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    d'incise / graphein (2011) MP3

    Graphein is a work entirely made of pencils and paper sounds. It was at first conceived for an audio-visual project with Delphine Depres (where she did images ...

    Tags: Electroacoustic Music (Musical Genre), Minimal (Composition)

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    D'incise - Cellule Cyclique MP3

    Dincise.net Audioactivity.net.

    Tags: dincise, audioactivity, rafito, electronica, experimental

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    D'incise live @ Epsilonia 2012 - 10 web site : http://www.dincise.net/ EPSILONIA is a Radio Program dedicated to "experimental music". It is broadcasted each ...
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    D'incise - Contemplatif Et Pixellisé MP3

    D'incise - Contemplatif Et Pixellisé.
  • DIATRIBES (Bondi / d

    DIATRIBES (Bondi / d'incise) MP3

    Diatribes -- Cyril Bondi (floor tom / objects), d'incise (laptop / objects) at Mopomoso free improvisation night. Filmed by Kostas Chondros at the Vortex, London, ...
  • Incise -  Nobodys Story (full album)

    Incise - Nobodys Story (full album) MP3

    Incise - Nobodys Story (full album) Another Dope chennel subscribe my homie https://www.youtube.com/user/TheYaczLP/videos http://sh.st/eRQkH 01 Intro 0:00 ...

    Tags: Incise - Nobodys Story (full album)

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    D'incise - persistance MP3

    Eloge de l'usage et de la lenteur(2008)

    Tags: SEM

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    d'Incise @ APPENDICE, Fréquence Banane, Lausanne, CH MP3


  • Plaistow - Altenburg (Remix D

    Plaistow - Altenburg (Remix D'Incise) MP3

    from album The Crow (2010) http://plaistow.bandcamp.com/album/the-crow http://www.plaistow.cc.

    Tags: Plaistow, Altenburg, The Crow

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    d'incise in Kyoto [1-3] MP3

    d'incis(laptop), Cyril Bondi(perc), Jacques Demierre(pf) and Jonas Kocher(acc) performed the improvised music at UrBANGUID in Kyoto on 8th March 2012.
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    d'incise / ilhas (2013) MP3

    A composition for prepared snare drums and loudspeakers, published in 2014 by Suppedaneum - d'incise's four drums version. “There are 38 chords, each ...

    Tags: Snare Drum (Musical Instrument), loudspeakers, Minimal (Composition), shruti tuning

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    d'incise - prévoir ou pas MP3

    d'incise - prévoir ou pas http://www.audioactivity.net/netreleases/AA14-QUANTA.rar http://www.audioactivity.net/new/

    Tags: Electronica, IDM

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    D'INCISE live - Walden Geneva - Ondulor #5 MP3

    D'INCISE live - Walden Geneva - Ondulor4 2015 sept 24 ondulor.wordpress.com.

    Tags: music, ondulor, ambient, proto-techo, Experimental, exp, Electronic, Live, Noise, Electronica (Musical Genre), Ambient Music (Broadcast Genre), Performance

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    D'incise - Anarchy for y3k MP3

    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby D'incise - Anarchy for y3k · D'incise Dub Buds Vol.1 - 17 earthshaking Stepper Dubs inna y4k stylee ℗ 2007 Phoenix ...

    Tags: Dub, Buds, 17, earthshaking, Stepper, Dubs, inna, y4k, stylee, Anarchy, for, y3k

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    D'incise-Youthman Steppa---Under Tunes MP3

    Audioactivity (Geneva)

    Tags: Youthman, Steppa

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    D'incise - Achever la page à tourner MP3

    D'incise - Achever la page à tourner http://www.antisocial.be/download/dalinker.php3?file=antisocial028-Dincise-Cendre_et_poudre.

    Tags: Electronica, IDM, Ambient

  • Swiss Music Days: WoO, Cyril Bondi & D

    Swiss Music Days: WoO, Cyril Bondi & D'incise @ Galerija 12 HUB, 13. October, Belgrade MP3

    Follow the blog about Swiss Music days: http://norient.com/blog/swissmusicdays http://www.swissmusicdays.org.

