Don't Tell Me Lies

  • Breathe Don

    Breathe Don't Tell Me Lies MP3

    Breathe Don't Tell Me Lies video from 20/12/1985 with original line up Dave Glasper, Mick Delahunty, Marcus Lillington, and Ian Spice.

    Tags: Breathe, Mick Delahunty, Dave Glasper, Marcus Lillington, Ian Spice

  • Breathe - Don

    Breathe - Don't Tell Me Lies (RELAID AUDIO) MP3

    1989 release from the album "All The Jazz" and World Premiered on Night Tracks on January 13, 1989. Courtesy of A&M Records.

    Tags: Night, Tracks, WTBS, TBS, SuperStation, 1980s

  • Breathe -  Don

    Breathe - Don't Tell Me Lies (12" Mix) MP3

    Here's the 12-inch remix of Breathe's "Don't Tell Me Lies." This is the only example of the remix at YouTube so far; I hope you enjoy!

    Tags: Breathe, Tell, Me, Lies, Remix, Mix, 12, inch, Extended, Version, David, Glasper, Ian, Spice, Spike, Marcus, Lillington, Michael, Mike, Delahunty

  • Don

    Don't Tell Me Lies MP3

    BREATHE - all that jazz - THE VIDEOS From the 1989 US VHS tape Part 8 of 9.

    Tags: Tell, Me, Lies, Breathe, all, that, jazz, the, videos, 1989, US, VHS, tape, David, Glasper, Marcus, Lillington, Ian, Spice

  • Cats Don

    Cats Don't Dance - Tell me Lies (Widescreen 16:9) MP3

    Finally, after 1 year, the long-awaited Tell me Lies in WideScreen, in its original format (Don't get me started in 1:85...) It does have a great quality, it's the beauty ...

    Tags: cats, dont, dance, tell, me, lies, widescreen, 16

  • VOW WOW-Don

    VOW WOW-Don't Leave Me Now- Don't Tell Me Lies- I Feel The Power (Live 1989) MP3

    Original : Live UK 1989.
  • Breathe - Don

    Breathe - Don't Tell Me Lies MP3

    NOTE: Released as a single in the US in early 1989. 1987 A&M Records #SP-12296.

    Tags: Breathe

  • Tell Me Lies - Cats Don

    Tell Me Lies - Cats Don't Dance - cover by Elsie Lovelock MP3

    Hey everyone!! I just got back from Greece and I was DESPERATE to sing so I sung this XD I'd been watching Cats Don't Dance on my ipod a lot when waiting at ...

    Tags: cats, dance, tell, me, lies, randy, newman, natalie, cole, sawyer, danny, mark, dindal, animation, 1997

  • Cats Don

    Cats Don't Dance - Tell Me Lies MP3

    One of my fav songs on this movie!!!! I you don't like it, you can bite my shiny, metal ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T OWN ANY OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tags: Cats, Dance, Sawer, Nickelback, Greenday

  • Cats Don

    Cats Don't Dance OST - (08) Tell Me Lies MP3

    Cats Don't Dance is a movie released in 1997 and produced by Turner Entertainment, which is now Warner Bros. Animation. It is considered to be one of the last ...

    Tags: Cats, Dance, OST, Soundtrack, Danny, Sawyer, TW, Turtle, Wooly, Elephant, Tilly, Hippo, music, as, Our, Time, Original, Track, Darla, Dimple, Max, Bodyguard, song, songs, gonna, stop, us, now, big, and, loud, part, Arrival, Song, Hollywood, do, believe, tea, time, battle, office, once, upon, reporting, for, work, enters, the, flood, triumph, of, animals, classic, warner, brothers, turner, entertainment, disney, animated

  • Samantha Gilles - Don

    Samantha Gilles - Don't Tell Me Lies MP3

    That's Great Italo NRG Song. I'm from South Korea.

    Tags: Samantha Gilles

  • [Cat

    [Cat's don't dance] Tell me lies - Sawyer (Lyrics) MP3

    Cut scenes from Cat's Don't Dance © Warner Bros Animation, 1997 "Tell Me Lies" By Sawyer(Natalie Cole)! This film was never released in Italy, but I actually ...

