• Josh Turner - Firecracker

    Josh Turner - Firecracker MP3

    Music video by Josh Turner performing Firecracker. (C) 2007 MCA Nashville, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    Josh Turner

    Yeah When I look in her eyes It aint no surprise Sparks start a flyin like the 4th of July She gets me so hot, my heart starts a pumpin When we get to kissin, there aint no stoppin' When it comes to love she aint no slacker My little darlin[...]
  • Mass Production  -  Firecracker!!

    Mass Production - Firecracker!! MP3

    Oh Yess.. So Cool It's Below Zero!! 1979.. :p.

    Tags: MassP, Firecracker79

  • Explod 2000GRAMM Firecracker Insane

    Explod 2000GRAMM Firecracker Insane MP3

    This is realy extreme !!! Have I worried the giant Explod 2015 and test it for you here on my channel . Where can you buy the may I not tell because otherwise it is ...

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  • Best Diwali/Firecracker Prank Ever! Funk You (Prank in India)

    Best Diwali/Firecracker Prank Ever! Funk You (Prank in India) MP3

    Epic Fire Cracker Prank in India/Indian Pranks. DISCLAIMER- Do Not Try to imitate the following Prank. The Crackers used in the Video, were tested to be ...

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  • 16000 firecracker roll

    16000 firecracker roll MP3

    Lighting my 16000 fire cracker roll on the 4th this year.

    Tags: 16000, firecracker, fire, crackers, 4th, of, july

  • Firecracker Sound Comparison

    Firecracker Sound Comparison MP3

    A comparison of many brands of fireworks using a decibel reader. Very surprising results!!! WATCH!!!

    Tags: firecracker, sound, comparison, M80, explosions, cherry, bomb, fireworks, noise, loud, compilation, educational, big, TNT

  • Wayne Hoffman: Blindfolded Mentalist Lights Firecrackers in his Mouth - America

    Wayne Hoffman: Blindfolded Mentalist Lights Firecrackers in his Mouth - America's Got Talent 2015 MP3

    A nervous mentalist tries to guess which firecracker is a real explosive--by placing them in his mouth! This danger act will blow your mind! » Get The America's ...

    Tags: AGT, AGT 2014 auditions, AGT best auditions, NBC, TV, TV Shows, Highlights, Previews, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum, Got, Talent, funny, judge, vote, clips, talent, entertainment, competition, biggest talent show, talent show

  • Firecracker Cannon and Shooting - AWESOME

    Firecracker Cannon and Shooting - AWESOME MP3

    Very powerful firecracker cannon that fires objects 50 feet + !!! Video shows how to build, load, and shoot the awesome firecracker cannon. MUST WATCH!!!!!!!

    Tags: firecracker, cannon, gun, gunpowder, shooting, how, to, build, make, load, awesome, huge, powerful, inventor, tutorial, Fireworks, Cool, Boom, Amazing

  • Poland Firecracker Cipolla EXTREME EXPLOSION

    Poland Firecracker Cipolla EXTREME EXPLOSION MP3

    More Firework :-) Dieses Video ist ...

    Tags: Cipolla, TheOftlerer, Delovarana, FP3, LaBomba, Coloursalute, Titaniumsalute, 3000GrammerSaluteshell, 9999GrammerBrutallus, 4444GrammerBrachiallus, 6666GrammerUrknallus, 2222GrammerWotan, Cracker, Fajerwerki, Retorno100, Viper1, Salutecake, Saluteshell, TheOftlererer, TheOftler, Ofti, DumBum, Saluterockets, Rakete, Thunderstorm, Scream4, Huge, Big, SmokeBomb, Boom, Firework, Fireworks, Powder, Display, Shell, Flash, Exploding, Explosive, Explosions

  • Top 10 most dangerous firecrackers in the world!

    Top 10 most dangerous firecrackers in the world! MP3

    In this video I will show cuts Top 10 most dangerous firecrackers in the world! Yeshe be a lot of interesting subscribe to the channel!

    Tags: Firecracker, Arizona, Phoenix, Youtube, Hurts, World, Fireworks

  • Dyllan Murray - Firecracker ft. Tyga , Jack & Jack

    Dyllan Murray - Firecracker ft. Tyga , Jack & Jack MP3

    Music video for Firecracker ft. Tyga , Jack & Jack performed by Dyllan Murray. Site: Twitter: ...

