Fuck With My Wife And I'll Kill You! (And Mutilate The Dead Corpse)

  • Macronympha - Fuck With My Wife And I

    Macronympha - Fuck With My Wife And I'll Kill You! (And Mutilate The Dead Corpse) MP3

    from "Eye For An Eye" // Freak Animal Records / 1998.

    Tags: Music (TV Genre)

  • Five Days Dead - Dead Bodies Don

    Five Days Dead - Dead Bodies Don't Say No MP3

    this was a project of mine that i had fun writing songs for way back in the mid-late 90s and put on CD in 2000. i'm now uploading to youtube to share with anyone ...

    Tags: five, days, dead, bodies, death, metal, music, corpses, zombies, killing, Zombie (Fictional Character)

  • Sturmkaiser - Dehumanizer

    Sturmkaiser - Dehumanizer MP3

    Artist: Sturmkaiser Album: Veni Vidi Vici Track: Dehumanizer Genre: Black Metal Year: 2008 Lyric: Target in sight forced to die in shame bloodshed for all that ...

    Tags: Sturmkaiser, Veni, Vidi, Vici, Dehumanizer, Black, Metal, War, 2008, Music, Abruzzo, Chieti, Italy

  • My Evil Dead 2 Collection (MAY-HEM BABY)

    My Evil Dead 2 Collection (MAY-HEM BABY) MP3

    Go get your May-Hem Tickets while you still can! Heres the Link http://spookyempire.com/ Everybody is staying at the Wyndham baby GET A ROOM!

    Tags: My, Evil, Dead, collection, may-hem, 2011, Bruce, Campbell, evil, dead, box, set, limited, edition, tin, special, collectors, the, ultimate, sam, rami, if, chins, could, kill, interview, ladies, of, best, horror, movie, 80s, ever, screwhead, blu-ray, blood, army, darkness, Bubba, Ho-Tep

  • Toxxxin-The Most Sadistic Freestyle

    Toxxxin-The Most Sadistic Freestyle MP3

    toxxxin the most sadistic remix Violence vol.1 9/11/2010 Download http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/audio_player/download_song/4231829 My Ryhmes r ...

    Tags: toxxxin, the, most, sadistic, instrumental, freestyle, death, rap, violence

  • Scammer says he will fuck my wife

    Scammer says he will fuck my wife MP3


    Tags: Scammer


    My first collab track with Toecutta , recorded for the Tomb 2 mixtape . Listen in HD for proper sound cunts . Original Aussie gore rap horrorcore underground ...

    Tags: horrorcore, icp, insane, clown, death, necro, gore, cannibal, corpse, rap, hilltop, hood, hired, goons, illbill, twiztid, oz, australia, brutal, sick, bushpig, toecutta, suicidal rap orgy, slurry, mangina, mc bushpig, butchersharem, butchers, harem, slaughterhouse, esham, necrodamus, necros, deathrap, hr hyde, hyde, sicktannick, fang gorey, Necro (rapper), Sydney, Psycho

  • Necro - I Need Drugs

    Necro - I Need Drugs MP3

    One of Necro's best tracks off the album of the same name. Great topical track about Necro's addiction to cocaine. The beat is fromLL Cool J's "I Need Love".

    Tags: Necro, need, drugs, hip, hop, rap, horrorcore, death

  • Sewer Screw - Human Trasher/Break the Skin

    Sewer Screw - Human Trasher/Break the Skin MP3

    Unreleased Sewer Screw 1995 Hold onto your seats, folks! You're in for a rough ride... HUMAN TRASHER Human scum, here I come I'll take your screams, tear ...

    Tags: Sewer Screw, Identity Crysis, Mystic Records, TruckPunk, Super Seven, Infectious Garage Disease, IGD, Negative Reaction, Sacramento Hardcore, Fatso, Sacramento Punk Rock, Gravelgut, Body Hammer, Slasher Rock, Roseville Punk Rock, Rocklin Punk Rock, Serial Killers, Zodiac Killer

  • Demonic: 17Yr old girl cuts out  baby from woman’s womb

    Demonic: 17Yr old girl cuts out baby from woman’s womb MP3

    A 17-year-old girl has confessed to killing a young mother and cutting out her unborn child from her womb. Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez told police that she ...

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  • GORGASM - Dirty Cunt Beatdown

    GORGASM - Dirty Cunt Beatdown MP3

    Album: Orgy Of Murder Realesed: March 15th, 2011 Genre: Brutal/Death Metal Origin: United States Of America [Lafayette, Indiana] Format: CD Label: Brutal ...

    Tags: gorgasm, orgy, of, murder, 2011, brutal, death, metal, cunt, bands, USA, embodied, morgue, supplier, human, filleted, purulent, infection, catatonic, atrocity, united, states

  • Mr Creep

    Mr Creep MP3

    its not a mystery i leave mouths burning like listerine and i aint coming down like glycerine when i hit the scene your sisters pissed at me she hates the player ...
  • Festive | Cut His Fucking Head Off! | Edit

    Festive | Cut His Fucking Head Off! | Edit MP3

    the last 2 kills had Grizz's approval :) haha.

    Tags: zzirgrizz, festive, marc, cod4, edit

  • Pregnant Woman Lifting Weights -- SHOCKING MOMENT

    Pregnant Woman Lifting Weights -- SHOCKING MOMENT MP3

    Most pregnant women increase their iron eating in the run-up to giving birth; however, some would think of hitting the gym. But Meghan Umphres Leatherman, ...

    Tags: Landonproduction, Charity

  • Organ Sludge - STD (full album)

    Organ Sludge - STD (full album) MP3

    The second release by Organ Sludge entitled "STD" fucking puke 1 - Cock Gobbling Cock Goblins 2 - Diseased Prolapsed Anus Fetish 3 - Penetration I - Skin ...

    Tags: death, death metal, deathgrind, puke, gross, thall, boobs, tits, herpes