Dynamite Sandwich

  • Sandwich Shop  (Dynamite Parody)

    Sandwich Shop (Dynamite Parody) MP3

    Sandwich Shop music video by Nathaniel Brelsford and Crew. Find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nathaniel.brelsford Please subscribe. Watch the ...

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  • Zomby - Dynamite Sandwich

    Zomby - Dynamite Sandwich MP3

    Fabriclive 49.

    Tags: zomby, dynamite, sandwich, unreleased, clip, experimental, electronic, dubstep, aquafresh, water, drop, fabric, fabriclive

  • Dynamite Sandwich Performances (feat. J Beck & Til Dawn)

    Dynamite Sandwich Performances (feat. J Beck & Til Dawn) MP3

    This is a mix of performances of the hip-hop/indie rock band "Dynamite Sandwich". It includes the emcees J Beck and Til Dawn and their shows are energetic ...

    Tags: J Beck, dynamite sandwich, til dawn, show, live, performance, band, hip hop

  • Dynamite Sandwich Version

    Dynamite Sandwich Version MP3

    This is the song dynamite except it is about sandwiches. Its awsome, but there is no music. Try to see if you can see the pattern between dynamite and this.

    Tags: goanimate, cartoon

  • Dynamite Sandwich Spoof

    Dynamite Sandwich Spoof MP3

    By Claudia, Kerby, Erica and Claire.

    Tags: Dynamite (Taio Cruz Song), Sandwich, Parody, Funny, Food, Spoof

  • Best Sandwich in the world Recipe!

    Best Sandwich in the world Recipe! MP3

    http://www.pyramidentertainment.com Blackstone Valley Girls Dynamite Sauce! AVAILABLE AT LOCAL STORES NOW~ such as Lil' General stores, Brigidos ...

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  • Dynamite-Sandwich Reverse

    Dynamite-Sandwich Reverse MP3

    I threw my sandwich at the subway guy is a hit -some awesome record guy.

    Tags: Dynamite, Sandwich, Reverse

  • Taio Cruz dynamite parody sandwich time

    Taio Cruz dynamite parody sandwich time MP3

    An epic, super funny, parody about sandwiches.
  • Dynamite Parody: Sandwich

    Dynamite Parody: Sandwich MP3

    Tags: stuff

  • Sandwich in the Air!(A Minecraft Parody of Taio Cruz

    Sandwich in the Air!(A Minecraft Parody of Taio Cruz's Dynamite!)!) MP3

    My first Minecraft Parody! I might make a full version of this song.Thumbs up for surprise ending!

    Tags: sandwich, sandviches, in, the, air, minecraft, mine, craft, parody, of, taio, cruz, dynamite, not, tnt, know, im awesome, why yt so poop

  • Napoleon Dynamite Turkey Sandwich

    Napoleon Dynamite Turkey Sandwich MP3

    it was 10 pm and i just then realized i had school the next morning. i started making my lunch when i realized that no one has done a lunch making video so i got ...

    Tags: Obama, Fred, soccer, best, cool, funny, dog, blanket, man, monster, verses, money, war, fight, hyper, random, fun, awesome, charlie, bit, me

  • Napoleon Dynamite Egg Sandwich

    Napoleon Dynamite Egg Sandwich MP3

  • Diablo Sandwich - Dynamite/Wedding

    Diablo Sandwich - Dynamite/Wedding MP3

    The OFFICIAL Diablo Sandwich Band page. May 21, 2011 Ocean Place, Long Branch, NJ.
  • Ham on White (a Dynamite Parody)

    Ham on White (a Dynamite Parody) MP3

    LYRICS to an ORIGINAL PARODY by ISAAC STINSON I came to eat, eat, eat, eat (yeah) I want a sandwich with some meat, meat, meat, meat (yeah) Hey, could ...

    Tags: Ham, on, White, Parody, Music, Dynamite, Sandwich, Mayo

  • Dynamite Parody: THE SANDWICH SONG!!

    Dynamite Parody: THE SANDWICH SONG!! MP3

    Epic sandwich song! Me and my friend! Please like and subscribe!

