• GIZMACHI - "Wandering Eyes"

    GIZMACHI - "Wandering Eyes" MP3

    Music Video for "Wandering Eyes"

    Tags: Gizmachi, Wandering, Eyes, Guitar, Drums, Metal, Music

  • Gizmachi - The Imbuing [Full Album]

    Gizmachi - The Imbuing [Full Album] MP3

    Gizmachi's Album "The Imbuing" Track List: 1.The Answer 2.Wandering Eyes 3.Bloodwine 4.Burn 5.Romantic Devastation 6.Wearing Skin 7.People Show 8.

    Tags: Gizmachi Metal Review, metalcore, Metal, Light Pitch, CKN, Slipknot, Pray For Locust, Heavy, Full, Brutal, Melodic, Album, Song

  • gizmachi-live ozzfest

    gizmachi-live ozzfest MP3

    Voice of Sanity.

    Tags: gizmachi

  • Gizmachi- The Answer

    Gizmachi- The Answer MP3

    a great song by a great new metalcore band.

    Tags: the, answer

  • Gizmachi - Quiet Time (Album Studio)

    Gizmachi - Quiet Time (Album Studio) MP3

    Banda: Gizmachi Album: Melee Track: 02 Gran canción de la banda Gizmachi, desde el album Melee, presentado en el año 2003.

    Tags: Gizmachi (Musical Group), Gizmachi, Melee, Quiet, Time, Quiet Time, 2003, Zubin, Delgado, Track 02, Peru, Lima, Album, Studio, Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore

  • GIZMACHI - "People Show" LIVE 4/8/06

    GIZMACHI - "People Show" LIVE 4/8/06 MP3

    Gizmachi performing "People Show" @ Croc Rock in Allentown PA. 4/8/06.

    Tags: gizmachi, live, people, show, music

  • Gizmachi - People show

    Gizmachi - People show MP3

    Gizmachi - People Show - album : The Imbuing Released on Sanctuary Records 2005.

    Tags: Gizmachi, Metal, Death Metal, Trash

  • Gizmachi Burn

    Gizmachi Burn MP3

    Another Classic.

    Tags: gizmachi, burn, the, imbuing

  • Gizmachi Wandering Eyes

    Gizmachi Wandering Eyes MP3

    A music video for the song "Wandering Eyes" by the metal band Gizmachi in which I am featured as the dreamer/killer?!

    Tags: Gizmachi, Joe, Lauria, Wandering, Eyes, Metal, Rock, Indie, Music, Video

  • Gizmachi - Silverfish

    Gizmachi - Silverfish MP3

    From a demo recorded way back in 1996, this song is performed by a very different lineup. Only two of the members from this time period are still in the band.

    Tags: gizmachi, metal

  • Gizmachi - Wandering Eyes (The Imbuing) (Djentlemans Club)

    Gizmachi - Wandering Eyes (The Imbuing) (Djentlemans Club) MP3

    Tags: Djent, Metal

  • Gizmachi - Live (Ozzfest)

    Gizmachi - Live (Ozzfest) MP3

    Tags: gizmachi, live, ozzfest

  • Gizmachi - "Wandering Eyes" on drums

    Gizmachi - "Wandering Eyes" on drums MP3

    Me playing Gizmachi's "Wandering Eyes" on the drums. All intelligent feedback and comments are appreciated! If you have any questions about my drumming or ...

    Tags: Gizmachi, Wandering, Eyes, mrimpalo, mr, impalo, drums, nic, addelia, plays

  • {{Mark Bishop}} Gizmachi - The Answer

    {{Mark Bishop}} Gizmachi - The Answer MP3

    A really old video of me playing "The Answer" by Gizmachi. Maybe I'll re-do this cover at some point.

