Edouard Trolliet

  • Edouard Trolliet - Strange 15 (extended)

    Edouard Trolliet - Strange 15 (extended) MP3

    brand new video from Edouard, famous dj from Tarnos.

    Tags: strange, 15

  • Edouard Trolliet   Pulsar Planet

    Edouard Trolliet Pulsar Planet MP3

    c. http://dhaturarecords.bandcamp.com/track/pulsar-planet.

    Tags: ambient, ambient electronic, avant-garde, dark ambient, experimental, experimental electronic, field recordings, Grenoble, Edouard Trolliet, Ambient Music (Musical Genre), Electronica (Musical Genre), dhaturarecords

  • Oneirich - Dark Trip- & Hip Hop Mix

    Oneirich - Dark Trip- & Hip Hop Mix MP3

    A dark experimental hip hop mix for your ears. I'm planning to do more dance orientated mixes in the future and this is the first one. Hope you enjoy : Oneirich is ...

    Tags: hip hop, dark, trip hop

  • I.Z aka IDzeroNo - Don Ta Da (instrumental)

    I.Z aka IDzeroNo - Don Ta Da (instrumental) MP3

    Petroglyph Music proud to present "The X-mas Compilation 2013". A total of 156 tracks! Big thanks to all the Artists that made this possible. Tracklist: 001. 45:K0 ...

    Tags: idzerono, tags, music, random, cool, crazy, new, yoube, girl, boy, world, star, hiphop, folk, BoCrew, HipHop, Collective, rock, pop, werid

  • Sanmi - Aqua

    Sanmi - Aqua MP3

    c. http://bigoandtwigetti.bandcamp.com/album/improvisations.

    Tags: Sanmi, Aqua, classical, electronic, experimental, instrumental, london, algorithmic

  • Christoph Busch - Departure

    Christoph Busch - Departure MP3

    c. https://soundcloud.com/christophbusch/departure-performance-11-17-13.

    Tags: EDM, electronica, Techno, Electronic

  • Sven Meyer - Bleeding Sun

    Sven Meyer - Bleeding Sun MP3

    c. https://archive.org/details/siro280SvenMeyer-TheoryCentury pic, by Adam Patterson - Bleeding, 2013.

    Tags: SvenMeyer, Bleeding Sun, Sirona-Records, Experimental, Ambient, Minimal Techno (Musical Genre), Minimal (Composition), Ambient Music (Musical Genre)

  • SAV AKKA Technologies

    SAV AKKA Technologies MP3

    Voici la vidéo du service après vente de AKKA Technologies!!!

    Tags: SAV, AKKA, Technologies

  • Rawpass - Reflection

    Rawpass - Reflection MP3

    c. http://elementperspective04.bandcamp.com/track/reflection.

    Tags: experimental, rawpass, ambient, drone, electoronic, noise, japan, Reflection, Electronic, Drone Music (Musical Genre), Noise Music (Musical Genre), Electronica

  • Paulo Chagas, Mauro Sambo, Chris Silver T -  FIREWORKS

    Paulo Chagas, Mauro Sambo, Chris Silver T - FIREWORKS MP3

    c. https://archive.org/details/petroglyph155PauloChagas_MauroSambo_Chris_Silver_T-FIREWORKS.

    Tags: Paulo Chagas, Mauro Sambo, Chris Silver T, FIREWORKS, Italy, Greece, electronic

  • Farid Farjad - Goleh Pamchal

    Farid Farjad - Goleh Pamchal MP3

    c. The Orchard Music http://www.last.fm/music/Farid+Farjad Farid Farjad (b. 1938) is an Iranian-born U.S. violinist.

    Tags: Farid Farjad (Musical Artist), Goleh Pamchal (Musical Recording), violin, classical music, Persian classical music, The Orchard Music, Muyap, Believe, Music (Industry)