Ebb Tide



    The emotive vocal stylings of The Righteous Brothers (Bill Medley and Bpbby Hatfield) were sometimes dubbed "blue-eyed soul". "Ebb Tide" reached No.

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  • Righteous Brothers - Ebb Tide live

    Righteous Brothers - Ebb Tide live MP3

    Paul Salvage singing the Righteous Bros Classic Ebb Tide.

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  • Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra - Ebb Tide ( 1954 )

    Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra - Ebb Tide ( 1954 ) MP3

    Charted in Feb 1954 in the UK & peaked at # 9. It was also a # 2 hit in USA .

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  • Ebb Tide - Matt Monro

    Ebb Tide - Matt Monro MP3

    Ebb Tide was done at the request of one of my channel subscribers. He specifically asked for the Matt Monro version.

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  • Ebb Tide ( Frank Sinatra )

    Ebb Tide ( Frank Sinatra ) MP3

    Frank Sinatra ( Playlist by baroqer ) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLadrAJnOTkvhJyU-vbDNJufECGCfOtYlC.

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  • Westminster Chorus - Ebb Tide

    Westminster Chorus - Ebb Tide MP3

    Here is some footage from a master class we put on recently. In this session, we were being coached by chorus member/performance coach, Will Harris, who ...

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  • Righteous Brothers - Ebb Tide - with LYRICS

    Righteous Brothers - Ebb Tide - with LYRICS MP3

    For those of you that wanted me to do Ebb Tide with.. "ON SCREEN LYRICS" .. here it IS..... Sorry, still can't do Eva Cassidy "Fields Of Gold" haven't found or ...

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  • The Platters Ebb Tide

    The Platters Ebb Tide MP3


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  • Mantovani   Ebb Tide

    Mantovani Ebb Tide MP3

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  • Ebb Tide - Virtual Barbershop Quartet Collab

    Ebb Tide - Virtual Barbershop Quartet Collab MP3

    Ebb Tide - Virtual A Cappella Barbershop Quartet ▻ I SELL AUDIO LEARNING TRACKS: http://julienneel.com ▻ DOWNLOAD MY MUSIC: ...

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  • Bonnie Prince Billy - Ebb Tide

    Bonnie Prince Billy - Ebb Tide MP3

    Used in Skins 4x05. Also called "Untitled" http://www.mediafire.com/?j4tjjmmkwyz.

    Tags: Bonnie, Prince, Billy, Ebb, Tide, Untitled, Skins

  • Earl Grant - Ebb tide

    Earl Grant - Ebb tide MP3

    My granddaddy's favorite tune...

    Tags: Earl Grant, Ebb tide, oldies, music

  • Tom Jones-Ebb Tide

    Tom Jones-Ebb Tide MP3

    Tom Jones performance of Ebb Tide with video comp. and pics.

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  • 1965--Ebb Tide--THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS--E.D.1959--.mp3

    1965--Ebb Tide--THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS--E.D.1959--.mp3 MP3

  • Robert Maxwell: EbbTide (piano solo version)

    Robert Maxwell: EbbTide (piano solo version) MP3

    The 1953 song by the American harpist and composer Robert Maxwell (1921-) had lyrics by Carl Sigman. However, it achieved particular fame in an ...

    Tags: piano, popular, standard, American

  • Bonnie

    Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Ebb Tide" MP3

    Music video from LP/CD/DVD-A "The Letting Go". Directed by Jennifer Parsons.

    Tags: Bonnie, Prince, Billy, Jennifer, Parsons, Drag, City

  • Ebb Tide - Gerry Colonna

    Ebb Tide - Gerry Colonna MP3

    From a scratchy record bought in the fifties. Seaside scenes from somewhere down south.

    Tags: Ebb_Tide, Gerry_Colonna, Seaside, south, Deal, Newhaven

  • Pussycats - Ebb Tide (Maxwell)

    Pussycats - Ebb Tide (Maxwell) MP3

    Pussycats was: Trond Graff-Sologuitar/vocal; Sverre Kjelsberg-Bass/vocal; Jimmy Åsegg-Rhytmguitar/vocal; Ingemar Stjerndal-Organ/keyboards; Fridel ...

    Tags: Nordens, Paris, Buktafestivalen, 46664, arctic, Mandela, festival

  • Emile Pandolfi - Ebb Tide - 1991

    Emile Pandolfi - Ebb Tide - 1991 MP3

    Piano: Steinway Concert Grand.

    Tags: emile, pandolfi, ebb, tide, righteous, brothers, steinway, concert, grand, chamber, orchestra, an, affair, to, remember, beach, storm, lightning, sun, palm, sand, waves, ocean, current, drift, hot, humid, dark, severe, intense, powerful, crazy

  • The Pussycats : Ebb Tide

    The Pussycats : Ebb Tide MP3

    The Pussycats: Ebb Tide. Live May 26th, 2012, Trandal, Norway.

    Tags: Music, The Pussycats, Trandalfestivalen 2012, Music Festival, Ebb Tide

  • Ebb Tide - Mantovani

    Ebb Tide - Mantovani MP3

    La pintura y la música unidas para destacar la belleza del mar.

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  • Ebb Tide ( Percy Faith )

    Ebb Tide ( Percy Faith ) MP3

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  • Frank Sinatra - Ebb Tide

    Frank Sinatra - Ebb Tide MP3

    Digitally Remastered 2010.

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  • Arthur Prysock - "Ebb Tide"

    Arthur Prysock - "Ebb Tide" MP3

    Fan Post. CD:"Jazz Around Midnight" Buy CD Here: http://www.vervemusicgroup.com/artist/music/detail.aspx?pid=10381&aid=2909 (c)1995 Verve Records.

    Tags: arthur, prysock, ebb, tide, jazz

  • Ebb Tide (1995 Remastered Version)

    Ebb Tide (1995 Remastered Version) MP3

    Provided to YouTube by Warner Music Group Ebb Tide (1995 Remastered Version) · Matt Monro Great Gentlemen Of Song / Spotlight On Matt Monro ℗ 1995 ...

    Tags: Matt Monro, Ebb Tide

  • Ebb Tide -  Robert Maxwell, His Harp And Orchestra

    Ebb Tide - Robert Maxwell, His Harp And Orchestra MP3

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebb_Tide_(song) This instrument is 7 inches (33 1 / 3 rpm) compact record version. この音源は日本で発売された7インチ(33 1/3回転) ...

    Tags: Ebb Tide, Robert Maxwell, Harp

  • John Lloyd Young Ebb Tide

    John Lloyd Young Ebb Tide MP3

    From the CD My Turn John Lloyd Young record this fabulous song.

    Tags: Johnlloydyoungfriends, johnlloydyoung, jerseyboys, myturn

  • Fausto Papetti - Ebb Tide ©1960

    Fausto Papetti - Ebb Tide ©1960 MP3

    Fausto Papetti, saxofonista Italiano prestigioso, incursiona en la música a finales de 1959, integrando una afamada orquesta local. En 1960 bajo el sello Durium ...

    Tags: del, mundo

  • Ebb Tide ( Mantovani )

    Ebb Tide ( Mantovani ) MP3

    The Golden Sounds of Mantovani & His Orchestra https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLadrAJnOTkvg7ryCS_oa87WqW9XOYMstY.

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