Fisk Condo Trust

  • V.A. / RRR-100 side B (1993)

    V.A. / RRR-100 side B (1993) MP3

    Tracklist B1 Lance Gargoyle -- Untitled B2 Demivierge -- Untitled B3 Martyr V2101 -- Untitled B4 Prophecii -- Untitled B5 Gregory Whitehead -- Untitled B6 ...

    Tags: Industrial, Noise, Experimental, Compilation

  • McDonald

    McDonald's to Limit Antibiotics in Chicken: "Huge Public Health Win” MP3

    On March 4, 2015, McDonald's USA announced that by 2017 all the chicken it buys will have been raised without antibiotics important to human medicine.

    Tags: mcdonalds, antibiotics, chicken, meat, resistance, drugs, health, superbugs, human, medicine, pew

  • Live: Condoleaza Rice blames Hamas for current situation

    Live: Condoleaza Rice blames Hamas for current situation MP3

    Live report of Secretary of State blaming Hamas for current Palestinian suffering. Please scroll to 0:50. Hamas is blamed for hostage and using human shields.

    Tags: rice, condo, gaza, israel, status, quo, ceasfire, hostage, report, alex, jones, griffen, c-span, infowars, live, debate, global, influence, declining, truth, peter, schiff, ron, paul, george, galloway, david, Icke, Jeff, Rense, ray, griffin, richard, cage