• Funckarma - Fuse

    Funckarma - Fuse MP3

    Musicvideo for Funckarmas Fuse track, made entirely with reanimated pictures and some Max/Jitter animations. This video also features on Dfuse's VJbook.

    Tags: Funckarma, Shadowhuntaz, Visual, Kitchen, Fuse, Dfuse, vjbook

  • Funckarma And Phinx - Mepeche

    Funckarma And Phinx - Mepeche MP3

    Funckarma And Phinx - Mepeche From The E.P - Dubstoned EP 5 - 2011 Electronic, Dub, Dubstep, IDM.

    Tags: Funckarma, And, Phinx, Mepeche, Electronic, Dub, Dubstep, IDM, Dubstoned, EP

  • Funckarma - Blue Smoke

    Funckarma - Blue Smoke MP3

    This song, I had to upload, you really don't see this type of music anywhere on the web (that is accessible to download), no seriously check that shit out...haha.

    Tags: Music, Electronica, Funckarma, Blue, Smoke

  • Funckarma - Lawk

    Funckarma - Lawk MP3

    Solid State LP.

    Tags: funckarma, kettel, quench, autechre, boards of canada, proem

  • Roel Funcken (Funckarma) @ Mindcamp, Tivoli Spiegelbar, Utrecht (01-09-2013)

    Roel Funcken (Funckarma) @ Mindcamp, Tivoli Spiegelbar, Utrecht (01-09-2013) MP3

    Shourai - - -

    Tags: shouraisessions, shourai, sessions, Shourai, Sessions, Shouraisessions, boiler, room, boiler room, boilerroom, xlr8r, factmag, fact magazine, resident advisor, 3voor12, 3 voor 12, djbroadcast, dj broadcast, 22tracks, 22 tracks, red light radio, redlightradio, redlight radio

  • Funckarma - Holdgaze

    Funckarma - Holdgaze MP3

    Video by the C-Men of Funckarma's Holdgaze (2004)

    Tags: C-Men, Funckarma, Quench, DUB, Records, N5MD, SKAMRECORDS, WARPRECORDS, CLONE, RECORDS, SHADOW, HUNTAZ, CANE, LEGIAC, funcken, venray

  • Funckarma - Sphere

    Funckarma - Sphere MP3

    Artist: Funckarma Track: Sphere Album: Bourbon Sounds (2002) Label: Delikatessen Records

    Tags: electronic, idm

  • Funckarma - Amp

    Funckarma - Amp MP3

    Tags: Funckarma, IDM

  • Funckarma - Ecilon

    Funckarma - Ecilon MP3

    Third track from their album "Parts" (2000).

    Tags: ecilon, upload

  • Plaid - Cold (Funckarma Remix) 2005

    Plaid - Cold (Funckarma Remix) 2005 MP3

    "Finally, the mix of Plaid's "Cold" is positively frigid. Disjointed parts start to coalesce just as the track fades out.

    Tags: Plaid, ed handley, andy turner, atypic, balil, tura, warp, rising high, repeat, kushti, the black dog, close up over, discordian popes, Remix (Industry), Funckarma

  • Funckarma - Lolala

    Funckarma - Lolala MP3

    music. enjoi. Album - Funckarma - Solid State (2001)

    Tags: funckarma, solid, state, lolala, djak-up, bitch, funcken, electronic, idm, ambient, electro, fnck

  • Gridlock - Estrella(Funckarma mix)

    Gridlock - Estrella(Funckarma mix) MP3

    Gridlock - Estrella(Funckarma mix) Music by Mike Cadoo & Mike Wells remixed by Don Funcken & Roel Funcken taken from ¥035 gridlock. engram lp. 33rpm.

    Tags: Gridlock, Estrella, Funckarma, mix

  • Funckarma - Pipe

    Funckarma - Pipe MP3

    Off the album Elaztiq Bourbon 5.

