• Fastbacks - In the Summer

    Fastbacks - In the Summer MP3

    Winners or Losers???

    Tags: Fastbacks, In, the, Summer, grunge, garage, indie, punk, rock, alternative

  • Just Say - The Fastbacks

    Just Say - The Fastbacks MP3

  • Art Zone Shuffle: The Fastbacks perform "No Information"

    Art Zone Shuffle: The Fastbacks perform "No Information" MP3

    A rare knock out reunion of the punk-pioneering Rock Band (1979-2001) The Fastbacks! Kurt Bloch, Kim Warnick, Lulu Gargiulo and Michael Musburger pull it ...

    Tags: Seattle Channel, Seattle, Nancy Guppy, Art Zone, The Fastbacks

  • Fastbacks - Waste of Time [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    Fastbacks - Waste of Time [OFFICIAL VIDEO] MP3

    "Waste of Time" from the10/24/1994 Fastbacks album 'Answer The Phone Dummy' Get more #TBT videos at Sub Pop's Throw Backs Thursdays playlist ...

    Tags: sub pop, sub, pop, records, subpop, sub pop records, subpop records, seattle, indie, indie music, music, video, official music video, official, 2014, Fastbacks (Musical Group), Waste of Time, Answer The Phone Dummy, Throw back Thursday, vintage video

  • Fastbacks- K Street

    Fastbacks- K Street MP3

    7th song of "Fastbacks... and his orchestra" album (1987). The Fastbacks appear in the film "Hype" playing this song.

    Tags: hype, gun, pussy, big, butthole, scream, dave, grohl

  • Fastbacks - Play Five of their favorites

    Fastbacks - Play Five of their favorites MP3

    12" 45rpm EP 1982 No Threes Records #N3-006 Side A. Their 2nd release, with "In America", "No Lethal Hope", and "Fast Enough". Side B is just as strong.

    Tags: Fastbacks, Play, Five, of, Their, Favorites, Kim, Warnick, Lulu, Gargiulo, Kurt, Bloch, Richerd, Stuverud, Seattle, Punk, No, Threes, Records



    アメリカはシアトルの、真の意味でのパンク・バンドFASTBACKS。 彼らのアルバム『ZUCKER』より、1曲目の『BELIEVE ME NEVER』!! 『音楽は楽しいか...

    Tags: FASTBACKS, BELIEVE, ME, NEVER, music, rock music

  • Fastbacks - Trouble Sleeping

    Fastbacks - Trouble Sleeping MP3

    from "Very, Very Powerful Motor", ca. 1988/1990, with Kurt Bloch (guitar), Lulu Garguilo (guitar/vocals) Kim Warnick (bass/vocals) & Nate Johnson (drums!).

    Tags: fastbacks, very very, powerful, motor, kurt, bloch, kim, warnick, nate, johnson, seattle, pop, punk, rock, 1988

  • Fastbacks - Impatience

    Fastbacks - Impatience MP3

    from the double seven-inch single, "The Answer is YOU", ca. 1991, featuring Kurt Bloch, Lulu Garguilo & Kim Warnick, as found on the singles going steady disc ...

    Tags: fastbacks, kurt, bloch, lulu, garguilo, kim, warnick, the answer is you, the question is no, 1991, sub, pop, 45, rpm, double, single, rock, punk, music, seattle

  • fastbacks - k street

    fastbacks - k street MP3

    Tags: hype, fastbacks, street, grunge, sub, pop, soundgarden, swallow, my, prypde

  • 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT for sale with test drive, driving sounds, and walk through video

    1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT for sale with test drive, driving sounds, and walk through video MP3 Factory "A" code 2+2 Fastback, 289cid Ford [email protected], original Ford 4 ...

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  • Fastbacks - Zücker (Full Album +Audiosurf)

    Fastbacks - Zücker (Full Album +Audiosurf) MP3

    Track List: Believe Me Never 0:00 Gone to the Moon 3:03 Hung on a Bad Peg 4:53 Under the Old Lightbulb 6:40 Never Heard of Him 8:15 When I'm Old 10:02 ...

    Tags: Zucker, TheFastBacks, Fast Backs, Rock, Punk, Power, Song, Band, Audiosurf (Musical Game), Full, Alternative Rock (Musical Genre), Punk Rock (Musical Genre), Music (TV Genre), Rock Music (Film Genre), New, Ninja

  • Fastbacks - Gone to the Moon

    Fastbacks - Gone to the Moon MP3

    Tags: Fastbacks (Musical Group), Gone To The Moon, Music (Industry)

  • The Fastbacks - Girl

    The Fastbacks - Girl's Eyes MP3

    The Fastbacks - Girl's Eyes.