    Tags: Cats, Dance, Sawyer, Tell, Me, Lies, Lyrics

  • Patty Ryan - Don

    Patty Ryan - Don't tell me lies 1987 MP3

    Tags: Italo, 80s, Electronic, Dance, POP, Music, Retro, European, 1980s

  • Patty Ryan   Don

    Patty Ryan Don't Tell Me Lies MP3

    Tags: Patty, Ryan, Tell, Me, Lies

  • Jhava - Don

    Jhava - Don't tell me lies MP3


    Tags: Dance, remember, cantaditas, Jhava, tell, me, lies

  • Breathe - Don

    Breathe - Don't Tell Me Lies MP3

    Música de 1987. Vale a pena conferir e fazer uma verdadeira viagem aos inesquecíveis anos 80! INSCREVAM-SE NO MEU CANAL, PARA ASSISTIR A ...
  • The Real Kk-  Don

    The Real Kk- Don't Tell Me Lies MP3



  • Samantha Gilles - Don

    Samantha Gilles - Don't Tell Me Lies SEB - 043 MP3

    SEB - 043 - #2~

    Tags: Samantha, Gilles, Tell, Me, Lies, SEB, 043

  • Kids Incorporated - Don

    Kids Incorporated - Don't Tell Me Lies (1989) MP3

    Kids Incorporated - Don't Tell Me Lies Season 6. 1989. Episode 8. The Cover Up. Stacy Ferguson, Devyn Puett, Kenny Ford, Richard Shoff, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Tags: kids, incorporated, season, six, 1989, stacy, fergie, ferguson, devyn, puett, kenny, ford, richard, shoff, jennifer, love, hewitt

  • Breathe - Don

    Breathe - Don't Tell Me Lies (1988, US # 10) (Enhanced) MP3

    Rock The Nights on Facebook Rock The Nights on Youtube ...

    Tags: New Romanticism (Musical Genre)

  • Max Pie [ Progressive Power Metal Band ] - Don

    Max Pie [ Progressive Power Metal Band ] - Don't Tell Me Lies ( original song ) MP3

    Max Pie's plays on this video the original song Don't Tell Me Lies( Featuring Simone Mularoni from DGM band ), one of the best power and progressive metal ...

    Tags: metal band, 2014, lyrics, prog metal, studio album, progressive metal, instrumental, power metal, best song, symphonic, epic metal, metal progressif, metal hard, musique, metal music, melodic, metal belge, progressive metal band, original song

  • Dalton - Don

    Dalton - Don't Tell Me Lies MP3

    Dalton - Don't Tell Me Lies (2014) SUPER PELOTAZOO!!!!

    Tags: Dalton, Sweden AOR Melodic Rock 2014

  • DON

    DON'T TELL ME LIES Gisella Cozzo MP3

    Official video directed by Alessandro Rota

    Tags: gisella, cozzo, tell, me, lies, video, alessandro, rota, music, pop, rock, this, is, rudy, smaila

  • Hennes Petersen - Don

    Hennes Petersen - Don't Tell Me Lies MP3

    Tags: Hennes, Petersen, DJ, Fait, Tell, Me, Lies, Tunnel, Trance, Force, Dance, Techno, Hands, Up

  • 【Male Cover】"Tell Me Lies"- Cats Don

    【Male Cover】"Tell Me Lies"- Cats Don't Dance MP3

    【READ HERE FIRST】 Follow Me On Twitter: Subscribe To My Backup Channel: Hey ...

    Tags: Tell, Me, Lies, Cats, Dance, Male, Cover, Singing, Karaoke, Instrumental, Khcodesrikurawks

  • Lyres - Don

    Lyres - Don't Tell Me Lies - 1994 MP3

    Tommy Tucker & The Esquires cover.
  • SE~Don

    SE~Don't Tell Me Lies VOW WOW COVER MP3

    Played by LEGACY at YOTSUYA OUTBREAK on May 17, 2014.
  • fleetwood mac - little lies (1987)

    fleetwood mac - little lies (1987) MP3

    from the album tango in the night If I could turn the page In time then I'd rearrange just a day or two Close my, close my, close my eyes But I couldn't find a way ...

    Tags: fleetwood, mac, tango, in, the, night

  • Don

    Don't Tell Me Lies -12inch dance Mix Refine- MP3

    Chick Norman's REMIXZ Mixlr Music Station Chick Norman's ONLINE Every SATURDAY 8 PM -Japan Time- On Air !

    Tags: KENTASTY, Chick Norman, 12inch, Dance Mix

  • Rewilz Oneshot: Don

    Rewilz Oneshot: Don't tell me lies || carophine MP3

    Ein kleiner Oneshot für Rewinside und Rotpilz ^^ Viel Spaß.
  • 05 Don't Tell Me No Lies.mp3 MP3