Fisher's Hornpipe

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    Fisher's Hornpipe - Mike Marshall & Chris Thile MP3

    Mike Marshall and Chris Thile playing the traditional "Fisher's Hornpipe" from their record "Into the Cauldron." This is a clip from Mike Marshall & Chris Thile's set ...

    Tags: marshall, thile, mandolin, woodsongs, hornpipe, duet


    FISHER'S HORNPIPE - Bluegrass & Irish Fiddle Lessons by Ian Walsh MP3 - For Full Lesson + Jam Tracks + Sheet Music.


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    Fisher's Hornpipe / St. Anne's Reel MP3

    Featuring David Johnson, Scott Freeman, Steve Lewis, & Josh Scott.

    Tags: scott, freeman, bluegrass, dave, johnson

  • Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper - Fisher

    Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper - Fisher's Hornpipe [Live at WAMU's Bluegrass Country] MP3

    Michael Cleveland performs the fiddle-and-dobro duet "Fisher's Hornpipe" with Flamekeeper's Gaven Largent, live in the Washington, DC studios of WAMU's ...

    Tags: Michael Cleveland (Musical Artist), Flamekeeper, Bluegrass (Musical Genre), Hornpipe (Musical Genre), Dobro (Musical Instrument), Fiddle (Musical Instrument), gaven largent, circa blue, Country (Musical Genre), Folk Music (Musical Genre), duet, Americana (Musical Genre), roots music

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    Fisher's Hornpipe - Fiddler Tune a Day - Day 82 MP3

    Signup for Vi Wickam's Fiddle Tune a Day at: I usually play Fisher's Hornpipe in F - Major Franklin style - a little bit slow and with a bit ...

    Tags: Hornpipe, English, Fiddle, Tune, Fisherman, Fisher, Folk, Bluegrass, Old-Time, Major Franklin, Celtic

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    Fisher's Hornpipe - Gary Sizemore & Mauro Samuel MP3

    This is another great collaboration of my friend Gary Sizemore: I used the guitar arrangement from Scott Fore, and made my ...

    Tags: bluegrass, fiddle, flatpicking, guitar, mandolin, Mauro, Samuel, Henrique, Gary, Sizemore

  • How to Play Fishers Hornpipe on Guitar!

    How to Play Fishers Hornpipe on Guitar! MP3 - Daddy kept an ol' hornpipe hanging from the moose horns above our fireplace was hard to play, just like this ...

    Tags: Guitar (Musical Instrument), banjo, ben, bluegrass, fiddle, tune, play, lesson, instruction, mandolin, Folk

  • Line Dance deutsch Fishers Hornpipe

    Line Dance deutsch Fishers Hornpipe MP3

    Line Dance deutsch Schritterklärung für Fishers Hornpipe Choreograf : Val Reeves Mehr Infos auf

    Tags: line dance, linedance, tanzschritte

  • fishers hornpipe line dance.wmv

    fishers hornpipe line dance.wmv MP3

    Tags: fishers, hornpipe

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    Fisher's Hornpipe on Mandolin - Slowed Down MP3

    Play along with my slowed down version of Fisher's Hornpipe on mandolin, then play along with rhythm guitar accompaniment at the same speed. Bill Nesbitt ...

    Tags: mandolin, bluegrass lessons, tablature, slow, fiddle tunes, instructions, bluegrass music, folk music, instrumental music, acoustic

  • How to Play Fishers Hornpipe Melodic Banjo!

    How to Play Fishers Hornpipe Melodic Banjo! MP3 - Check out the site for more videos and tabs that are updated weekly! Also, don't forget to subscribe and come see me at ...

    Tags: banjo, ben, guitar, instruction, lesson, fishers, hornpipe, Irish, Celtic, fiddle tune

  • Jack Dunlap and Gaven Largent - Fisher

    Jack Dunlap and Gaven Largent - Fisher's Hornpipe MP3

    Jack Dunlap (mandolin) and Gaven Largent (dobro) of Bud's Collective playing the classic fiddle tune, Fisher's Hornpipe. Watch for more videos soon! We use ...

    Tags: Jack Dunlap, Gaven Largent, Fiddle Tune, Mandolin, Dobro, Bluegrass Mandolin, Bluegrass Dobro, Bluegrass, Carey Mandolin, Schoonover Dobro

  • Chris Thile & Michael Daves Hornpipe Medley

    Chris Thile & Michael Daves Hornpipe Medley MP3

    Chris Thile and Michael Daves live at the Crocodile in Seattle playing Fisher's Hornpipe, an improvised Crocodile Hornpipe and finishing off with Sailor's ...

    Tags: chris thile, michael daves

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    Fisher's Hornpipe (With Tabs) - Mandolin Lesson MP3 - More Free Mandolin Lessons - Facebook ...

