Finleys Rainbow (Slow Motion Mix)

  • A Guy Called Gerald - Finley

    A Guy Called Gerald - Finley's Rainbow (Slow Motion Mix) MP3

    Taken from the 2008 reissue of Black Secret Technology.

    Tags: Guy, Called, Gerald, Rainbow, Finleys, black, secret, technology

  • A Guy Called Gerald - Alita

    A Guy Called Gerald - Alita's Dream/Finleys Rainbow (Slow Motion Mix) MP3

    A Guy Called Gerald   – Black Secret Technology (1995)

    Tags: drum and bass, jungle, old skool, old school, 1995

  • A Guy called Gerald - Finley

    A Guy called Gerald - Finley's Rainbow (slow motion mix) MP3

    Wicked tune I believe Finley Quaye was the inspiration for this tune because he used to hang about the studio not doing much other than making brews before ...

    Tags: rare funk, soul music, funk, dance, rare grooves, Classic funk, remix, funky, soul, disco, black secret technology, Guy called Gerald

  • A Guy Called Gerald - Finleys Rainbow.

    A Guy Called Gerald - Finleys Rainbow. MP3

    MTV Europe (Chillout Zone)

    Tags: Guy, Called, Gerald, Finleys

  • A Guy Called Gerald - Finleys Rainbow (Skankin Mix) [HD]

    A Guy Called Gerald - Finleys Rainbow (Skankin Mix) [HD] MP3

    Label: Juice Box Label Site: Requested by 1985SJW Released: 1994 Label ...

    Tags: classic, old school, house, skool, rave, hardcore, jungle, rishi754, dance, dnb, techno, ragga, drum and bass, warehouse, anthems, electronic, break, beat, base, electro, electronica, dub, beats, club, underground, break beat, electric, progressive, dub xyru87, xyru754, reptile754, jazz, breaks, acid, afro, latin, ambient, Arabic, bashment, bass, bassline, garage, bleep, brazil, brasil, brazil lain, raga, samba, breakdance, break core, mashup, break step