    Tags: The, Fastbacks, Eyes, New, Mansions, In, Sound, Eddie, Vedder, Who, cover

  • Fastbacks - My Letters

    Fastbacks - My Letters MP3

    fourth track (AAAA side) off of "The Answer is YOU" double seven-inch set, ca. 1991, as played by Kurt Bloch, Lulu Gargiulo & Kim Warnick, as available on the ...

    Tags: fastbacks, my, letters, kurt, bloch, lulu, gargiulo, kim, warnick, the answer is you, the question is no, double, 45, rpm, single, seattle, 1991, rock, pop, punk, music, seaweed

  • Fastbacks - They Don

    Fastbacks - They Don't Care MP3

    from their "Zücker" LP (ca. 1993), featuring Kurt Bloch, Lulu Garguilo, Kim Warnick & Rusty "Drummer" Willoughby. This world isn't here for me & you.

    Tags: fastbacks, kurt, bloch, lulu, garguilo, kim, warnick, rusty, willoughby, seattle, sub, pop, punk, rock, music, LP, 1993

  • Art Zone Shuffle: The Fastbacks perform "Goodbye Bird"

    Art Zone Shuffle: The Fastbacks perform "Goodbye Bird" MP3

    Punk Rock Pioneers, The Fastbacks reunite on the Art Zone with Nancy Guppy stage for a celebration ride through "Goodbye Bird." Kurt Bloch, Lulu Gargiulo, ...

    Tags: Seattle Channel, Seattle, Art Zone, Nancy Guppy, The Fastbacks

  • Fastbacks- Seven Days

    Fastbacks- Seven Days MP3

    Opening song from album "Fastbacks...and his orchestra" 1987.

    Tags: hype, washington, kurt, mike, kira, foo, damo, jards, ramones

  • the Fastbacks - Im Cold

    the Fastbacks - Im Cold MP3

    the fastbacks early pop punk from seattle grunge scene Sub Pop Years album: Answer the Phone Dummy.

    Tags: pop, punk, sub, grunge, seattle, hype, the, fastbacks

  • Fastbacks - Fortune

    Fastbacks - Fortune's Misery MP3

    The Fastbacks were a pioneering Seattle band. Formed in 1979 by songwriter/guitarist Kurt Bloch (born August 28, 1960), and friends Lulu Gargiulo (guitar and ...

    Tags: fastbacks, new mansions in sound, kurt bloch, lulu gargiulo, kim warnick

  • Fastbacks - On the Wall (1994)

    Fastbacks - On the Wall (1994) MP3

    Tags: fastbacks, fastbacks band, punk pop, fastbacks on the wall

  • The Fastbacks - Rat Race

    The Fastbacks - Rat Race MP3

    The Fastbacks - Rat Race. From the Gearhead Magazine singles compilation, Runnin' On Fumes. 7" came with three songs from the Fastbacks and one from the ...

    Tags: fastbacks, meices, gearhead, grunge, punk, alterantive, rock, rat, race

  • The Fastbacks - Wrong Wrong Wrong

    The Fastbacks - Wrong Wrong Wrong MP3

    Tags: The, Fastbacks, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

  • Fastbacks - Swallow My Pride

    Fastbacks - Swallow My Pride MP3

    Disclaimer: I take no credit in writing the music or lyrics of this song or in making the cover art of this album. I intend on this video solely being a fan tribute to ...

    Tags: Fastback, Swallow My Pride, Sub Pop 200, Green River, Grunge, Compilation album

  • Fastbacks - In the Winter

    Fastbacks - In the Winter MP3

    from "...and His Orchestra", during the first of several sessions between 1986 & 1987 that constituted the band's first full-length LP, with Kurt Bloch, Lulu Garguilo, ...

    Tags: fastbacks, and his orchestra, kurt, bloch, lulu, garguilo, kim, warnick, seattle, pop, punk, rock, conrad, uno, 1986, 1987, give the drummer some

  • The Fastbacks - I Found The Star

    The Fastbacks - I Found The Star MP3

    This is track seven from The Fastbacks' 1994 LP Answer The Phone, Dummy. I found the star that led me to the planet where you are, etc. This is stupid, fun ...

    Tags: fastbacks, answer the phone dummy, pop punk, sub pop, indie, punk, i found the star

  • The Fastbacks - It

    The Fastbacks - It's Your Birthday MP3

    The Fastbacks - It's Your Birthday.

    Tags: The, Fastbacks, Your, Birthday, punk, music

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