    Tags: electronic, idm, funckarma, Elaztiq Bourbon 5, cane, scone, quench, music, experimental, roel funcken

  • Funckarma - Nays of Dight

    Funckarma - Nays of Dight MP3

    From "Dubstoned EP2".

    Tags: funckarma, dubstep, nays, dight, dubstoned

  • Funckarma - Emplixian Ambient [Yage Remix]

    Funckarma - Emplixian Ambient [Yage Remix] MP3

    Track Taken From The Album: Touched Two (Remixes)". Written & Produced By Don & Roel Funcken. Remixed By Brian Dougans. Released On Touched Music ...

    Tags: Funckarma (Musical Artist), Emplixian Ambient, Yage Remix, Brian Dougans, Touched Music, Touched Two (Remixes), WomanElectroSounds, Ambient Music (Broadcast Genre), Electronica (Musical Genre)

  • Funckarma - Basszen

    Funckarma - Basszen MP3

    Vell Vagranz · n5MD · US · 2008.

    Tags: Electronic, Experimental, IDM

  • Funckarma - Amon Velvet

    Funckarma - Amon Velvet MP3

    Funckarma - Amon Velvet (Psar Dymog) 2009 Symbolic Interaction Japan.

    Tags: Funckarma, Amon, Velvet, (Psar, Dymog), Symbolic, Interaction, Japan, funcken

  • Funckarma - Woodfaced // DUBSTEP

    Funckarma - Woodfaced // DUBSTEP MP3

    Artist: Funckarma Song: Woodfaced.

    Tags: funckarma, woodfaced, electronic, dubstep

  • Funckarma - Reasch

    Funckarma - Reasch MP3

    Tags: Movie

  • Funckarma - Clinter

    Funckarma - Clinter MP3

    "Clinter", track 1 from Funckarma's EP "Dubstoned 4" (2010) : IDM/dubstep from Netherlands. Uploaded for WARNING : I do ...

    Tags: funckarma, roel funcken, idm, intelligent dance music, dubstep, electronica, experimental, ambient, ad noiseam

  • Scone (Kettel, Funckarma) - Second

    Scone (Kettel, Funckarma) - Second MP3

    Track 12 from their collaboration album Maze (2006).

    Tags: Scone, Second

  • Funckarma - Brustial

    Funckarma - Brustial MP3

    Artist: Funckarma Track: Brustial Album: Dubstoned EP4 (2010) Label: Eat Concrete

    Tags: electronic, dub-techno, expermental, breakbeat, idm, funckarma

  • Cinetik vs Funckarma VIVA German television June 2002

    Cinetik vs Funckarma VIVA German television June 2002 MP3

    8. Juni - Funckarma vs. Cinetik special AV mix for german music channel VIVA 2002 1. Funckarma "Lolala" - 2. Funckarma "Nuncas" - 3. Funckarma "Noir" - 4.

    Tags: Cinetik, vs, Funckarma, VIVA, German, television, June, 2002

  • Funckarma - Ghetto Inside

    Funckarma - Ghetto Inside MP3

    Tags: funckarma

  • Funckarma - Brik

    Funckarma - Brik MP3

    Tags: Brik, Funckarma, Elaztiq

  • Funckarma - Noir (1 Million Years B.C.)

    Funckarma - Noir (1 Million Years B.C.) MP3

    Elaztiq Bourbon 5.

    Tags: Elaztiq, Bourbon, Funckarma, Noir, micha90210

  • Funckarma - Lone

    Funckarma - Lone MP3

    From the album Solid State, the incomparable Funckarma!
  • Funckarma - Emplinx (2001)

    Funckarma - Emplinx (2001) MP3

    Track 05 of the album “Solid State" Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB) , Netherlands - 2001

    Tags: funckarma, emplinx, solid state, dub, clone, funcken

  • Funckarma - Zena

    Funckarma - Zena MP3

    Solid States (2001)