Ed Garnett

  • ed - @ Garnett Train Station

    ed - @ Garnett Train Station MP3

  • Audio Gate International at SoundcheckXPO 2013

    Audio Gate International at SoundcheckXPO 2013 MP3

    Audio Gate International presente en Sound:check xpo 2013. Único proveedor en México y Latinoamérica de equipo de audio High-End.

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  • Zero 7 - Spinning (Bass Cover)

    Zero 7 - Spinning (Bass Cover) MP3

    Insomniac :( Musicman Stingray5 Fodera Strings Fender Rumble 350 Sadowsky DI to HHB Radius 10 Preamp TubeTech Cl1B Compressor Avalon 747Vt EQ ...

    Tags: musicman, Bass, Cover, zero 7, Bass Cover, Smooth Line, Bass line

  • Game of Pig | Edward Garnett VS Harry Nuttall VS George Bassett

    Game of Pig | Edward Garnett VS Harry Nuttall VS George Bassett MP3

  • Preamp Benchmarking.

    Preamp Benchmarking. MP3

    Mastering engineer Ed Garnett (X3:.Mastering) and Mixing engineer dann Rozz (Red Apple Studios) attempt to find the ideal preamp for Bass Guitar. It's highly ...

    Tags: choosing a preamp, preamp for bass, musicman, the right preamp, slap bass, how to slap, mejores preamps, preamps para bajo, como escoger un preamp, preamps de bulbos, valve preamp, stingray 5, estudio de grabacion df, mastering mexico, masterizacion mexico, y tu que traes puesto, Apogee Symphony, Focusrite, Avalon Design, Avalon, HHB audio, Summit audio, Tube Tech, ART audio, Audio engineering

  • Sesiones TRM LAB - Saudara

    Sesiones TRM LAB - Saudara MP3

    TRM LAB Presenta a Saudara (Sesión en vivo) http://www.facebook.com/saudaramx http://www.facebook.com/saudaramusic Grabado en los estudios de TRM ...
  • Terminal Tres - Pánico 5 Bravo

    Terminal Tres - Pánico 5 Bravo MP3

    www.terminaltres.mx Soundtrack de la Película Panic 5 Bravo. Canción producida, grabada y mezclada por Herman Nunes en TRM LAB Video dirigido y ...
  • Naruto Shippuden Ending 32 Spinning World - Diana Garnett ナルト疾風伝 ED 32 ダイアナ・ガーネット【1080p】

    Naruto Shippuden Ending 32 Spinning World - Diana Garnett ナルト疾風伝 ED 32 ダイアナ・ガーネット【1080p】 MP3

    Tags: Naruto (Comic Book Series), Animation (TV Genre)

  • Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know (Bass Cover)

    Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know (Bass Cover) MP3

    Was playing rock band or some of those games, realized about this great bassline that is almost unlistenable on the original record, decided to dig it out and post ...

    Tags: Cover Song, Music, You Oughta Know (Composition), Bass (instrument), bass groove, amazing groove, flea, great groove, Fender, jazz bass, Rumble, Rock Music, Rock bass line, Funk rock bass, X3 Mastering Studio, American Standard, Fodera, Recording Studio (Industry), Sadowsky, Aguilar, preamp, Fingerstyle, Bass, Fodera strings, Mogami, Bass guitar, how to play bass

  • David Garrett - Dangerous

    David Garrett - Dangerous MP3

    David Garrett returns with a red-hot new album and it promises to be… EXPLOSIVE! iTunes: http://po.st/a59qiJ, Amazon: http://po.st/Klskoj Combining his ...

    Tags: David, Garrett, Dangerous, Decca, Records, Classical, Crossover

  • Los Tetas - primavera (Bass Line)

    Los Tetas - primavera (Bass Line) MP3

    Jamming on my Jammies at 5am. As usual didn't transcribe the thing. Got some of it then jamed it. Musicman Stingray 5 Fodera Strings Fender Rumble to line in.

