Flesh D-Vice

  • Flesh D-Vice: Invisible Man

    Flesh D-Vice: Invisible Man MP3

    Invisible Man from the album Some Blood Stained Morning, 1984.

    Tags: punk

  • Flesh D-Vice   Transmission

    Flesh D-Vice Transmission MP3

    From 1985 Wellington punks Flesh D-Vice with Joy Division cover Transmission. Taped from Radio With Pictures (TVNZ). Converted from VHS.

    Tags: Flesh D-Vice, New Zealand Music

  • Flesh D-Vice [2012.11.10] Live At Thistle Hall (Wellington New Zealand)

    Flesh D-Vice [2012.11.10] Live At Thistle Hall (Wellington New Zealand) MP3

    The legendary "Flesh D-Vice" playing at Thistle Hall (Wellington, New Zealand) as part of NO WAVE SPACKTACKULAR. This show was part UP THE PUNX ...

    Tags: Flesh, D, Vice, 2012, 11, 10, Live, At, Thistle, Hall, Wellington, NZ, Small

  • Flesh D-Vice - 12 Inches Of Hard Flesh - 80

    Flesh D-Vice - 12 Inches Of Hard Flesh - 80's New Zealand punk MP3

    NZ skunk group Flesh D-Vice's 1983 debut album "12 Inches Of Hard Flesh" - also their punkest. After this they got weird(er). track titles/times up later.

    Tags: no tag, oi oi, punk, new zealand, australia, kiwi, skin, skins, head, rock, hardcore, 80s, 1980s, zyklon-b, riot III, aftershock, exhibit a, uk82

  • Flesh D-Vice - Death Museum

    Flesh D-Vice - Death Museum MP3

    Some Bloodstained Morning Jayrem Records 1984.

    Tags: Flesh, D, Vice, Death, Museum

  • Flesh D-Vice: Flaming Soul

    Flesh D-Vice: Flaming Soul MP3

    Really grungy quality version of the classic Fleshies song Flaming Soul from 1985. Putting it up for the mean time until a better quality version emerges.

    Tags: Flesh D-Vice, punk

  • flesh d vice transmission

    flesh d vice transmission MP3

    NZ Punk band Flesh D Vice doing a cover Joy Division's Transmission. Recorded onto VHS circa 1986 TVNZ Radio with Pictures with Dick Driver.

    Tags: flesh d vice, nz punk, punk rock, new zealand

  • Flesh D-Vice: Flaming Soul (live)

    Flesh D-Vice: Flaming Soul (live) MP3

    Wellington band Flesh D-Vice playing Flaming Soul in Auckland, 1987. Filmed by Bob Sutton.

    Tags: punk, new zealand, rock Punk Rock (Musical Genre)

  • Flesh D-vice - Kill that girl NZ punk 1983

    Flesh D-vice - Kill that girl NZ punk 1983 MP3

    From the "12 inches of hard flesh", released in 1983 0n Jayrem records.

    Tags: Punk, UK82, NZ punk, Kiwipunk, No Tag, No Idea, Compos Mentis, Capitol kaos

  • Flesh D Vice  All My Sins Remembered

    Flesh D Vice All My Sins Remembered MP3

    Flesh D-Vice All My Sins (Remembered) (EP) Alternative Rock 1990 1.All My Sins (Remembered) 2.Planet of D-Vine Retribution 3.Towod 4.All My Sins ...

    Tags: Flesh D-Vice, All My Sins (Remembered), Alternative Rock, EP

  • Flesh D-Vice@Thistle Hall/Up The Punks 2012

    Flesh [email protected] Hall/Up The Punks 2012 MP3

    Old School 80s Legends Flesh D-Vice Performing @ the "Up The Punks" No Wave Spacktackular 2012.

    Tags: Punk, Punk New Zealand, wellington

  • She

    She's A Mod: Ray Columbus & The Invaders MP3

    Ray Columbus & The Invaders scored a NZ & Australian No.1 with "She's a Mod" in 1964.