    Tags: Firecracker, Dyllan Murray, Tyga, Pop, Single, vydia, 2015, Wild Oak Entertainment, none, Alex Cantrall, music, music video, vevo

  • Celebrationcracker 100.000 FIRECRACKER

    Celebrationcracker 100.000 FIRECRACKER MP3

    More Fireworkpower Dieses Video ...

    Tags: 3000GrammerSaluteshell, 9999GrammerBrutallus, Firework, Vuurwerk, Fajerwerki, TheOftler, Pyrotechnik, Blitzknaller, Cracker, Knaller, Silvester, TheOftlerer, LaBomba, Coloursalute, Megatresk, Bombatresk, Megatron, 6inch, Titaniumsalute, BKS, TheOftlererer, Rockets, Petardy, Petarde, Kracher, Firecracker, Ofti, Boom, Exploding, Explosive, Huge, Monsterknall, Horrorknall, Swiss, Nationalfeiertag, 4444GrammerBrachiallus, 2222GrammerWotan, Cobra1, Cobra3, Cobra6, Explod, Groundsalute, Delovarana

  • DIWALI PRANK - Fake Firecracker 2 - Pranks in India

    DIWALI PRANK - Fake Firecracker 2 - Pranks in India MP3

    We just wanted to show people something cool. Don't know why they were scared so much :P for business inquiry - "[email protected]" Please ...

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  • 10,000 Wala - India

    10,000 Wala - India's Longest Firecracker in Chennai, Tamil Nadu MP3 We went to a few fireworks stores in Chennai, India and asked about the largest and longest crackers they had. What they had ...

    Tags: Diwali (Event), deepavali, ten thousand wala, cracker, travel, 10000 wala prices, 5000 wala, india fireworks, 10000 wala deepavali, Tamil Nadu (Indian State), Fireworks, 1000 wala, Tamil (Ethnicity), Tamil Language (Human Language), 10000 wala cracker display, madras, 10000 wala, India (Country), 10000 wala diwali, 10000 wala cracker, crackers, Firecracker

  • How to Make a Safe and Reusable Firecracker

    How to Make a Safe and Reusable Firecracker MP3

    Stop paying so much for firecrackers and make your own! Here's a cheaper Halloween solution! For more design details, please see: ...

    Tags: firecracker, fire cracker, electroboom, mehdi sadaghdar, electronics, electricity, make firecracker, make firecrackers, nazi soldier, homemade firecracker, darts, dart, dart firecracker, how to make firecrackers, halloween

  • Crazy firecrackers from China - Azn Lifestyles TV

    Crazy firecrackers from China - Azn Lifestyles TV MP3

    Kevin Mike and Dennis hanging out in China. From Qingdao to Hunan, we found the best firecrackers China has to offer.

    Tags: Azn, Lifestyles, TV, firecrackers, mike, dennis, asian, chinese, china, tsingtao, qingdao, new, years, boom, best, funny, explode, accident, japanese, korean, japan, korea, gun, powder, funtwo, david, choi, john, cho, bruce, lee, jet, li, city, fire

  • how to make firecrackers at home (simple)

    how to make firecrackers at home (simple) MP3

    how to make firecrackers at home (simple) hướng dẫn làm pháo diêm đơn giản.

    Tags: Firecracker (Composition), firecrackers



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    Another NEW Challenge - EXTRAS - TWITTER - SNAPCHAT ...

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  • Demonstration: Bermuda Triangles - Large Salute-like Firecracker

    Demonstration: Bermuda Triangles - Large Salute-like Firecracker MP3

    Visit my official blog! -- This is a demonstration of Bermuda Triangles. These are like a bigger firecracker, similar to a M80.

    Tags: Fireworks, Shells, Artillery, Large, Cannon, Explosion, Explosive, Mortar, Shell, Boom, Loud, Pyro, Pyrotechnics, Bang, Flash, Powder, Salute, M80, TNT, Huge, Big, Thunder, Firecrackers



    Whenever Jesse plays his video games with his headphones on, he can never hear me, and he also ignores me as if I'm not even there... So, I took full ...

