• Galaxee - Welcome to Our Galaxee [2002]

    Galaxee - Welcome to Our Galaxee [2002] MP3

    00:00 - Intro 00:55 - Our Galaxee 04:39 - Lullaby 08:09 - Fairytale 11:12 - Ressurection 14:45 - Fly Away 18:21 - The Crow Song 22:05 - Nostrovia 25:46 - Return ...

    Tags: Galaxee Intro, Galaxee Our Galaxee, Galaxee Lullaby, Galaxee Fairytale, Galaxee Ressurection, Galaxee Fly Away, Galaxee The Crow Song, Galaxee Nostrovia, Galaxee Return Of The Gnome, Galaxee Seaborn, Galaxee Total Domination, Galaxee Groove To Da Beat, Galaxee Femina Caligo, Galaxee Brightside, Kai Thorsberg, Kai Abrahamsen, Electronic, Trance, Norwegian Trance, Norwegian Electronic, 2002, Trance Music (Musical Genre)

  • Galaxee - Fly away (Official Music Video)

    Galaxee - Fly away (Official Music Video) MP3

    Great Norwegian music!

    Tags: Galaxee, Fly away, trance, dance, karliboy84, norwegian

  • Galaxee - Lullaby [GOOD QUALITY]

    Galaxee - Lullaby [GOOD QUALITY] MP3

    galaxee - lullaby, awesome if u got some real bass power!

    Tags: bass, test, lullaby, galaxee, xalien, productions, sexy, hot, hit, top, best, party, 2008, 2009, 2010, good, quality, awesome, trance, xailien



    One of my favourite dance tracks of the 00's comes from this 2002 release by Norwegion group Galaxee.

    Tags: galaxee, shoemaker, dance, trance

  • Galaxee - The Crow Song (Original Extended)

    Galaxee - The Crow Song (Original Extended) MP3

    Tags: Galaxee The Crow Song, The Crow Song Mix, The Crow Song Remix, Galaxee The Crow Song Remix, Galaxee The Crow Song Mix, Galaxee

  • Galaxee - Fly Away

    Galaxee - Fly Away MP3

    Galaxee - Fly Away.

    Tags: Bass, hifi, sterio, trance, hard, dance, style, music, bass, test, boom, bang, cod4, bf2, love, porn, nice, hahha, umomma, heggen92, DaNnYaL

  • Galaxee - Lullaby

    Galaxee - Lullaby MP3

    Trance music (Galaxee - Lullaby)

    Tags: Trance, Galaxee, Lullaby

  • Galaxee - seaborn

    Galaxee - seaborn MP3

    Galaxee - seaborn From the album "Our Galaxee"

    Tags: Galaxee, seaborn, Trance Music, Dance Music, Greensleeve Trance, Norwegian Trance

  • Popcorn - Galaxee

    Popcorn - Galaxee MP3

    Popcorn - Galaxee.

    Tags: music

  • Galaxee-Our galaxee

    Galaxee-Our galaxee MP3

    From the album: Welcome to our Galaxee.

    Tags: Trance

  • Lullaby - Galaxee

    Lullaby - Galaxee MP3

    Lullaby - Galaxee.

    Tags: song, music, lol, roflmao, lullaby, galaxee, 123, abc

  • Fly Away - Galaxee

    Fly Away - Galaxee MP3

    Fly Away - Galaxee.

    Tags: fly, away, galaxee, lol, rofl, song, music, pwn, owned, ventrilo, trance

  • Galaxee - Lullaby.mp3

    Galaxee - Lullaby.mp3 MP3

    Galaxee - Lullaby.mp3.

    Tags: House, techno, trance, hardstyle, galaxee, lullaby, mp3

  • Galaxee - The Crow Song !HD

    Galaxee - The Crow Song !HD MP3

    Vote, Comment or Subscribe, Please.

