Extrinsic Obscurantism

  • Vspolokh - Extrinisc Obscuratism (2014)

    Vspolokh - Extrinisc Obscuratism (2014) MP3

    Black Metal from Russia From the "Longing For Death" Split released in 2014 Order it here: http://www.purity-through-fire.com/shop/index.php?artnbr=1064 ...

    Tags: Lightfox177, Black Metal, atmospheric black metal, lustre, nachtzeit, summoning, mirkwood, burzum, elderwind, midnight odyssey, petrychor, spectral lore, trist, gris, nychts, Wolves in the Throne Room, elffor, windir, bathory, austere, woods of desolation, coldworld, taake, satanic warmaster, immortal, emperor, alcest, ulver, land of the dead, xasthur, wedard, agalloch, skogen, fen, nokturnal mortum, caladan brood, emyn muil

  • Vspolokh - Sorrow of the Past (Full Album)

    Vspolokh - Sorrow of the Past (Full Album) MP3

    Country: Russia | Year: 2010 | Genre: Pagan Black Metal CD available here: http://www.purity-through-fire.com/shop Official website: http://www.vspolokh.org ...

    Tags: Black Metal, Black, Metal, Full, Album, Demo, EP, Sorrow of the Past, Pagan, Vspolokh, Amongst Mossy Stones, Longing for Death, Myrd, Nocturnal Depression, Purity Through Fire, Vikhr

  • Undeniable Argument on Gravity

    Undeniable Argument on Gravity MP3

    The following is an excerpt from "Lecture 1 D - Limitations of General Relativity" By Dr. Ruggero Santilli. This is a brilliant argument from a brilliant scientist - to ...

    Tags: gravity, relativitey, newton gravity, santilli, magnegas, ruggero santilli