Fading Colours




  • Fading Colours - Lorelei (video)

    Fading Colours - Lorelei (video) MP3

    From album "I'm Scared Of..."

    Tags: lorelei, fading, colours, video, fadingcolours

  • Fading colours - I

    Fading colours - I'm Scared Of... (full album) MP3

    01-In This Garden Of Mind 00:00:00 #02-Clean 00:08:27 #03-Enchanted 00:12:29 #04-Lorelei 00:22:22 #05-Still 00:28:28 #06-Hypocrisy 00:37:00 #07-Eveline ...

    Tags: Fading colours, De Coy, Anne Clark, In This Garden Of Mind, Lorelei

  • Fading Colours - Black Horse

    Fading Colours - Black Horse MP3

    Fading Colours' 'Black Horse' music video.

    Tags: fading, colours, fadingcolours, black, horse, polish, poland, goth, gothic

  • fading colours - be an angel again

    fading colours - be an angel again MP3

    Dedicated to 4sternenstaub for her today's Birthday. Alles Gute....

    Tags: fading, colours, be, an, angel, again, come

  • Fading Colours - Dance

    Fading Colours - Dance MP3

    FADING COLOURS - Black Horse Album (1995) Country:Poland Genre: Rock Style: Goth Rock / Dark Wave Dance So let me dance My shadow's shivered With ...

    Tags: FCD

  • Fading Colours - (I Had To) Come (02)

    Fading Colours - (I Had To) Come (02) MP3

    Dark Wave.

    Tags: Fading, Colours, (I, Had, To), Come, Dark, Wave

  • Fading Colours: Clean (Depeche Mode Cover)

    Fading Colours: Clean (Depeche Mode Cover) MP3

    I really love that voice for this song. And it's probably the first time now that I wish the song I made a video for was longer. I had so many video sequences to put ...

    Tags: Fading Colours, Clean, Depeche Mode

  • fading colours - unreality

    fading colours - unreality MP3

    Tags: fading, colours, unreality, black, horse

  • Fading Colours - Colours

    Fading Colours - Colours MP3

    What is blue Expands the space inside us Raising high... What is green Spreads on the grass Waking the thrills of love What is burning Turns the entrails ...

    Tags: Fading, Colours, De, Coy, Black, Horse

  • Fading Colours-Fade away

    Fading Colours-Fade away MP3

    Fading Colours is one of the first and beat polish dark wave/electro/gothic band.This is song from they latest album "COME"(2009).If You enjoy this track,please ...

    Tags: fading, colours, fade, away, dark, wave, electro, elektronik, gothic, emb, castle, party, darkuss3

  • Fading colours "Siostra nocy"

    Fading colours "Siostra nocy" MP3

    Utwor pochodzi z kasety wydanej w 1995 r. , na ktorej znajduja sie rowniez znakomite cztery utwory w wersji polskiej Oto jeden z nich Siostra nocy, polecam :)

    Tags: rock music

  • Mostly Autumn - Fading Colours

    Mostly Autumn - Fading Colours MP3

    i reused pics coz 8 mins is a lot of pics.

    Tags: Mostly, Autumn, Fading, Colours

  • Fading Colours - Sister of the Night

    Fading Colours - Sister of the Night MP3

    Album: Black Horse Year: 1994 I hope the quality's better than in the versions available so far on Youtube.

    Tags: fading colours, dark wave, poland, de coy

  • fading colours feat. Anne Clark - eveline

    fading colours feat. Anne Clark - eveline MP3

    Tags: fading, colours, feat, Anne, Clark, eveline, scared, of

  • Fading Colours - Lie

    Fading Colours - Lie MP3

    Polish band, first album "Black Horse" 1995. "Lie" You've been feeding me With your sweet lie I am dying of desire For a true word A lie flows from your Narrow ...

    Tags: Fading, Colours, De, Coy, Leszek, Rakowski, Castle, Party, Lie, Black, Horse

  • Fading Colours - Spring (Nosferatu Mix)

    Fading Colours - Spring (Nosferatu Mix) MP3

    Taken from the single "Time" (1996) Why spring? ......... Maybe I gave hope for the rest of someone's days... maybe not.. The spring is special to me. My favourite ...

    Tags: Fading, Colours, Spring, Time, De, Coy

  • Fading Colours - Enchanted

    Fading Colours - Enchanted MP3

    Dedicated to.......those eyes... ******* Photos made by Marek Kusiak - except two... (Dziękuję Marku za udostępnienie tych pięknych zdjęć!) Lyrics: When I look ...

    Tags: Fading, Colours, Enchanted, Scared, Of

  • Fading Colours  "Still"

    Fading Colours "Still" MP3

    Fading Colours - utwór "Still" z albumu "I'm Scared Of..."

    Tags: Unti1

  • Fading Colours - Thorn (01)

    Fading Colours - Thorn (01) MP3

    Dark Wave.

    Tags: Fading, Colours, Thorn, Dark, Wave

  • Fading Colours -- Black Horse

    Fading Colours -- Black Horse MP3

    Fading Colours are: Daniel Kleczynski, De Coy, Leszek Rakowski & Krzysztof Rakowski Fading Colours started as a classic Goth Rock band, but they have ...

    Tags: Goth Rock, Fading Colours

  • Fading Colors Speedpaint

    Fading Colors Speedpaint MP3

    Speedpaint Video Originial DrawingTime: 5 Hours Characters are from the Manga Fading Colors. http://www.tokyopop.de/manga-shop/index.php?

    Tags: Boys Love, speedpaint, Tokyopop, HoneybeaT, Fading Colors, Manga, Shonen ai, painting, coloring, Illustration, Anime






    ARTIST: fading colours SONG: clean ALBUM: reconstruction time.

    Tags: music

  • Fading Colours live Acoustic

    Fading Colours live Acoustic MP3

    Fading Colours (studio) acoustic version - FREE DOWNLOAD - http://tacado.bandcamp.com/ We Apoligise for the in and out of sync footage, thats what you get ...
  • Portico -

    Portico - 'Colour Fading' feat. Jono McCleery MP3

    Subscribe to Ninja Tune on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/SubscribeNinjaYT Buy on the Ninja Shop: http://smarturl.it/polfnj Buy on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/polfit ...

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  • Fading Colours - lie (encomber mix)

    Fading Colours - lie (encomber mix) MP3

    Fading Colours - Lie (Encomber mix)

    Tags: Fading, Colours, lie, encomber, mix

  • Tacado - Fading Colours (Official Music Video)

    Tacado - Fading Colours (Official Music Video) MP3

    Note - The 2 minute introduction is only featured in the video and not in the official single You can download the single 'Fading colours' here ...

    Tags: tacado, music, nick, harper, charlie, grimble, tyler, catt, ewan, black, myles, trimble, hannah, brown, fading, colours, scottish, scotland, glasgow, perth, edinburgh, aberdeen, guitar, harpsichord, piano, book, of, mormon, religion, church, christianity, love, break, up, Official, Live, Planet, Highland, synth, cry, joshua, porter, violin, uhi, ireland, banchory, aberdeenshire, academy, Marc, Zwetsloot, Alex, Collingwood, Cava, studios, johhny, towers, tristan, hyland, maroon, muse, linkin, park, biffy, clyro, pendulum, Banchory, Academy, Deeside

  • Mostly Autumn Fading Colours

    Mostly Autumn Fading Colours MP3

  • heatupbeats+newfadingcoloursfreedl.mp3 MP3