling

    Daddy and Igor Wrestling MP3

    The second Christmas we hosted Igor. www.heartforhosting.org.

    Tags: YouTube Capture, wrestling, kids, dad, playing, orphan hosting, Ukrainian orphan, christmas

  • Infant Rosie says "Asshole"...

    Infant Rosie says "Asshole"... MP3

    Rosie saying "assss hooooole" like that kid in Meet The Fockers.

    Tags: infant, cursing baby, baby, funny, Meet The Fockers, bad baby

  • Marvel Unboxing

    Marvel Unboxing MP3

    Tyler is unboxing his Marvel box of goodies....

    Tags: Marvel Comics (Production Company), Action-adventure Game (Media Genre), Unboxing (TV Subject), Review (Media Genre), Comic Book (Comic Book Genre), super heros, Marvel Universe (Comic Book Fictional Universe), Loki (Comic Book Character), Ironman, Iron Man (Comic Book Character)

  • Bicycle, Bicycle!

    Bicycle, Bicycle! MP3

    Rosie trying to ride her bike without training wheels for the first time.

    Tags: kids, bikes, Bicycle (Sports Equipment), Queen, children, family, documentary, playing, learning to ride a bike, black and white, canon, 5D MK II, DSLR

  • Baby kicks and bloodflow sounds @ 24 weeks.

    Baby kicks and bloodflow sounds @ 24 weeks. MP3

    The baby's feet are on the upper right, near The Mole. If you look closely you can see the area on the belly jump as she kicks.

    Tags: doppler, 24 weeks, pregnancy, heartbeat, bloodflow, kicking, baby, fetus, pregnant, belly, how to use doppler, doppler help, doppler examples, pregnant belly, second trimester doppler

  • Castle House Kitchen, Fail

    Castle House Kitchen, Fail MP3

    This is why you should never rent.

    Tags: renting, fail, victorian house, historical house

  • This was completely spontaneous.

    This was completely spontaneous. MP3

    Somehow this feels wildly inappropriate, but I can't not save it.
  • My ducks having their morning mating frolic.

    My ducks having their morning mating frolic. MP3

    They like to do it in the water as soon as I let them out every morning. Then they splash in celebration afterward.

    Tags: ducks, mating, sex, pekin, pool, splashing, bird, fowl, water, animal husbandry

  • Backyard.

    Backyard. MP3

    Chickens and bunnies!

    Tags: Home, Agriculture (Industry), chickens, rabbits, poultry, Bunny

  • Duck Quack #1

    Duck Quack #1 MP3

    Pekin Ducks.

    Tags: pekin, ducks, quacking, urban homesteading

  • At the Zoo with Igor (1)

    At the Zoo with Igor (1) MP3

    Our host kid from the Ukrainian orphan hosting program.)

    Tags: Ukrainian, Ukraine (Country), orphans, orphan hosting, hosting, foster care, children, zoo

  • Baby vs. Lemon

    Baby vs. Lemon MP3

    Henry at The Frying Pan restaurant in Southport, NC. Check out more videos on our channel! http://www.youtube.com/c/halfheardinthestillness Read more on ...

    Tags: baby, eating, lemon, funny, hilarious, silly, Food (TV Genre), Cute, Laughing, North Carolina (US State), vacation, toddler, Comedy, United States Of America (Country), Infant (Film Subject), the frying pan restaurant, restaurant

  • Rosie nursing

    Rosie nursing MP3

    8 months old.

    Tags: Rosie, nursing