Donovan's Brain



    When Kurt Siodmak's novel, "Donovan's Brain," was published it was a shocker for the time. It was quickly made into a sensational motion picture starring Lew ...

    Tags: Orson Wells, Suspense, Old Time Radio, Golden Age Radio

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Trailer (1953) MP3

    Trailers from Hell trailer of the 1953 classic horror film Donovan's Brain. Directed by Felix E. Feist.

    Tags: Classic, Horror, Trailer, Trailers From Hell, Shout Factory, Scream Factory, Black And White, Lew Ayres, Disembodied Brain, Fear, Brain, Steve Brody, Reporter, Murder, Car Crash, Nancy Davis, Satanic, Vibrations, Evil, United Artists

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain Trailer 1953 MP3

    Donovan's Brain Trailer 1953.

    Tags: Brain, Trailer, 1953

  • Suspense: Donovan

    Suspense: Donovan's Brain MP3

    Thrillers often overlap with mystery stories but are distinguished by the structure of their plots. In a thriller, the hero must stop the plans of an enemy rather than ...

    Tags: prices, markets, Control, Mind, Market, Brain, Body, Out, Remote, Revelation (Peter Andre Album), Brain (journal), Mind (journal), Power, Hypnosis, Trading, Stock, Reason, Pinky, Tricks, Human, Mike Banks (musician), Out Control, Forex, Jedi, Business, Lose, Stocks, Analysis, Master, Finance, Economy, News, Technical, Parts, Remote Control, Remote Control (game Show), Investment, Futures, Options, Bloomberg

  • Joe Dante on DONOVAN

    Joe Dante on DONOVAN'S BRAIN MP3

    Lew Ayres, who achieved stardom as the benevolent Dr. Kildare, plays yet another kindly doctor who nurtures a living brain (kept alive in an electrified fish tank) ...
  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Wooden Horse MP3

    A preview from the new Donovan's Brain album on Career Records, Fires Which Burnt Brightly. Released Fall 2009.

    Tags: Wooden Horse, Ron Sanchez, Deniz Tek, Mike Musburger, Bob Brown, Montana Psych Band, Career Records, Radio Birdman

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Sailing off the Edge MP3

    from the LP Heirloom Varieties Ron Sanchez, Ric Parnell and Tom Stevens co-wrote Sailing Off The Edge, the closing track on the 2015 LP Heirloom Varieties.

    Tags: Sailing Off The Edge, Tom Stevens, Matt Piucci, Rain Parade, The Long Ryders, Ric Parnell, Spinal Tap, Psychedelic Rock (Musical Genre), paisley undergrou

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Brighten Up Shop MP3

    Lead off track from the 2015 Donovan's Brain album Heirloom Varieties.

    Tags: Heirloom Varieties, Career Records, Ron Sanchez, modern psych, Paisley Underground (Musical Genre)

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Available now MP3

    Click here to buy now: Lew Ayres stars in Felix Feist's adaptation of the ...

    Tags: Brain (Anatomical Structure), Health (Industry), Science Fiction (TV Genre), Lew Ayres (Film Actor), Mind Control (Film Subject), Film (Media Genre)

  • Suspense - Donovan

    Suspense - Donovan's Brain MP3

    Donovan's Brain - An evil man's brain is kept alive by a well meaning scientist. Yes, the classic tale. Download 99 scary old time radio programs for .99 cents ...

    Tags: Old, epic stories, Scream, Scared, music, Public Domain Content License, happy, radio, scary, Radio Programming Literature Subject, halloween, otr, minecraft, movies, creepy, radio programs, Weird

  • Director Joe Dante reflects on classic horror film Donovans Brain

    Director Joe Dante reflects on classic horror film Donovans Brain MP3

    Joe Dante, director of Gremlins 1&2 and Small Soldiers, reflects on the trailer for the classic horror film Donovan's Brain. Taken from Trailers From Hell Vol. 2.

    Tags: Trailers From Hell, Horror, Trailers, Classic, Classic Horror, Joe Dante, Gremlins, Gremlins 2, Small Soldiers, Shout Factory, Horror Film, Commentary

  • Devil Doll, Triffids,Donovans Brain Trailer

    Devil Doll, Triffids,Donovans Brain Trailer MP3

    Horror Trailers - Devil Doll - Day of the Triffids -

    Tags: Trailers, Horror, Classic, scary movie, horror movie, science fiction

  • Suspense DONOVAN

    Suspense DONOVAN'S BRAIN - Great Orson Welles Old Time Radio! MP3

    The legendary Orson Welles acts in this audio drama from SUSPENSE titled "Donovan's Brain" (its first science fiction venture) when a mad but a well-meaning ...