    Tags: Galaxee, The, Crow, Song, HD, techno, trance, dance, 2012, sexy, anime

  • PJ Galaxee Stratalione

    PJ Galaxee Stratalione MP3

    Music : Back Breaker- Hit The Lights.
  • Galaxee - 10.000 Lovers (Extended Version)

    Galaxee - 10.000 Lovers (Extended Version) MP3

    Tags: Galaxee 10 000 Lovers, 10 000 Lovers, 10 000 Lovers Mix, 10 000 Lovers Remix, 10 000 Lovers Extended, Galaxee 10 000 Lovers Remix, Galaxee 10 000 Lovers Mix

  • PWG @Galaxee Trove (25052013)

    PWG @Galaxee Trove (25052013) MP3

    Pee Wee Gaskin Perform @Galaxee Trove SMP Pembangunan Jaya.

    Tags: Galaxee Trove, Pee Wee Gaskin, SMP Pembangunan Jaya, Troveranov

  • Galaxee - Fairytale

    Galaxee - Fairytale MP3

    Tags: Galaxee Fairytale, Fairytale, Norwegian Trance, Norwegian, Galaxee

  • Galaxee - Lullaby (Original Extended)

    Galaxee - Lullaby (Original Extended) MP3

    Label: EMG Records Sweden AB   -- 5010 Format: 2 × CD, Compilation Country: Spain Released: 2002 Genre: Electronic Style: Trance.

    Tags: galaxee, lullaby, original, extended, trance, 2002, the, 1st, edition

  • Raisa @Galaxee Trove (25052013)

    Raisa @Galaxee Trove (25052013) MP3

    Raisa Perform @Galaxee Trove SMP Pembangunan Jaya Bintaro.

    Tags: Galaxee Trove, Troveranov, Raisa, SMP Pembangunan Jaya

  • Galaxee - Brightside

    Galaxee - Brightside MP3

    Another 3/4 beat.

    Tags: galaxee, techno, trance, dance, brightside, project, electro, house, music, hardstyle, dj, basshunter, mix, remix, turntable, fruity, loops

  • Galaxee - Megamix (MusicVideo)

    Galaxee - Megamix (MusicVideo) MP3

    From Album...: Galaxee - Welcome To Our Galaxee Country......: Norway Released.....: 2002 Genre........: Electronic Style........: Trance Label........: Nordic Records ...

    Tags: Galaxee, Trance, Electronic, 2002, Norway, Norwegian Group

  • Galaxee - Lullaby [HD]

    Galaxee - Lullaby [HD] MP3

    I had a reason for not uploading this, but I forgot what it was, so i'm just going to upload it anyways.

    Tags: Trance, Dance, Hardstyle, good, music, the, machine, butterfly, jews, lol, funny, GET, TO, THE, CHOPPA, islam, athiesm, greatest, song, ever, prank, call, fast, beat, electronic, psytrance, happy, hardcore, psy-trance

  • galaxee fincivor behind the scene

    galaxee fincivor behind the scene MP3

    H-7 !! SMP PEMBANGUNAN JAYA PROUDLY PRESENTS, [email protected] FINCIVOR. Saturday, 29th of January 2011 At SMP Pembangunan Jaya.Starts from 9AM ...

    Tags: New, Project, 2, Large

  • G@LAXEE STRATALIONE - Official Trailer

    [email protected] STRATALIONE - Official Trailer MP3

    Galaxee Stratalione "Where The Future Is Created" Hosted by : Skinnyindonesian24 HTM : Rp. 35000 Saturday, May 30th 2015 From 13.00 PM - Till you drop Jl.

    Tags: geisha indonesia, the sigit, naufal samudra, thirteenjkt, electron45, pensi, pentas seni, galaxee

  • RVXT @ Galaxee Rextravant

    RVXT @ Galaxee Rextravant MP3

    Dancers: Syaneez, Salsa, Indara, Ara, Atika, Edina Managers: Anya, Sheniz, Marsha, Alma, Ifath.