Douche Your Brain

  • "Your Boyfriend is a Douche" An Original Song

    "Your Boyfriend is a Douche" An Original Song MP3

    Yet another song from my NaNoWriMo novel. Written for the NaNoLanta dare "secrets" and a friend who needed a good laugh. Some language may not be ...

    Tags: Your, Boyfriend, Is, Douche, Tally, Deushane, Live2TiVo, NaNoWriMo, Ukulele

  • I Don

    I Don't Mind (If You're A Finance Douche) - Parody MP3

    Parody of Usher - I Don't Mind Featuring: Kaylin Connolly, Kate Gilbert, Neil Khanna, Kevin Kluck Written and Created by: Christina Igaraividez Music by: Matt ...

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  • ♥ ♥ ♥ UROPATHS ♥ ♥ ♥ Urine & Fermented Urine Nasal Sinus Douche, Facial & Body Wash

    ♥ ♥ ♥ UROPATHS ♥ ♥ ♥ Urine & Fermented Urine Nasal Sinus Douche, Facial & Body Wash MP3 UROPATHS - Urine & fermented urine nasal sinus douche, facial & body wash instructional demonstration video. These urotherapies are ...

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  • DATING A DOUCHEBAG (Original Song) - Roomie

    DATING A DOUCHEBAG (Original Song) - Roomie MP3

    This song on iTunes: Last Roomie original song "Too late": Subscribe to ...

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  • You

    You're a Douchebag, Mr. Grinch MP3

    Lyrics by TheAmazingAtheist (GRINCH DUB) All instruments made on my Yamaha CP-50 Lyrics: You're a douchebag, Mr. Grinch. You're pulling quite a stunt.

    Tags: douchebag, mr, grinch, theamazingatheist, grinch dub, tj, adam, anunkindnessvideo, anunkindness, an unkindness, music, cover, GRINCH DUB

  • How To Hide Your Farts

    How To Hide Your Farts MP3

    Let's be real for a second, we've all had to do at least one of these before.. And yes, the fartstep was created with 100% fart sounds only! New #TEEHEE app ...

    Tags: how to hide your farts, Tutorial (Media Genre), How-to (Website Category), Fart, nigahiga, ryan higa, higatv, Funny



    Welcome to YouAlwaysWin, proud home of Dumb and Dumber, aka GUNNS4HIRE and meatwagon22. We play co-op video games and share our fun and ...

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    Just something I did a long fucking time ago.

    Tags: Assult, mind, with, stupid, shit

  • Is @KanyeWest Really A DoucheBag?

    Is @KanyeWest Really A DoucheBag? MP3

    BECOME A #BEARDO: GET MY BOOK #UnLearn at Do you think Kanye is a douchebag? Whether you love him or ...

    Tags: motivation, advice, inspiration, unlearn, humble the poet, kanye west, kanye, kimye, music, humble

  • THIS GAME PICKS YOUR BRAIN! - The Evil Within - Gameplay - Walkthrough (Chapter 2)

    THIS GAME PICKS YOUR BRAIN! - The Evil Within - Gameplay - Walkthrough (Chapter 2) MP3

    Welcome to gameplay Chapter 2 of our The Evil Within Walkthrough! Shit get weird... Thanks for all the amazing support so far bros! Next Episode ...

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  • Penetrating Teenage Girls

    Penetrating Teenage Girls' Brains Yet Again MP3

    A hate-filled 28-year-old man reads and criticizes magazines meant for teenage girls. NEW Amazing Atheist Tees from District Lines ...

    Tags: justin bieber, teen, one direction, bop, twist, teen beat, j14, theamazingatheist, magazines, stupid, comedy, make fun of, makes fun of, bullies, bully, bullying, Justin

  • Dood Vs. Douche #2 Cola Wars

    Dood Vs. Douche #2 Cola Wars MP3

    Get your mind in the gutter for this one lol thanks for watching! Thumb up please =] Follow me on Twitter if you want, I always follow back too.

    Tags: dood versus douche, douche bag, goofydood, funny, lol, comedy, silly, madtv, goofy, dude, goofydude, goofydouce, versus, cola wars, milk, coca, cola, coke, soda, pop, prank, original, sketch, fun, crazy, dirty, mind, gutter, thumb, up, subscribe, support, cool, spoof, parody

  • Polymeth - Heartbreaker & Silkroad (feat. Daddy Douchebag)

    Polymeth - Heartbreaker & Silkroad (feat. Daddy Douchebag) MP3

    Your daily source of Mind-Blowing Music. New Music Every Day, Stay Tuned. ☆ Free Download: ...

    Tags: Polymeth, Glitch Hop, EDM, Heartbreaker, Silkroad, Daddy Douchebag, Trap, Dubstep, Big, Bass, Jungle, Drum Bass, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), onlinerxd, rxd, Electronic Music (Media Genre), Electronic Dance Music (Musical Genre)

  • Shane Moyer - Douche Bag (Prod. Jon Kilmer)

    Shane Moyer - Douche Bag (Prod. Jon Kilmer) MP3

    EscapeTracks - let your mind escape Subscribe to EscapeTracks for daily music! ......... Shane Moyer: ...

    Tags: escapetracks, escapemusic, YouTube, escape, escapetunes

  • The Douchebag Cat

    The Douchebag Cat MP3

    Cat Logic: "Bored out of your mind? Just throw something on the floor."

    Tags: funny, cat, asshole, animal, pet

  • Inside The Mind Of Elon Musk: My Interview With Ashlee Vance

    Inside The Mind Of Elon Musk: My Interview With Ashlee Vance MP3

    I just interviewed Ashlee Vance about his book, "Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future." He has spent over 40 hours talking with Elon ...