    Tags: free, online, mandolin, lessons, lesson, mando, traditional, fiddle, tune, old, time, blue, grass, bluegrass, how to, how-to, instruction, diy, tabs, musics, music, over, the, waterfall, irish, quebecois, quebec, Ireland, Guitar, Banjo, folk, celtic

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    Fisher's Hornpipe MP3

    Here's Fisher's Hornpipe flatpicked on the Mountain Dulcimer. You hear it played sometimes almost like a reel, but this is with that hornpipe bounce. It's actually ...

    Tags: Mountain, Dulcimer, Flatpicking, Gary, Gallier, Celtic, Hornpipe

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    Fisher's Hornpipe Flatpick Guitar MP3

    Live recording and video mix to pre-recorded backing track. The sync is off a little bit by the end of the video - don't know how to fix that. Video is not the best ...

    Tags: Collings, Blue Chip Picks

  • 029 Appalachian 08 Fisher

    029 Appalachian 08 Fisher's hornpipe MP3

    앨범/Appalachian Journey 곡명/Fisher's Hornpipe 연주/요요마, 에드가 마이어, 마크 오코노.

    Tags: 029, Appalachian, 08, hornpipe

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    Fisher's Hornpipe MP3

    32 count , 4 Wall.

    Tags: line, dance, country, danse, video, roxycountry, pop

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    Fisher's Hornpipe MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Fisher's Hornpipe · Yo-Yo Ma / 马友友 / 馬友友 · Mark O'Connor / 馬克歐康諾 · Edgar Meyer / 艾格麥爾 · Alison ...

    Tags: Yo-Yo, Ma, Mark, Edgar, Meyer, Alison, Krauss, Appalachian, Journey, Hornpipe

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    Fisher's Hornpipe - Old-Time Music from Lusatian Mountains MP3

    Old-Time Country Music from Lusatian Mountains: Wayne Erbsen, Annie Erbsen, Martin Žák a Michal Ondřej v Lužických horách v létě ...

    Tags: Martin Zak, Wayne Erbsen, Old-Time Music, Country, Housle, Fiddle, Kytara, Banjo, Country Home, Lusatian Mountains

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    Fisher's Hornpipe with Jehile Kirkhuff MP3

    Download all the restored Kirkhuff tunes by visiting One of my students had ...

    Tags: Fiddle (Musical Instrument), old timey, Jehile Kirkhuff

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    Fisher's Hornpipe: Fiddle Lesson MP3

    Fisher's Hornpipe is definitely one to have in your repertoire. Hope you enjoy this performance and lesson sample. If you do, head over to ...

    Tags: Fiddle (Musical Instrument), Fiddle Lesson, Casey Willis, Sheet Music, Music Education (Field Of Study), Bluegrass (Musical Genre)

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    Fisher's Hornpipe -Rex McGee MP3

    Here played not as a true hornpipe but more like a reel. Includes a couple of variations. The Old Timer played a crusty version of this.

    Tags: fiddle, bluegrass, old, time, traditional, irish, Rex, McGee, folk

  • Fishers Hornpipe

    Fishers Hornpipe MP3

    Apologies, regarding the poor camera angle, I only realised when I started to lay the audio onto the video. I will do another, time permitting, to show my left hand ...

    Tags: old time fiddle, Hornpipe (Musical Genre), fiddle, country, Folk Music (Musical Genre)

  • Cactus Brothers : Fisher

    Cactus Brothers : Fisher's Hornpipe MP3

    David Schnaufer on dulcimer.

    Tags: Cactus, Brothers, David, Schnaufer, Dulcimer

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    Fisher's Hornpipe by Chris Thile & Mike Marshall MP3

    2014/3/1 Wintergrass 2014.

    Tags: bluegrass

  • Brittany Haas - Fisher

    Brittany Haas - Fisher's Hornpipe MP3

    Song: Fisher's Hornpipe Artist: Brittany Haas Album: Brittany Haas Track Number: 8 Country of Origin: United States Lyrics: (Instrumental) © 2004 Brittany Haas.

    Tags: Brittany Haas, fiddles, fiddler, fiddle, fiddlers, self-titled, Appalachian folk music

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    Fisher's Hornpipe - Celtic ukulele MP3

    Here's a tune from my new eBook: 12 Tunes For Celtic Ukulele. This book is now available. If you want to purchase it, you'll find it here.

    Tags: ukulele, celtic, hornpipe, ebook, ken, middleton, uke

  • Don Reno and Mack Magaha   Fishers Hornpipe

    Don Reno and Mack Magaha Fishers Hornpipe MP3

  • Fishers Hornpipe - Kaiser Family Band - Midland 2009

    Fishers Hornpipe - Kaiser Family Band - Midland 2009 MP3

    During the Saturday evening show at the 2009 Midland Folk Music Festival.

    Tags: Kaiser Family Band, festival, hammered, dulcimer, banjo, fiddle, guitar, bass, stage, acoustic