• Dogs 101: Greyhound

    Dogs 101: Greyhound MP3

    For More Dogs 101 Check Out: One of the fastest breeds around, the ...

    Tags: dogs, 101, puppies, pets, canine, pups

  • Greyhounds Nonstop Music

    Greyhounds Nonstop Music MP3

    TrackList Pigface.mp3 Your Puppet And Your Clown.mp3 Apoy - 10 - Apoy.mp3 Doble Kara.mp3 Gunner.mp3 In Subtitles.mp3 Morse Codes.mp3 Party At ...

    Tags: kobi kobs, nonstop music, Greyhounds, greyhounds nonstop music, greyhounds songs, greyhounds music, opm rock, pinoy rock, pinoy metal, nu rock

  • Very Funny Greyhounds

    Very Funny Greyhounds MP3


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  • Adopting a Greyhound - Friends of Greyhounds

    Adopting a Greyhound - Friends of Greyhounds MP3

    Adopting a Greyhound - Friends of Greyhounds. Michelle Weaver of Friends of Greyhounds in Sunrise, FL talks about adopting retired racing greyhounds.

    Tags: greyhounds, Greyhound (Animal Breed), Friends of Greyhounds, adopting a greyhound, greyhound adoption, FoG, Sighthound (Animal), retired racing greyhound, greyhound kennel, greyhound racing

  • 25 Reasons Why Your Next Dog Should Be A Greyhound

    25 Reasons Why Your Next Dog Should Be A Greyhound MP3

    Whether you're in the market for a new k9 companion or know someone that is, this list will convince you (hopefully) to take a hard look at one of the most ...

    Tags: Greyhound (Animal Breed), Dog (Domesticated Animal), Sweet

  • Greyhounds - "What

    Greyhounds - "What's On Your Mind" MP3

    The first single from Greyhounds 2014 release, "Accumulator," out now on Ardent Music. CD/Vinyl iTunes: Keep up with the ...

    Tags: Greyhounds, Ardent Music, Trube, Ferrell, Accumulator

  • Greyhounds in Motion

    Greyhounds in Motion MP3

    Video capturing the amazing speed and power of greyhound racing. Filmed in high definition using a super-slow-motion camera. Credits: Camera Operator ...

    Tags: greyhound, race, racing, gambling, high speed, slow motion, dog, imovix, i-movix, blue tuna, post blue, alex elkins, ben seaman, slow-mo

  • Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound

    Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound MP3

    Download "Greyhound" on iTunes now: UNTIL NOW - The Soundtrack to One Last Tour. Out Now: ...

    Tags: Swedish House Mafia, SHM, Greyhound, Absolute, Official, VEVO, Milton Keynes Bowl, MKB

  • Greyhound in Pajamas Playing in Snow

    Greyhound in Pajamas Playing in Snow MP3

    He loves his new pajamas!

    Tags: greyhound, pajamas, snow, batman pajamas, dog, playing

  • Greyhounds - "Cuz I

    Greyhounds - "Cuz I'm Here" (eTown webisode #698) MP3


    Tags: Greyhounds, Ruthie Foster, eTown, eTown Hall, Anthony Farrell, Zack Littlefiield, Andrew Trube, JJ Grey

  • Greyhounds as Pets

    Greyhounds as Pets MP3

    Our first episode features the highly successful Greyhounds As Pets Programme (GAPS). Coordinator Tara Herbort will outline what happens to these ...

    Tags: Greyhounds, Pets, RWWA, Racing, Wagering, Western Australia

  • Cheetah vs Greyhound - World

    Cheetah vs Greyhound - World's Fastest Dog In Super Slow Motion - Slo Mo #29 - Earth Unplugged MP3

    Subscribe to Earth Unplugged for more awesome slo mo videos -- It's another dog vs cat battle this week, as the boys film the world's fastest ...

    Tags: greyhound vs cheetah, greyhound, cheetah, Slow Motion, slo mo, super slow motion, dog, Haydock, race course, Haydock Park, dog racing, greyhound racing, greyhound gait, gait, Sam Hume, Simon Lewis, VampyreBATT, batmobile, Film truck, tracking, ATV, Duncan Barbour, Mark Johnston, Sooty and Sweep, Cheetah, cheetah gait, cat vs dog, fastest dog, sprint, parklife, dog vs cat, Cat (Animal), Animals

  • Sev and Bella- playing as only Greyhounds can

    Sev and Bella- playing as only Greyhounds can MP3

    Our adorable little foster greyhound girl FINALLY getting our boy Sev to play! It's taken her almost four days of alternately stepping on him, laying on him and ...

    Tags: Greyhound, Greyhounds playing, dogs playing, GAP, Greyhounds As Pets, Sweet, Playing, Dog

  • Prisoners paired with Greyhounds

    Prisoners paired with Greyhounds MP3

    You'll only see this story from Pet Pals TV, as photographer Steve Sweitzer and Patty Spitler go behind bars to find some caring inmates who are helping ...

    Tags: YouTube Editor

  • DOGS 101 - Italian Greyhound [ENG]

    DOGS 101 - Italian Greyhound [ENG] MP3

    The Italian Greyhound makes a good companion dog and enjoys the company of people. However, the breed's slim build and short coat make them somewhat ...