    Tags: Galerija 12 HUB, Serbia (Country), Electroacoustic Music (Musical Genre), Jonas Kocher, Bojan Djordjevic, Norient, Swiss Music Days, Switzerland (Country), WoO, Cyril Bondi, Experimental Music (Musical Genre), Musical Improvisation (Musical Genre), Balkans (Region)

  • Jean-Luc Guionnet & d

    Jean-Luc Guionnet & d'incise - at Cave12 (exerpt) [insub43] MP3

    Jean-Luc Guionnet & d'incise - at Cave12 [insub43] 2014 http://www.insub.org/ [Free flac & mp3 DL] Jean-Luc Guionnet, saxophone d'incise, laptop Recorded ...

    Tags: jean-luc guionnet, Electroacoustic Music (Musical Genre), Saxophone (Musical Instrument), laptop, improvisation, Cave12

  • v4w.enko+d

    v4w.enko+d'incise - AM.P.E.REM.EC (Everestrecords) [Full Album] MP3

    v4w.enko+d'incise - AM.P.E.REM.EC Released 2012-10-19 on Everestrecords Download on iTunes: ...

    Tags: Other

  • bondi / d

    bondi / d'incise / demierre / kocher - iln acynn [öcca, 2013] MP3

    Bondi / d'incise / Demierre / Kocher - Öcca LP: Bocian Records, bc Ö, 2013 Cyril Bondi: bass drum, floor tom, objects d'incise: laptop, objects Jacques Demierre: ...

    Tags: cyril bondi, jonas kocher, jacques demierre, drums, electronic, Accordion (Musical Instrument), Piano (Musical Instrument), Minimal Music (Musical Genre), Electroacoustic Music (Musical Genre), improvisation, reductionnism

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    D'incise - 2CYM [Wasted Capital] MP3

    http://www.hideousreplica.co.uk/ Just for promotion. Please write me a direct message if you have complains about this upload concerning copyright issues.

    Tags: abstract, drone, experimental

  • Johnny Chang & d

    Johnny Chang & d'incise - for percussion perhaps or.. (night)(James Tenney, 1971) MP3

    Johnny Chang: viola, pre-recorded background d'incise: objects, pre-recorded background Composition by James Tenney, part of the "Postal pieces" Flac ...

    Tags: James Tenney (Composer), johnny chang, Viola (Musical Instrument), objects

  • BOCIAN NIGHT: James Rushford & Joe Talia + d

    BOCIAN NIGHT: James Rushford & Joe Talia + d'incise & Cyril Bondi + Gaap Kvlt (Full HD Teaser) MP3

    BOCIAN NIGHT: James Rushford & Joe Talia + d'incise & Cyril Bondi + Gaap Kvlt 27 maja 2013, godz. 19.30, Budynek Laboratorium CSW Kurator: Andrzej ...

    Tags: bocian records, csw, centrum sztuki wspolczesnej, bocian, showcase, rushfrod, talia, bondi, gaapkvlt, warsaw, poland

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    d'incise "but what about the noise.." (John Cage)(electronic version) MP3

    part of the "experimental music yearbook", 2014.

    Tags: John Cage (Field Of Study), Electroacoustic Music (Musical Genre), score, Electronic Music (Musical Genre)

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    d'incise / what's wrong with a cowboy in Hamburg [Prairie, 2012] MP3

    d'incise / what's wrong with a cowboy in Hamburg [from "Prairie", OBS, 2012]

    Tags: Electroacoustic Music (Musical Genre), Minimal (Composition)

  • Incise - Strife (feat. Hydroponikz & Anika)

    Incise - Strife (feat. Hydroponikz & Anika) MP3

    Majestic Casual - Experience music in a new way. » Facebook: http://on.fb.me/majesticfb » Twitter: http://bit.ly/majestictwitter :x ✖ Download Incise nobody's story ...

    Tags: Majestic, Casual, majestic music, majestic entertainment, majestic musik, majestic youtube, dream, dreamwave, hiphop, dope, minimal, electronic, chillwave, sunny, melancolic, chill, out, lo-fi, glo-fi, hypnagogic, indie, electro, house, deep house, future garage

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    D'Incise / Pedro Sousa / Hernâni Faustino - Live! MP3

    D'Incise - electronica & objects; Pedro Sousa - alto saxophone; Hernâni Faustino - doublebass. Recorded at: ArtHobler / Ler Devagar, Lisbon; 04 Set.

    Tags: improvised, music