• Greensleeves

    Greensleeves MP3

    Images of nature with Greensleeves performed by David Nevue. 7.3 million views!

    Tags: nature, classical, music, greensleeves, global, warming, beauty, green, sleeves, world, pictures, relaxing

  • The King

    The King's Singers - Greensleeves MP3

    Taken from the 2008 BBC Proms concert in the Royal Albert Hall London.

    Tags: Greensleeves, arr, Chilcott, 2008, Prom

  • Greensleeves - Celtic Ladies

    Greensleeves - Celtic Ladies MP3

    The video footage is mine, featuring trees and plants from Tacoma's Swan Creek park/nature reserve. The song and all rights to it belong to its producer.

    Tags: Greensleeves

  • Mozart - Greensleeves

    Mozart - Greensleeves MP3

    mozart - greensleeves By the way, this version is actually Mozart playing the guitar. Yes, if you're wondering, he is still alive and well.

    Tags: mozart, greensleeves, nature, scenery, sceneries

  • Amy Nuttall - Greensleeves

    Amy Nuttall - Greensleeves MP3

    Artist: Amy Nuttall Album: Best Days Title: Greensleeves --- Song Lyrics --- Alas, my love, you do me wrong To cast me off discourteously; And I have loved you ...

    Tags: Amy, Nuttall, Greensleeves, Best, Days, soundtrack, song, vocal, immortal, piano, violin

  • Greensleeves (on Piano)

    Greensleeves (on Piano) MP3

    A piano solo performance of "Greensleeves". Greensleeves was all my joy... Visit my website:

    Tags: mittelalter, dark, age, romantic, classic, middleage, vocal, instrumental, traditional, moody, blues, what, child, is, this, germany, rheinland-pfalz, tv, mainz, offener, kanal, piano, change, wind, 60s, tristan, blaskowitz, video, 70s, life, flying, grand, the, answer, mind, rock, folk, song, music, free, good, cool, great, amazing, player, solo, playing, keyboard, motif, rack, xs, fatar, studio, 1100, nice

  • Greensleeves - Renaissance style

    Greensleeves - Renaissance style MP3

    The all-famous English folksong Greensleeves, here performed in a distinct renaissance style by the Baltimore Consort. Perhaps this is close to how it originally ...

    Tags: classical, renaissance, style, greensleeves, green, sleeves, baltimore, consort, queen, elizabeth, king, henry, viii, anne, boleyn, court, watkins, ale, english, folk

  • Katey Sagal & the Forest Rangers - Greensleeves (Sons Of Anarchy S07E07)

    Katey Sagal & the Forest Rangers - Greensleeves (Sons Of Anarchy S07E07) MP3

    Sons Of Anarchy - Greensleeves soundtrack performed by Katey Sagal & the Forest Rangers Season 7 episode 7.

    Tags: Soundtrack (Composition Type), Sons Of Anarchy (TV Program), soa, sons of anarchy s07e07 soundtrack, katey sagal and the forest rangers, sons of anarchy greensleeves, sons of anarchy greensleeves soundtrack, Katey Sagal (TV Actor), the forest rangers, final ride

  • Greensleeves (What Child Is This) - Official Christmas Music Video - The Gothard Sisters

    Greensleeves (What Child Is This) - Official Christmas Music Video - The Gothard Sisters MP3

    The official music video for Greensleeves / What Child Is This from the album Christmas. Greensleeves was arranged by the Gothard Sisters for guitar, violins ...

    Tags: Christmas, Sister, Official, Dancing, Music Video (Product Line), Sisters, Greensleeves, Green, Sleaves, Greensleaves, What Child Is This, The Gothard Sisters, Celtic, Music, Dance, Guitar, Violins, Fiddle, Bodhran, Classical, Violin (Musical Instrument), Washington, Mt Rainier, Mount Rainier, Forest, Snow, Walking, Snowing, Church, Cathedral, Sanctuary, Stained Glass, Carnation, Dresses, Christ, Goddard, Gothard, Celtic Music (Musical Genre), Folk Music (Musical Genre), Piano Guys

  • Greensleeves (guitar version)

    Greensleeves (guitar version) MP3

    Finally! I found it! After hours (or days?) of searching i got it: Greensleeves Yeah i know, some of you already know it. But it was pretty hard to find this song ...

