Fucking Shit, My Iphone Is A Alien

  • GAMESTOP FAIL! Aliens Colonial Marines Gameplay, Word Fighter Hands On, and more!

    GAMESTOP FAIL! Aliens Colonial Marines Gameplay, Word Fighter Hands On, and more! MP3

    Destructoid Episode 167: http://revision3.com/destructoid/wordfighter On this episode of Destructoid, we'll talk about Gamestop's EPIC #FAIL regarding Deus Ex ...

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  • Situation Normal All Fucked Up - SNAFU | LP Alien: Isolation #2

    Situation Normal All Fucked Up - SNAFU | LP Alien: Isolation #2 MP3

    Hope you like my new INTRO and one version of the new OUTRO. In these first few parts, as it always seems, I have some technical difficulties. Audio gets pretty ...

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  • Alien fucks sheep in msn

    Alien fucks sheep in msn MP3

    A funny animation with sheep and alien. Please note this is not suitable for children!

    Tags: Alien, fuck, sheep, runescape, msn, animese, messenger, youtube



    Mayhem will start October 1st...this video is just pre-heating the hype! Have a taste! Basically just cruising around the new map checking some shit out.

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  • Embarrassing Stories

    Embarrassing Stories MP3

    Doggy Toys: http://jennamarblesblog.com/shop Once upon a time in a magical land of giraffes there was this one giraffe whose name was Sitar and Sitar was the ...

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  • This Week In History: Holy Shit, Man Walks On Fucking Moon

    This Week In History: Holy Shit, Man Walks On Fucking Moon MP3

    Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: http://bit.ly/xzrBUA Like The Onion on Facebook: http://www.fb.com/theonion Follow The Onion on Twitter: ...

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  • Bloons Tower Defense 5 (iPhone Gameplay) Ep. 2

    Bloons Tower Defense 5 (iPhone Gameplay) Ep. 2 MP3

    Tags: Samuel Gerend, Bloons, Bloons games, Bloons tower defense 5, Minecraft, Minecraft Pe, Bloons Tower Defense, Clash of clans

  • Destroy All Humans-Alien Comunist part 1

    Destroy All Humans-Alien Comunist part 1 MP3

    Tags: Destroy, All, Humans, Aliens, Islands, Communists, Soviet, Little, green, guy, Millitary, Army, Profesor, Mental, issues, desieses, Tanks, rape, cars, FBI, Limos, Pools, Fire, random, fucked, up, shit, part 1

  • Jimmy Neutron Gets Shit Talked.

    Jimmy Neutron Gets Shit Talked. MP3

    Jimmy Neutron get shit talked by the mother fucking alien who kidnapped there parents or some shit Movie of the decade no doubt. Credit for this video idea ...

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  • Let

    Let's play Alien vs Predator Extinction PS2 Marine M6 Hard 01 MP3

    Requested by BlooodedRedRose and PrimedMEGASCREAM. Ok this level is the hardest level in the game (my opinion) and doing it on the hardest difficulty is ...

    Tags: play, Alien, vs, Predator, Extinction, PS2, AVP, AVP2, AVP Extinction

  • Better Names For Animals

    Better Names For Animals MP3

    Doggy Toys: http://jennamarblesblog.com/shop I'm looking at my hand and wrist right now and let me just disclose to you since we're in the trust tree in the nest ...

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  • CLASSIC 80s SCI-FI! | LP Alien: Isolation #1

    CLASSIC 80s SCI-FI! | LP Alien: Isolation #1 MP3

    In these first few parts, as it always seems, I have some technical difficulties. Audio gets pretty staticy (yes, it's a word :D). I think my mic cable got too close to ...

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  • How To Live Life On The Edge ... A Little Bit

    How To Live Life On The Edge ... A Little Bit MP3

    Dog toys/people human toys for fun time make you happy squeak available at www.jennamarblesblog.com/shop Hey there diddle bear let me tell you a story ...

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  • Kendrick Lamar- Blow My High (Members Only) WITH LYRICS

    Kendrick Lamar- Blow My High (Members Only) WITH LYRICS MP3

    LYRICS: [Hook - Pimp C] Smoking out, pourin up Keep that lean up in my cup All my car got leather and wood In my hood we call it buck Everybody wanna ball ...

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  • Apakalypse & Beast 1333 - Unfuckwitable (Lyrics)

    Apakalypse & Beast 1333 - Unfuckwitable (Lyrics) MP3

    Lyrics: [Jah Nigga] Your senses Ima slave to worldly pursuits Unwordier the truth and you're scooped of your roots Therefore I require, each sense you wasted ...

    Tags: Apakalypse, Illuminati Congo, Beast 1333, Underground Hip Hop (Musical Genre)

  • $7000 Laptop VS $7000 Pistol

    $7000 Laptop VS $7000 Pistol MP3

    Stop calling me a richer! I got the money for the computer when i turned 18. Some relative bought me a bond or some shit when i was born and when i turned 18 ...

    Tags: Alienware, MALX, Aurora, 7k, 1911

  • The Fucking Fish Tank - JLoco11

    The Fucking Fish Tank - JLoco11's Hip Fire Commentary #229 (Gameplay by Ontthunderbo) MP3

    Oh fuck, not this shit again!

    Tags: JLoco11, Fish Tank, aquarium, guppies, oscar, swordfish, aliens in a fucking fish tank



    DOWNLOAD THE MP3 FREE HERE: http://eyesuckink.com/TUPAC_CAT.mp3 The moment Tupac died, he used an ancient Voodoo spell and transferred his ...

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  • Fuck the YouTube Trolls

    Fuck the YouTube Trolls MP3

    A short video showing how I deal and cope with Internet Trolls, Mean comments, and whatever else hurts my feelings. Warning the video is not for the faint of ...

    Tags: Trolls, Mean Comments, Internet Troll, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (Video Game Genre), Video Game (Industry), The Internet (Media Genre), bullying, Cyber Bully, Haters, Angry, Nerd, Youtube, Anger, Bad, Troll (Character Species), Annoying, Gamer, Swearing, Social Media (Website Category), Performing, Industry (Organization Sector), Arts, Visual, Health, Media (Industry), Computer, Communications, Humanities, Technology, Business, Language

  • [NEW] Kendrick Lamar Verse from Control with Lyrics - Big Sean

    [NEW] Kendrick Lamar Verse from Control with Lyrics - Big Sean MP3

    Get the NEW iPhone TODAY at http://squizz.org/1newiphone5 Here's Kendrick Lamar verse from Control. Kendrick Lamar had one of the hottest verses of the ...

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  • Kendrick Lamar -

    Kendrick Lamar - ''Control Freestyle'' Lyrics MP3

    Want to make money with you're YouTube videos ? Apply here! http://bit.ly/ApplyHeres Kendrick All The Way ! LYRICS: Verse 1 Miscellaneous minds are never ...

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