Food For Thought (Shit Sandwiches)

  • Spinal Tap -- "shit sandwich"

    Spinal Tap -- "shit sandwich" MP3

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  • Food That Kills: CINNABON SANDWICH

    Food That Kills: CINNABON SANDWICH MP3

    We are huge huge huge Louis C.K. fans and he has a joke about Cinnabon and how its disgusting and terrible and it makes you feel shitty as hell basically.

    Tags: food, louis, ck, cinnamon, roll, heart attack, eating, sandwich, icing, comedian, kills, pretzels, crazy, funny, comedy, fans, huge, clogging, artery, unhealthy, chik-fil-a, challenge, sweet, treats, burp, burping

  • My Drunk Kitchen Ep. 1: Butter Yo Shit

    My Drunk Kitchen Ep. 1: Butter Yo Shit MP3

    Important lessons for surviving your adultolescence. Shirts! Fabizzle: Tumblin': ...

    Tags: drunk, kitchen, wine, harto, trouty mouth, beiber, lesbian



    I'll admit that i'm not the best cook in the world (Despite all these cookery shows on TV) Personally Dieting Sucks !!! I'm going to eat and eat !!!!!!!! Music by ...

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  • Tyler the Creator -- Pigs Fly Lyrics

    Tyler the Creator -- Pigs Fly Lyrics MP3

    [Verse 1: Tyler] I was taught to act my shoe size, never my age I always judge a book by the cover, never the page I never judge a murder by weapons, only the ...

    Tags: pigs fly, lyrics, bastard, YouTube, OFWGKTA, Tyler the Creator, Odd Future

  • Australian Food! (;

    Australian Food! (; MP3

    thought we'd talk about some random shit, so here we go, all about burgers sandwiches and australian food. CHELSEA B: ...

    Tags: burgers, sandwiches, australia

  • TCGS Presents: F*@k Christmas, I Wish It Was Sandwich Night

    TCGS Presents: [email protected] Christmas, I Wish It Was Sandwich Night MP3

    Happy Holidays from our messed up family to yours! Starring: Beef Jerky Emma Shannon Mimi Hallie Chris Heidi Kiri Random Orlando Random Jean Jonnie ...

    Tags: The Chris Gethard Show, Chris Gethard, TCGS, Manhattan Public Access, The LLC, Public Access, Late Night, Talk Show, Weird, Hallie Bulliet, Ukulele Army, Christmas, Sandwich Night, Mal Blum, Mikey Erg (Musical Artist), Bill Florio, Jonny Woah-oh, Jesse Vandenbergh, Kiri Oliver, Heidi Vanderlee, Jewel Frankenfeldt, Emma Noble, Random Jean, Random Melissa, Random Orlando, Mimi On The Hoops, Dave Szarejko, Jersey Dave

  • Tyler, The Creator -Bastard Lyrics

    Tyler, The Creator -Bastard Lyrics MP3

    This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep Some food for thought some food for death, go ahead and fucking eat My father's dead, well I don't know, ...

    Tags: Bastard, future, Odd, The, YouTube, Creator, Tyler

  • Shit Vegans Do

    Shit Vegans Do MP3

    vegan outtakes on the scene filming for I AM JAYME My Website: 1-on-1 Plant Based Diet and Lifestyle Skype Coaching: ...

    Tags: Veganism (Diet), vegan, Vegetarianism (Diet), Vegetarian Food (Cuisine), Raw Food (Diet), 30bananasaday, high carb vegan, high carb diet, healthy living, Healthy Diet (Diet), Dieting (Symptom), Carbohydrate (Nutrient), Weight Loss (Symptom), Health (Literary Genre), Raw Veganism, Sugar (Nutrient), Fruit (CSA Product), diet, inspirational, Simplicity (Quotation Subject), fructose, Diet (Website Category), Health (Industry), vegetarianism

  • Tyler the creator - Pigs Fly {HQ} w/Lyrics

    Tyler the creator - Pigs Fly {HQ} w/Lyrics MP3

    I do not gain anything from this video, its purely here for entertainment purposes :) Lyrics: I was taught to act my shoe-size, never my age I always judge a book ...

    Tags: Tyler, the, creator

  • HUSH HARDING  - Munchies (2012)

    HUSH HARDING - Munchies (2012) MP3

    Produced By Yung Exclusive Lyrics : Never get no down time I be hittin pounds fried Bout to roll this pizza up and eat it up like How High Trade some weed for ...