    Tags: old, english, folk, song, typical, medieval, melodie, henry, VIII, european, middle, ages, guitar, sad

  • Fantasia on Greensleeves

    Fantasia on Greensleeves MP3

    香城區歌一聽呢首歌, 你第一個諗起邊個? 一心, 允行......定係Chris Wong?

    Tags: Fantasia, on, Greensleeves, CE

  • Fantasia on Greensleeves by Ralph Vaughan Williams

    Fantasia on Greensleeves by Ralph Vaughan Williams MP3

    Played by the Philidelphia Orchestra, Conducted by Eugene Ormandy. This famous piece was origianally written by Henry the Eighth for Anne Boelyn, and when ...

    Tags: Ralph, Vaughan, Williams, Greensleeves, english, traditional, fantasia, on, classical, composer, Philidelphia, Orchestra, Eugene, Ormandy

  • The Tudors: Greensleeves (Henry/Anne)

    The Tudors: Greensleeves (Henry/Anne) MP3

    A Henry/Anne Music Video with Greensleeves as the background music. The clips are from "The Tudors". The song is "Greensleeves" by Roger McGuinn.

    Tags: the, tudors, showtime, henry, viii, anne, boleyn, greensleeves, roger, mcguinn

  • Nolwenn Leroy - Greensleeves + Lyrics (Paroles)

    Nolwenn Leroy - Greensleeves + Lyrics (Paroles) MP3

    Je ne possède aucun droit. Droits d'auteur : Nolwenn Leroy ; UMG.

    Tags: lyrics, nolwenn, leroy, greensleeves, bretonne, paroles

  • What Child is This - Greensleeves - Don and Wendy Francisco, Jerry Palmer

    What Child is This - Greensleeves - Don and Wendy Francisco, Jerry Palmer MP3

    CD available at A beautiful, astonishing rendition by 3 guitarists, Don Francisco, Wendy Francisco, and Jerry Palmer. From the ...

    Tags: Don Francisco, Wendy Francisco, Jerry Palmer, christmas carols on guitar, instrumental christmas music, colorado christmas, what child is this, greensleeves, instrumental guitar music, Guitar (Musical Instrument), Live Music

  • Tuatha De Danann [from Italy] - Greensleeves (WITH LYRICS)

    Tuatha De Danann [from Italy] - Greensleeves (WITH LYRICS) MP3

    Greensleeves covered by Tuatha De Danann, an italian Celtic Folk band. WARNING: this is a cover recorded by an italian folk group called Tuatha de Danan ...

    Tags: greensleeves, tuatha, de, danann, italia, italy, italian, celtic, folk, metal, henry, VIII, ann, bolein, lyrics

  • England ,Ralph Vaughan Williams , Fantasia on Greensleeves.

    England ,Ralph Vaughan Williams , Fantasia on Greensleeves. MP3

    Photo by various artist. Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams - Fantasia on Greensleeves . This is non-profit work.

    Tags: trip, Stonehenge, Saltaire, Palace of Westminster, Royal Courts of Justice, Canterbury Cathedral, Broadway Tower, london, liverpool, bristol, manchester, ballet, Arsenal, Chelsea, inspirational, champions, highlights, league, manchester united, soccer

  • The Brothers Four - My Lady Green Sleeves (with subtitles) (480).

    The Brothers Four - My Lady Green Sleeves (with subtitles) (480). MP3

    Tags: The, Brothers, Four, My, Lady, Green, Sleeves, Subtitles, 480

  • Greensleeves - best version

    Greensleeves - best version MP3

    Greensleeves. I have mixed pictures and movies together to make a the song even more relaxing and maybe better. I have found the pictures/videos all around ...