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  • Naomi King - So Over It (You Stupid, Fucking Douchebag)

    Naomi King - So Over It (You Stupid, Fucking Douchebag) MP3 So Over It (You Stupid, Fucking Douchebag) © Naomi King, 2012 -- This is a moment straight from the movie ...

    Tags: Acoustic, Guitar, Original Song, Artist, Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Music (Industry), Unsigned, Musician, Singer-songwriter (Profession), Rock, Naomi King, Another Life, Album, Songwriter, Sidecut, Manic Panic, Hair Dye, BandCamp, Platinum Blonde, Pink Hair, Purple Hair, So Over It, You Stupid Fucking Douchebag, Asshole, Idiot, Song, Funny, Comedy, Actually No, Do

  • Why Do Women Douche?

    Why Do Women Douche? MP3

    Cristen unpacks a disposable douching kit to discuss the how and why many women still douche -- and why douching is a douchebag idea for the body.

    Tags: howstuffworks, how stuff works, stuff mom never told you, smnty, cristen, cristen conger, momstuff, mom podcast, women, douching, douche, douchebag, hygiene, vagina, vaginas, why do women douche, feminine products, cleansing, pregnancy, sti, STD

  • What Your Gym Gear Says About You

    What Your Gym Gear Says About You MP3

    Bro Science #41: How to pick the right gym gear. Facebook: T-shirts: Twitter: ...

    Tags: bro science, broscience, brosciencelife, dom mazzetti, dommazzetti, mike and gian, mikeandgian, fitness, gym, lifting

  • Limp Bizkit - Douchebag (Non-Official Video) [HD 1080p, 2012 Footage]

    Limp Bizkit - Douchebag (Non-Official Video) [HD 1080p, 2012 Footage] MP3

    LIMP BIZKIT Álbum: Gold Cobra Edited: Julio Santos Films Year: 2012 ℗ 2011 Flip/Interscope Records © 2012 Cash Money Records/Young Money ...

    Tags: douchebag, limp bizkit, fred durst, wes borland, cash money records, Lil Wayne, Gold Cobra, Birdman

  • Soul Douche

    Soul Douche MP3

    Track 4 of 11 from Glutton 4 Punishment's 2012 album "We're Too Old For This Shit" Lyrics: Live in fear of a burning hell Fooling ...

    Tags: douche, punishment

  • BECOME THE ULTIMATE DOUCHE | Douchebag Workout 2

    BECOME THE ULTIMATE DOUCHE | Douchebag Workout 2 MP3

    If you enjoyed the video, punch that LIKE button in the FACE! LIKE A BOSS!! ▻Subscribe for more great content : Share with your friends ...

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  • Douche Lordington, At Your Service - Let

    Douche Lordington, At Your Service - Let's Play Armello [Early Access] - Part 38 MP3

    Armello is a swashbuckling adventure that combines the strategic play of card and board games with RPG elements. As a hero from one of the clans of Armello, ...

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  • that guy is a douche

    that guy is a douche MP3

    I do NOT own these clips. They are property of their respective studio. Studios, instead of flagging a 3-6 second clip, just message me if you want it taken down.

    Tags: that guy is a douche, douche, american dad, seth macfarlane, stan smith, klaus, Dee Bradley Baker

  • Douchebag Cat! (Purrkour)

    Douchebag Cat! (Purrkour) MP3

    Welcome to a Cat Parkour Game...Welcome to Purrkour. Get it? Cause Cats Purr? So Its Purrkour? Oh man this video is going to suck...Any other weird games I ...

    Tags: i hate cats, chilled, chaos, criousgamers, douchebag cat, purrkour game, parkour game, indie game, indie game maker content, cats, parkour cats, simulation games, be a cat, cat game, purrkour download link, Cat (Animal), Kitty, assassins creed kitty

  • Douchebag kid

    Douchebag kid MP3

    Funny video of Zane drinking Douche!! ORder DVD @ to see the full unrated version plus 18 other bonus features that will blow your mind.

    Tags: funny, kid, douchebag, douche, crazy, stunt, jackass, insane, stuff



    You thought your standard douchebag was bad? Meet douchebag chick. Game Link: Merch: ...

    Tags: mattshea369, matt shea, mattshea, douchebag gameplay, douchebag workout, douchebag flash game, ultimate douchebag workout series, ultimate douchebag chick, douchbag chick life

  • Zombie Love Song - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

    Zombie Love Song - (Your Favorite Martian music video) MP3

    DOWNLOAD THE MP3: Lyrics and vocals by Ray Johnson Produced by Atomic Beats ...

    Tags: zombie, love, song



    Une vidéo où on tire des roquettes et touche des zizis, normal. Clique ici pour t'abonner ▻ (merchi) \NOUVEAU/ La boutique officielle ...

    Tags: compilation de jeux, squeezie compilation, show with your dad simulator, squeezie douche, squeezie papa, squeezie godzilla

  • your boyfriend is a douchebag | doctor who

    your boyfriend is a douchebag | doctor who MP3

    HD&Oods are your friends. it's been such a long time since i edited my very last video ^^, i'm trying to find a time to edit but it's hard with the school so i can only ...

    Tags: Doctor Who (TV Program), doctor who, the doctor, 11th, 9th, 10th, eleventh, eleven, nine, ninth, ten, tenth, david tennant, matt smith, christopher eccleston, amy pond, martha jones, bbc, rose tyler, adam mitchell, jackie tyler, everybody knows, dustin tavella, coloringobsessed, rory williams, rory pond, clara oswald