    Tags: Greyhound (Animal Breed), leggero, italiano, pets, pet, Sweet, hq, quality, definition, tv, high, hd, Dogs 101 (TV Program), veloce, cane, Italian Greyhound (Animal Breed), Animals, corre, levriero, planet, Dog (Domesticated Animal), animal, Episode, YouTube

  • From Track to Couch: Tijuana Greyhounds Find New Lives North of the Border

    From Track to Couch: Tijuana Greyhounds Find New Lives North of the Border MP3

    Read us: Follow us:!/UnivisionNews/ Music: Tijuana's Caliente racetrack ...

    Tags: dog racing, greyhounds, galgos, Diana Oliva Cave, Erin Siegal, Eros Hoagland, Fast Friends, California

  • The Meadows Greyhounds. WE LOVE THE DOGS!!!

    The Meadows Greyhounds. WE LOVE THE DOGS!!! MP3

    Greyhound Racing The Meadows Australia.

    Tags: Animals Australia, RSPCA, Making A Killing, ABC Four Corners, Darren McDonald, Tooradin Greyhound Track, Greyhound Racing Australia, The Meadows, Sandown Park, We love the dogs, Greyhound Racing Victoria, Greyhound trainers banned

  • What greyhounds do in bed

    What greyhounds do in bed MP3

    Greyhounds are funny dogs for sure! A shocking expose of one retired racing Greyhound's bedroom antics. Extremely funny Greyhound!

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  • Greyhounds Rooing Response

    Greyhounds Rooing Response MP3

    My greyhounds listening to videos of other greyhounds Rooing. I love their facial expressions. Unfortunately, none of my dogs roo! Radcliff is the big blue.

    Tags: greyhounds, rooing

  • Greyhounds home alone

    Greyhounds home alone MP3

    Time-lapse video of our greyhounds and lurchers home alone.

    Tags: greyhound, lurcher

  • Greyhounds for families with kids!

    Greyhounds for families with kids! MP3

    I was turned down by two Retired racing Greyhound adoption agencies because I had a child under the age of 5 years. Thankfully, I found "Elite Greyhound ...

    Tags: Greyhounds, Large Dogs, South Florida, Charity Organizations, Miami, West Palm Beach, Racing, Dog Tracks, Fort, Lauderdale

  • Doodad Doing What Greyhounds Do

    Doodad Doing What Greyhounds Do MP3

    Our greyhound running fast (in her dreams). Song: I Am A Greyhound by Blood Music.

    Tags: Greyhound (Animal Breed), dog, funny, sleeping, snoozing, Dogs, Animals, Pets, Pet, Rescue, Cute, retired, racing, couch, lazy, Blood Music, I Am A Greyhound

  • Why I Love Italian Greyhounds II

    Why I Love Italian Greyhounds II MP3

    Amelie (the grey one) and I are on a greeting card available at Target: Watch the first video here ...

    Tags: Italian Greyhound, greyhound, dog, pet, kiss, ig, iggy, affection, whippet, sight hound, love, puppy, amelie, adoption, rescue, igca, wiseguys, spca, puppymill, kisses, hug, hugs, puppies, iggies, chris, Awkward Family Pet Photos, Awkward Family Photos, Saturday Night Special, Nightcap, head, bed, lucien, canon 60D, premiere cs5

  • Sleeping with Greyhounds

    Sleeping with Greyhounds MP3

    A short, lighthearted romp about sharing your bed with greyhounds. Originally created for an Oprah contest in 1999, the dogs aged well, but the mullet definitely ...

    Tags: greyhound, rescue, adoption, george, clooney, greyhounds, funny, dogs, canines, sleeping, nighttime

  • Greyhounds | What

    Greyhounds | What's On Your Mind MP3

    Vital Vibes- Greyhounds - - - - - -

    Tags: whats on your mind, greyhounds, jazzy, vital vibes, vibing, jazz, smooth

  • Todd McKenney with greyhounds on The Morning Show

    Todd McKenney with greyhounds on The Morning Show MP3

    Todd McKenney hosted The Morning Show on Seven for a week and one day he brought his pet greyhounds onto the set. He adopted the greyhounds through ...

    Tags: The Morning Show (TV Program), Greyhound, greyhounds, as, pets, GAP, adoption, Pet, Dogs, Sydney

  • All My LPS Greyhounds

    All My LPS Greyhounds MP3

    Thanks for watching!How about you guys tell me how many Lps Greyhounds you have and which one is your favorite.
  • Walking Greyhounds

    Walking Greyhounds MP3

    Short film to encourage people to volunteer to walk rescue greyhounds for Gracehounds -

    Tags: Walking, Greyhound, Rescue, Dogs, Gracehounds, Edinburgh, Lothian

  • Greyhounds are so lazy - they

    Greyhounds are so lazy - they'll let you vacuum them! MP3

    Rather than getting out of the way/up from his comfortable position our greyhound, Butch, would prefer to be vacuumed! We wonder if the vacuum feels like a ...

    Tags: adopted, greyhound, vacuum, dog, lazy

  • Greyhounds)_-_Mr_Pig.mp3 MP3
  • Greyhounds)_-_Mr_Pig.mp3 MP3
  • 05 - Kvæstor (incl. Where Greyhounds Dare).flac MP3