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  • League of Legends - Firecracker Jinx ADC - Full Game Commentary

    League of Legends - Firecracker Jinx ADC - Full Game Commentary MP3

    Head's up I'm on severe tilt from everything irl going on, still trying to get videos out for sure but my level of gameplay will probably not be as high for a bit, ...

    Tags: full game commentary, full game, league, of, legends, league of legends, guide, playthrough, commentary, ankle, anklespankin, funny, hilarious, amazing, awesome

  • Silvester 2014/15 1H Illegal Firecracker Compilation

    Silvester 2014/15 1H Illegal Firecracker Compilation MP3

    Der Channelinhaber besitzt alle Rechte an den Videos. Entweder werden ihm diese zur Verfügung gestellt oder er ist unmittelbar bei der Entstehung des Videos ...

    Tags: silvester, 2014, 2015, selfmade, homemade, groundsalute, bks, flash, flashpowder, gramm, grammer, illegal, pyro, firecracker, vuurwerk, compilation, compilatie, collectie, zusammenschnitt, raketen, salute, saluterocket, new year, polen, tschechien, vergleich, unboxing, blitzknallsatz, bullen, polizei, unfall, accident, fireworks

  • Epic Firecracker Wake Up Prank Compilation

    Epic Firecracker Wake Up Prank Compilation MP3

    Epic Firecracker Wake Up Prank Compilation.

    Tags: 2015 epic win fail compilation, alarm clock pranks, funny fireworks pranks, funny wakeup selection, epic fails compilation, funny videos 2015

  • New M-88 Firecracker - Most Powerful Legal Cracker

    New M-88 Firecracker - Most Powerful Legal Cracker MP3

    These are not the M-88 you know of. They just came out this year. They are 100% legal but because of the way the powder is packed (not the amount of powder) ...

    Tags: the, new, 88, m88, m-88, fire, cracker, firecracker, firework, fireworks, very, powerful, most, legal, you, can, buy, best, purchase, firecrracker, to, shreds, cans, vs, awesome, explosion, light, lighting, explode, Boom, Rocket, See, Must





  • Blonde Girl Lights Firecracker in the House (Epic FAIL)

    Blonde Girl Lights Firecracker in the House (Epic FAIL) MP3

    This is just embarrassing. One of the scariest things I've ever done! This was for sure an epic fail! LAST VLOG: ...

    Tags: firecracker, vlog, vlogging, vlogger, blonde, funny, hilarious, fail, cute, couple, love, epic, fire works, lighter, burned, burnt, laughing, hurt, stocking, gifts, christmas, 2013, daily, kiss, hugging, hug, best, burning, goggles, prank, pranksters, long hair, canadian, flame, owned, boyfriend, girlfriend, amazing, yoga pants, ootd, meaning, outfit, long distance, relationship, advice, how to, makeup, gorgeous, pretty, girl, canon, t2i, tips, everyday, beautiful, model, uggs, tights, pranking, easy, water bottle, simple, kissing, surprise

  • Arena Essex Firecracker 2015

    Arena Essex Firecracker 2015 MP3

    Best of what I caught from this years Firecracker at Arena Essex, enjoy! Photos from the meeting at:

    Tags: Essex (English Non-metropolitan County), Arena Essex Raceway (Location), Banger Racing (Sport), Unlimited Bangers, Robins, Reliant, Firecracker 24, Firecracker

  • Arena Essex Firecracker XXIV Unlimited Banger Racing & Reliant Robins 2015

    Arena Essex Firecracker XXIV Unlimited Banger Racing & Reliant Robins 2015 MP3

    Highlights of the lively Firecracker XXIV at Arena Essex. Unlimited banger racing and reliant robins 1st November 2015.

    Tags: banger racing, bangers, crash, wreck, carnage, mayhem, unlimited, Banger Racing (Sport), arena essex, Arena Essex Raceway (Location), Reliant Robin (Automobile Model), Reliant (Automobile Make), follow in, head on, jag, volvo, jaguar, jonesy, boxer, yank, previa, pile up

  • Lions Head - Firecracker

    Lions Head - Firecracker MP3

    Checkout UniqueTrap: Subscribe: http:/// | SoundCloud: Facebook: | Google+: ...

    Tags: unqiue music, uniquemusic2, unique music2, remix, unique music remix, unqiuemusic remix

  • Josh Turner- Firecracker.mp3 MP3
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