    Tags: hush, harding, layzie, bone, munchies, thugs, munchiez, we, keep, that, nox, beatz, why, do, get, high, rage617, smoke, smoking, weed, song, marijuanna, bizzy, blaze, blazing, swisher, swisha, burn, flight, khalifa, mac, miller, cannabis, canibus, snoop, dogg, lion, rasta, epic, meal, time, hungry, food, kotd, hush harding, food network, cooking, cook, recipe, chef, iron chef, chefing it up, eating, eat, dish, dishes, restaurant, super market, 7 11, store

  • Caspar Lee - Chat Sandwich: Episode 1 - Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues

    Caspar Lee - Chat Sandwich: Episode 1 - Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues MP3

    Join comedy duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues in the first episode of their brand-new, award-worthy talk show, CHAT SANDWICH! Their first guest is ...

    Tags: chat sandwich, caspar lee, comedy, derick watts, derek watts, talk show, animated, animation, toonboom, interview, doug, youtuber, cartoon, Talk Show (TV Genre), gareth allison, nic smal, television show, casper lee, chat show

  • BR33ZY - 2 Minute Warning

    BR33ZY - 2 Minute Warning MP3

    Time to do it from an OG's perspective Flow n lyrics raw so they told me perfect it Dedicate this verse to the homies who murked it Rakim Kane n Kool G this rap ...

    Tags: m4, breezy, minute, warning, horseshoe, gang, bishop, lamont, feel, on, it, instrumental, hip, hop, rap, underground, lyrical, freestyle, hiphop

  • Life is Basically SH*T!!! - PART1- F*CK my JOB!!!

    Life is Basically SH*T!!! - PART1- F*CK my JOB!!! MP3

    The REALTALK RADIO SHOW. Life is Basically Shit!!! - PART1 -Fuck my Job!!! I decided to make a video series discuss the fact the life can basically be one big ...

    Tags: Fuck my life, Life is shit, Jim Jefferies, lil wayne, rick ross, beyonce, jay-z, Black Issues, Sotomayer, RealTalk Radio, females, dating, black females, dating sucks, life sucks, fuck life

  • How to Handle a Shart

    How to Handle a Shart MP3

    Fight back against feces, don't poop out! Dude Wipes - Flushable Wipes, with Aloe Vera: Accoutrements Emergency Underpants ...

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  • Wilensky

    Wilensky's Famous Fried Bologna & Salami Sandwiches in Montreal with Mariah Milano MP3 I saw Anthony Bourdain feature this restaurant on his show and thought it was brilliant that something so simple could be so iconic ...

    Tags: Tourist Destination, Tourism (Interest), Mariah Milano (Film Actor), Bologna Sausage (Food), Salami (Food), Sandwich (Food), Canada, Toronto, Kosher Food (Diet), Food (TV Genre), Vancouver, Vancouver Island (Geographical Feature)

  • Ricky Throws Compilation (Trailer Park Boys)

    Ricky Throws Compilation (Trailer Park Boys) MP3

    One of the more under appreciated running gags throughout TPB was Ricky throwing shit. Everything from garbage, liquor bottles, bins, barbecues and piss jugs ...

    Tags: trailer, park, boys, ricky, throws, compilation, bubbles, julian, piss, jugs, barebecues, lawn, chairs, liquor, bottles, Trailer Park Boys (TV Program), showcase, lahey, randy, gut, cheeseburger, garbage, bike, window, tree, angry, projectile, air, flying, Beer, Drink, Funny, Adventures

  • Louis C.K. "If God Came Back"

    Louis C.K. "If God Came Back" MP3

    "I wanted to go faster.."
  • Vegan Fried Catfish Sandwich Recipe (8.17.12 - Day 5) Fried Zucchini Fish Fillet Planks

    Vegan Fried Catfish Sandwich Recipe (8.17.12 - Day 5) Fried Zucchini Fish Fillet Planks MP3

    Since I baked that zucchini the other day, I have been in love with it. The only way I can afford my groceries is to make a show using them, so you all will have to ...

    Tags: fried zucchini, vegan fish, vegan fried fish recipe, fried, fish, zucchini, how to fry zucchini, vegan fried fish, fish sandwich, battered fish, diet, weight loss, Julie and Julia, paula deen, southern cooking bible, veganize, vegan, vegetarian, recipe, cooking, food, health, beauty, diabetes, allergy, cholesterol, blood pressure, the sweetest vegan, thesweetestvegan, sweetest vegan, tasha edwards