    Tags: ray, columbus, mod, kiwi, aussie, pop, Number 1, rock, classic, beat, band, invaders

  • Flesh D-Vice: Hamburger

    Flesh D-Vice: Hamburger MP3

    Kiwi horror-punk from 1984. Boy meets girl, girl dies in a car smash, hilarity does not ensue... Special guest star: The Blackburn Ghost!

    Tags: Flesh D-Vice, Device, Flesh, D-Vice, punk, alternative, kiwi, zealand, 1984, horror, Wellington

  • Flesh D-Vice - Hamburger II: The Night She Returned

    Flesh D-Vice - Hamburger II: The Night She Returned MP3

    Hamburger II: The Night She Returned/ When the Levee Breaks 12" Jayrem Records New Zealand 1988.
  • The Makos play Swell! at Scarfies Bar, Palmerston North NZ

    The Makos play Swell! at Scarfies Bar, Palmerston North NZ MP3

    Tags: The Makos, Dwayne Yule, David Rhee, Wolfgang, Andy Young, New Zealand music, Palmerston North, Scarfies Bar, Swell, April 25 2008

  • Krokodil: Russia

    Krokodil: Russia's Deadliest Drug (NSFW) MP3

    Like VICE News? Subscribe to our news channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News For more videos from VICE News, click here: http://bit.ly/PILfBe A ...

    Tags: Drugs, most dangerous drug, dangerous, drug, krokodil, crocodile, heroin, russia, siberia, scopolamine, hallucinogen, drug dealer, weed, marijuana, crack, cocaine, synthetictruth, syrum, poison, hooker, prostitution, prostitute, tripping, acid, acid trip, shrooms, roofies, anthrax, culture, stealing, robbing, blacked out, interview, exclusive, Independent, videos, VICE guide, VICE Presents, VICE news, vbs, VICE, VICE magazine, VICE mag, VICE Today, VICE videos, documentary, Andy Capper, documentaries, noisey

  • Dining on Dogs in Yulin: VICE Reports (Part 1/2)

    Dining on Dogs in Yulin: VICE Reports (Part 1/2) MP3

    Watch Part 2 now - http://bit.ly/Dog-Days-2 Southern China has always had a tradition of dining on dogs—people from other parts of the country even joke that ...

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  • Interview with a Cannibal

    Interview with a Cannibal MP3

    Issei Sagawa murdered an innocent woman and spent three days eating her flesh. Due to loopholes in the law, Issei is a free man to this day. On the afternoon ...

    Tags: issei sagawa, issei, sagawa, cannibal, murder, murderer, psycho, sick, flesh eating, eating people, journeyman, japan, mafia, sex, killer, kill, death, paris, culture, wild, lifestyle, global, world, emerging, exclusive, Independent, underground, indie, travel, happening, videos, tv, journalism, VICE, guide, Presents, news, vbs, vbsdottv, magazine, mag, VICEVIDEOS, documentary, documentaries, tmz, noisey, vice news, press, vice presents, Television, vice magazine, vice mag, vice guide, tourism, texas, sxsw, post, panel

  • The fascinating process of human decomposition

    The fascinating process of human decomposition MP3

    We visited the largest body farm in the world, where researchers study human decomposition in order to help law enforcement. Photos by Joseph Stromberg ...

    Tags: explain it like im five, dead bodies, vox news, decay, funeral, crime, bones, csi, vox, maggots, bloat, world news, corpse, how, carcass, what is, video, forensic anthropology, 10 best, eli5, texas state university, top 10, death, decomposition, burial, horror film, trending, current events, explainer, vox media, morgue, san marcos, murder, grossest, politics, why, decompose, vulture, series, skeleton, news, horror, purge, crime scene investigation, dead body

  • Buttloads of Pain: Ass Injections Gone Wrong

    Buttloads of Pain: Ass Injections Gone Wrong MP3

    Check out more episodes of The VICE Report here: http://bit.ly/1fDeM42 The horror that befell Oscarina Busse's backside began in July 2009. The 35-year-old ...

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  • The Man Who Eats Roadkill

    The Man Who Eats Roadkill MP3

    Meet 73-year-old Arthur Boyt, notorious resident of remote Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, and connoisseur of cooking and eating roadkill - nothing is too far fetched ...

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