    Tags: Bass Cover, Los Tetas, Ed Garnett, Stingray, Funk Bass, Music Man (company), Fodera Strings, Bass Groove, Bass Line, La medicina

  • EXCELLION - Beyond The Last Thrust (Official Video)

    EXCELLION - Beyond The Last Thrust (Official Video) MP3

    Music video by Excellion performing Beyond The Last Thrust 1st single from Until "Hope Collapses" EP 2012. Tracking on DNZ Studio. Mix by Herman Nunes on ...

    Tags: excellion, beyond the last thrust, until hope collapses, metal, crazy guy, nurse, enfermera, loco, la paz, baja california sur, mexico, guitar, drums, bass guitar, frozen chava, adrian vilbel, omar avley, dante maximus, matt harrison, video, official videoclip, wife, esposa, hijo, son, rock, instrumental, bajamuth, produccion, productions, film, horror, terror, musical, bass, official, band, metalcore, prog, progressive, single, solo, Music, ESP, LTD, H-1001, fr, ipad, ibanez, jackson, rhoads, ltd, deluxe, 1001

  • Los Tetas - Funky Life (Bass Cover)

    Los Tetas - Funky Life (Bass Cover) MP3

    Missed my P 1991 Fender Precission Bass MIJ reissue '57 Full open tone Fodera Strings Fender Rumble Amp Aguilar preamp Mixed and somewhat Mastered ...

    Tags: Cover, Bass, Peppers, Chili, Bass (instrument), Fender, Bass Cover, vida funky, great groove, amazing groove, P bass, P-bass, Precission Bass, Funk music, Ed Garnett, wah bass, Los Tetas, Fingerstyle, Slap, Schaler, X3 Mastering, Funk groove, Groove

  • Los Tetas - La Medicina (Bass Line)

    Los Tetas - La Medicina (Bass Line) MP3

    Some funk from Chilean band "Los Tetas" great bass line I think. Musicman Stingray5 Elixir Strings Fender rumble line out to Sadowsky Pre I always try to mix it ...

    Tags: Bass groove, Bass line, Musicman, Music man, Stingray, Music Man (company), Elixir Strings, Fender Rumble, Sadowsky, awesome groove, amazing bass, great bass line, funk, bass funk, funk bass, Slap bass, thumping, X3 Mastering, Session bass player, bass shake, funky bass, funk groove, How to play bass, Latin funk

  • Adam Nitti - Truth (Bass Cover)

    Adam Nitti - Truth (Bass Cover) MP3

    Music Man Stingray5 Preamp Sadowsky Was barely mixed using some crappy Bosse AE2 Headphones. No master. Two cams, one continuous shot, just ...

    Tags: Bass, Cover, Bass Cover, Adam Nitti, Truth, Bass Slap, Music Man, Stingray, Stingray 5, Ernie Ball, Groove, Bass Groove, Slap Groove, Slap, Ed Garnett, How to play truth, Chili Peppers, X3 Mastering, Elixir Strings, Amazing Groove, Great Groove, Awesome Groove

  • Dr. Dre - Housewife (Bass Line)

    Dr. Dre - Housewife (Bass Line) MP3

    Sunday simple grooving 101 Musicman Stingray5 Elixir Strings Tried a Fender Rumble's 350 Line out as Pre-amp worked a lot better than i expected. Song was ...

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  • Nek - Para ti sería (Bass Line)

    Nek - Para ti sería (Bass Line) MP3

    Some poop, sorry POP. Music Man Stingray 5 Preamp Aguilar No mix, No master. Just poop... sorry POP.

    Tags: bass line, stingray, Music Man, pop bass, Nek cover, bass groove, bass fun, groove, Cover Song, Pop Music (Musical Genre), Rock Music

  • IK and the Valderramas - Galaxia (Bass Line)

    IK and the Valderramas - Galaxia (Bass Line) MP3

    This one just poped on shuffle mode while showering, dried up and felt like jaming it before heading to the mastering studio. -Music Man Stingray 5 -Elixir Strings ...