    Tags: Parody, music

  • Spongebob-sings-Dynamite

    Spongebob-sings-Dynamite MP3

    Comments some PPL told me so......♥ // I throw my sandwich in the air some times singin' AYO Where's my mayo? I wanna celebrate and take a bite singin' ayo I ...

    Tags: Spongebob, sings, Dynamite

  • Worbla

    Worbla's Finest Art basics - 01 Sandwich method MP3

    Looking for ways to work with this thermoplastic? In this tutorial series I'll show you the very basics and more advanced techniques for working with Worbla's ...

    Tags: Tutorial (Media Genre), crafting, armor making, cosplay, props

  • Napoleon Dynamite The Farm Dinner

    Napoleon Dynamite The Farm Dinner MP3

    Tags: napoleon, dynamite, the, farm, lunch, sug, funny, dinner, albvideosrocks, Geezart1982, uncle, rico, farmer, work, worker, hen, cock, hens, cocks, hen cock, hencock, hens and cocks, cow, cows, dig, in, crazy, goes, tractor, factory, pig, john, wrong, pulling, goat, flag, farming, capture, chicken, four, sheep, lagoon

  • I throw my sandwich in the air sometimes... (song)

    I throw my sandwich in the air sometimes... (song) MP3

    This is a parody cover of Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Credit goes to Raif and Jess from Luna Park Sydney for helping me come up with the chorus. The verses make ...

    Tags: nerdfighters, song, parody, funny, emily is an idiot

  • Drugs Are Fun with Black Dynamite

    Drugs Are Fun with Black Dynamite MP3

    Black Dynamite visits the set of beloved 1970s television show "Ding Dong Roar" with an anti-Smack message. All the classic characters are here -- Funky ...

    Tags: Drugs Are Fun, drugs, drug abuse, Michael Jai White, Black Dynamite, PSA, prevention, orphanage, FSITO, Fight Smack, ding dong roar, Funky Feline, Bob Denver



    Guest Appearance Yellow Shirt & Khakis Dude.

    Tags: Skateboarding (Sport)

  • Ty

    Ty's Sandwich Song MP3

    Tags: Ty, Sandwich, Taio Cruz, Dynamite

  • Silly Subway song - dynamite parody

    Silly Subway song - dynamite parody MP3

    A little girl makes up a silly jingle about Subway....I throw my sandwich at the subway guy... a Dynamite parody.

    Tags: dynamite, parody, Subway, sandwich, silly, song, girl, throw, my, at, the, subway, guy



    These cheese spring rolls are a perfect finger food for parties and breaks for kids and adults, they are effortless and cheap to prepare. English version: ...

    Tags: ham and cheese, spring roll, lumpia, lumpiang, peachy24, cookingwithpeachy, cooking with peachy, peachy, peachy recipe

  • Dynamite Parody, Subway Guy.

    Dynamite Parody, Subway Guy. MP3

    I throw my sandwich at the Subway guy...

    Tags: Raegan, Subway, Funny, Dynamite song

  • Eat it up (Parody of Dynamite)

    Eat it up (Parody of Dynamite) MP3

    Tags: Dell, WebCam, Central

  • Taio Cruz- Dynamite Parody

    Taio Cruz- Dynamite Parody MP3

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/andy_taco1327 TacoandOyo: http://youtube.com/tacoandoyo Lyrics: I-I-I-I-I-I I walk my dog-dog-dog-dog I walk her almost every ...

    Tags: taio, cruz, dynamite, parody, taco1327, tno, tacoandoyo, song, music, oinky

  • Johnny UGLY

    Johnny UGLY'S Sandwich Joint MP3

    Don't watch hungry ... This food is dangerous it's DYNAMITE GEORGE GORDON'S in Enumclaw ,Wa (206) 747-8077.

    Tags: Johnny, ugly, pastrami, dip, Chicago, beef, chili, dog, Seattle, portillos, good, east, coast, food

  • Taio Cruz ~ Dynamite

    Taio Cruz ~ Dynamite MP3

    I do not own the rights to this song. Heres some of the beginning lyrics: I came to Dance Dance Dance Dance I hit the floor cause thats my plans plans plans ...

    Tags: Music, Tio Cruz