    Tags: Gizmachi, imbuing, the, answer, jimmie, hatcher, drum, cover

  • Gizmachi Romantic Devastation

    Gizmachi Romantic Devastation MP3

    i had to put some of these songs up..enjoy one of my fav bands :)

    Tags: gizmachi, romantic, devastation, imbuing

  • Gizmachi Studio Vid 3-9-13

    Gizmachi Studio Vid 3-9-13 MP3

    Jay and Mike (are idiots)

    Tags: Gizmachi, Metal

  • Gizmachi in the studio March 2010

    Gizmachi in the studio March 2010 MP3

    Jay and Jimmie discuss the new Gizmachi Record. Robot cameo by Karl Lake.

    Tags: Gizmachi, Chapelle, Show, Karl, Lake, Spin, Studios

  • Gizmachi - "Voice of Sanity" on drums

    Gizmachi - "Voice of Sanity" on drums MP3

    Me playing Gizmachi's "Voice of Sanity" on the drums. Intelligent feedback and comments are always appreciated! Feel free to ask about my playing or gear ...

    Tags: Gizmachi, Voice, of, Sanity, drums, mr, impalo, mrimpalo, nic, addelia, plays, cover

  • GizMachi - Wandering Eyes (cover) on Guitar

    GizMachi - Wandering Eyes (cover) on Guitar MP3

    Hey, It is me playing a Gizmachi cover, a song called "Wandering Eyes" from "The imbuing" album. I recorded one guitar, but i also recorded the 2 guitars solos, ...

    Tags: gizmachi, wandering, eyes, argentina, metal, tasher, music, cover, 7string, imbuing

  • Gizmachi - "Burn" (new guitar cover)

    Gizmachi - "Burn" (new guitar cover) MP3

    Did this one once before, but I can play it better now, so here ya go!

    Tags: Gizmachi, burn, the, imbuing, guitar, cover

  • {{Mark Bishop}} Gizmachi - Bloodwine

    {{Mark Bishop}} Gizmachi - Bloodwine MP3

    Me playing Bloodwine, from the Gizmachi album 'The Imbuing', on the drums.

    Tags: Gizmachi, bloodwine, imbuing, jimmie, hatcher, ozzfest, 2005, drums, drum, solo, mark, bishop

  • Gizmachi Winter studio

    Gizmachi Winter studio MP3

    Hanging and banging @ 7over8studios.
  • Gizmachi Ozzfest 2005 San Bernardino CA

    Gizmachi Ozzfest 2005 San Bernardino CA MP3

    The Breakdown and Solo for the song "Wearing Skin" Live at Ozzfest 2005.

    Tags: Gizmachi, Ozzfest, Slipknot, Metal, Metallica, Heavy Metal Music, Slipknot (band), Live, Guitar, live music

  • Gizmachi "Wandering Eyes" drums by John Hoffman

    Gizmachi "Wandering Eyes" drums by John Hoffman MP3

    John Hoffman on Drums.

    Tags: John, Hoffman, Gizmachi, Wandering, Eyes, drums, bad, ass

  • Jason from Gizmachi recording a solo

    Jason from Gizmachi recording a solo MP3

    Studio clip of Jason Hannon from Gizmachi recording a section of the solo from "Wearing Skin".

    Tags: Gizmachi, Jason, Hannon, Guitar, Solo

  • GIZMACHI - New Album Update - 11/16/06

    GIZMACHI - New Album Update - 11/16/06 MP3

    Jason and Mike discuss the new Gizmachi album.

    Tags: Gizmachi, music, metal

  • Gizmachi tracking drums 2010

    Gizmachi tracking drums 2010 MP3

    Gizmachi tracking drums @ Spin Studios in NYC.

    Tags: Gizmachi, Drums, Jimmie, Hatcher, Spin, Studio, Recording

  • Gizmachi "People Show" drums by John Hoffman

    Gizmachi "People Show" drums by John Hoffman MP3

    John Hoffman on drums.

    Tags: Gizmachi, people, show, drums, bad, ass, John, Hoffman

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