    Tags: bass, bass groove, groove, good groove, smooth groove, amazing groove, great Groove, Music, Musicman, Music Man, stingray, classic stingray, fingerstyle bass, slap bass, bass cover, valderramas, galaxia bass, how to play bass, Bass (instrument), Ernie ball, Ernie ball music man, Music Man (company), soul, Soul music

  • Kevin Garnett - X

    Kevin Garnett - X'ED MP3

    SG Productions www.hoops4life.com.

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  • Superstition (Bass Cover)

    Superstition (Bass Cover) MP3

    Groove. P-Bass '57 reissue MIJ Preamp Sadowsky/Aguilar Compressor Avalon Vt747sp Nothing else, enjoy some good groovin'

    Tags: bass cover, cover, bass, bass groove, awesome groove, killer groove, funk bass, funk groove, motown bass, motown groove, amazing groove, fender, p bass, p-bass, precission bass, bass line, superstition bass, superstition bass line, how to play bass, how to play funk, how to play superstition, fingerstyle bass, slide bass, groove

  • Natural High Bass Cover

    Natural High Bass Cover MP3

    Desperte acordandome de mi buen amigo Hugo Vera con esta rolilla, aqui el video. Tiene sus errores pero meh, ah tomar la vida relax. No tiene mix, solo un ...

    Tags: bass cover, bass groove, slap bass, groove, jazz bass, soul cover, Soul Music (Musical Genre), Ed Garnett, funk, funk bass, music

  • Tower of Power - I Got to Groove (Bass Line)

    Tower of Power - I Got to Groove (Bass Line) MP3

    Just another cover for fun, did shorten the original billion minute track still all the parts are played. Wish i had my P-Bass working :( Musicman Stingray5 Elixir ...

    Tags: bass groove, musicman, music man, elixir strings, fender, fender rumble, fingerstyle bass, how to play bass, funk bass, funky bass, motown bass, soul bass line, soul, tower of power, ernie ball, ed garnett, Funk (Musical Genre), Tower Of Power (Musical Group), Soul Music (Musical Genre), Bass (instrument), Strings (music)

  • La Dosis - La noche (Bass Line)

    La Dosis - La noche (Bass Line) MP3

    Music Man Stingray5 Sadowsky Pre Roto Strings Had no chance to properly master it as i´m outside the studio.

    Tags: Music Man, Bass, Bass Line, La Dosis, La Noche, Ed Garnett, Bass cover, Sadowsky, Ernie Ball, Groove, 5 string, Bass groove, chill bass, Stingray, Stingray Bass, Ernie Ball Music Man, Cover

  • Jamiroquai - Main Vein (Bass Cover)

    Jamiroquai - Main Vein (Bass Cover) MP3

    Did use autowah, filters and all that stuff. Gear is the usual MM Stingray5 Fender Rumble to Line in. Hope you enjoy it.

    Tags: Bass, Cover, Chili, Peppers, Bass (instrument), Bass Line, Great Bass, AMazing Bass line, Groove, Musicman, Stingray 5, Fodera

  • The Invention of Liam O

    The Invention of Liam O'Flaherty MP3

    Liam & Tom O'Flaherty Society - THE INVENTION OF LIAM O'FLAHERTY. Lecture by Dr Frank Shovlin It took a person of courage and understanding to ...

    Tags: Edward Garnett

  • Ground Pounder (Official Video Lyric) - Straying From Madness

    Ground Pounder (Official Video Lyric) - Straying From Madness MP3

    Official FB FanPage: https://www.facebook.com/strayingfrommadness Buy NOW! http://bit.ly/1jiEMIK STRAYING FROM MADNESS - Official Lyric Music Video ...

    Tags: Straying From Madness, Straying, Madness, Ground Pounder, Lyric Video, Lyrics, Official