    Tags: David, Nevue, greensleeves, light, dark, soothing, music, classic, relax, best, folk, english, earth, perfect, contrast, flute, piano

  • Loreena McKennitt Greensleeves

    Loreena McKennitt Greensleeves MP3

    Lyrics by King Henry VIII.

    Tags: Loreena, McKennitt, Greensleaves

  • Greensleeves by Cello ensemble from Český Krumlov

    Greensleeves by Cello ensemble from Český Krumlov MP3

    Hraje Violoncellový soubor Český Krumlov. Přijímáme nové cellisty, prodáváme své dvd k desátým narozeninám (zakoupit ho můžete v ZUŠ Český Krumlov) a ...

    Tags: violoncellovy, soubor, cesky, krumlov, violoncello, cello, greensleeves, ensemble

  • Greensleeves Celtic Version

    Greensleeves Celtic Version MP3

    Greensleeves Celtic Version.

    Tags: Greensleeves, Celtic, Version

  • Greensleeves By Celtic Woman

    Greensleeves By Celtic Woman MP3

    Performed by Méav Ní Mhaolchatha.

    Tags: celtic, woman, mhaolchatha, ireland, countryside, irish, greensleeves, scarborough, google, beautiful, scotland, wales, brittany

  • Blackmore

    Blackmore's Night - Greensleeves MP3

    Спасибо за визит и внимание! Подписывайтесь! Комментируйте! Делитесь видео! Thank you so much for your visit. Subscribe! Comment! Share.

    Tags: Night, Greensleeves, Candice, Blackmore

  • Vince Guaraldi Trio - Greensleeves

    Vince Guaraldi Trio - Greensleeves MP3

    Music video by Vince Guaraldi Trio performing Greensleeves. (C) 2012 Concord Music Group, Inc.

    Tags: Vince, Guaraldi, Trio, Greensleeves, Fantasy, Records, Holiday

  • Greensleeves - Daniel Miranda (como tocar - aula de violão clássico)

    Greensleeves - Daniel Miranda (como tocar - aula de violão clássico) MP3

    INSCREVA-SE: Aprenda como tocar no violão clássico o famoso tema "Greensleeves" neste tutorial completo com o instrutor Daniel ...

    Tags: como tocar, aula, cover, aprenda, aprenda a tocar, cifra, tablatura, tutorial, videoaula, guitar, acoustic, how to play, cifras, tvcifras, classic, greensleeves, daniel miranda, Classical Guitar (Musical Instrument)

  • Greensleeves - Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi

    Greensleeves - Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi MP3

    Greensleeves - Vince Guaraldi Trio Charlie Brown Christmas Get in that Christmas spirit and listen to this classic tune. :) Thanks for listening! Don't forget to ...

    Tags: Greensleeves, Charlie, Brown, Christmas, Vince, Guaraldi, Holidays, Christ, Linus, Lucy, Peanuts, Charles, 1965, Classic, Tunes, Nostalgic, Nostalgia, NostalgicDecember, Merry, Merry Christmas

  • The Brothers Four - Greensleeves

    The Brothers Four - Greensleeves MP3

    "Greensleeves" - tytuł piosenki, to po polsku dosłownie: "Zielone rękawy". The Brothers Four -- śpiewają przepięknie, ale.. - wbrew nazwie zespołu, nie są ...

    Tags: audio, muzyka, country, oldies, video, clip, dinozaury, song, lyrics, film, Classic, The Brothers Four (Musical Group), retro

  • Greensleeves

    Greensleeves MP3

    Greensleeves for sale: Greensleeves Paula Bär-Giese soprano Hans Meijer lute Anonymous setting from the Ballet Lute book, ...

    Tags: greensleeves, green, sleeves, HenryVIII, MUSICKSMONUMENT, BOLEYN, LUTE, PAULA-BAR-GIESE, musicksmonument

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