    Tags: Orson Welles (Film Director), Suspense (Award-Winning Work), Old-time Radio, mad scientist, science fiction, horror, curt siodmak

  • The Brain (1962)

    The Brain (1962) MP3

    A millionaire businessman's brain is kept alive after a fatal accident, and communicates clues to a doctor on the trail of the killer. (similar to Donovan's brain) ...

    Tags: The Brain (1962), Sci-Fi

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Holly Green MP3

    Holly Green was inspired by The Alan Bown! and Green Pajamas. Joey Kline wrote some of the words, Joe Skyward played bass on the studio track.

    Tags: Carelessly Restored Art, Joey Kline, Terrastock, Richard Treece, Ron Sanchez, Career Records

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Tiny Crustacean Light Show MP3

    Tags: Richard Treece, Get Hip, Career Records, Ron Sanchez, Colter Langan, Terrastock Seattle

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - The Magics Gone MP3

    Another one of Colter Langan's great songs. Our first album was just coming out, and we were already playing songs from the third one. Richard Treece plays ...

    Tags: The Magics Gone, Get Hip, Career Records, Colter Langan, Richard Treece, Ron Sanchez, Terrastock Seattle, Wilco

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Central Services (live) MP3

    Ken Stringfellow thought this song sounded like Can. This live version hints at King Crimson. Jeff conjures up a bit of John Wetton on the bass. We added this to ...

    Tags: Central Services, Eclipse And Debris, Scott McCaughey, Richard Treece

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - You Gotta Go Now MP3

    From "Fires Which Burn Brightly" 2009.

    Tags: Bobby Sutliff, Fires Which Burn Brightly

  • Mike Rep - Donovan

    Mike Rep - Donovan's Brain b/w Ballad of Jim Croce MP3

    2009, 7" Hope you can find the single online somewhere...

    Tags: Mike Rep, brain, jim, croce

  • Old Time Radio SUSPENSE Donovan

    Old Time Radio SUSPENSE Donovan's Brain MP3

    The complete story. This is part 1 and part 2. Subscribe for more great audio! Please give the video a thumbs up. One of the premier drama programs of the ...

    Tags: Radio (Invention), scifi, sci-fi, sci fi, science fiction, radio, program, drama, show, broadcast, episode, episodes, series, serial, old time, old, olden, days, fashioned, classic, audio, best audio, best, recording, fantasy, Old-time Radio, crime, suspense, horror, Broadcasting (Industry), hp lovecraft, Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Henry Fonda, Humphrey Bogart, Judy Garland, Ronald Colman, Marlene Dietrich, Eve McVeagh, Lena Horne, Orson Wells

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Take Me With You When You Go MP3

    Donovan's Brain - Take Me With You When You Go (album version)

    Tags: career records, bobby sutliff, ric parnell, ron sanchez, psychedelic rock, montana band

  • Donovan’s Brain - The 1944 Radio Broadcast Starring Orson Welles

    Donovan’s Brain - The 1944 Radio Broadcast Starring Orson Welles MP3

    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Donovan's Brain - The 1944 Radio Broadcast Starring Orson Welles · Radio Science Fiction The Best Of Radio ...

    Tags: Radio, Science, Fiction, The, Best, Of, Brain, 1944, Broadcast, Starring, Orson, Welles

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Make A Noise Quietly (Live At Seattle Terrastock) MP3

    Donovan's Brain perform Make A Noise Quietly from the album Carelessly Restored Art. Live at the 1999 Seattle Terrastock. Scott McCaughey and Richard ...

    Tags: seattle terrastock 1999, richard treece, scott mccaughey, help yourself, minus 5, REM, Young Fresh Fellows, Bozeman, ron sanchez, Career Records, colter langan

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain - Oh Lorelei MP3

    From the album, "Skrang: Sounds Like Bobby Sutliff." (2013)

    Tags: Scott Sutherland, Tony Miller, Ric Parnell, Anne Laurent, Deniz Tek, Bobby Sutliff, Tim Lee, Ron Sanchez, Career Records, Paisley Pop Records

  • Donovan

    Donovan's Brain Hit Me in the Face MP3

    Donovan's Brain "Hit Me in the Face" 45 rpm single -- I found this in a thrift store recently -- very cool retro psychedelia from the '90s.

    Tags: Brain, Hit, Me, in, the, Face

  • Nervasystem - Donovans Brain

    Nervasystem - Donovans Brain MP3

    Deck Wizard 1996 (Vinyl)

    Tags: Goa