• Dillinja - Hard Noize HD

    Dillinja - Hard Noize HD MP3

    Huge drum & bass anthem from Dillinja! No copyright infringement intended...if you want this video removed drop me a message and I'll take it off straight away.

    Tags: Dillinja, Hard Noize, Hard, Noize, dnb, drum and bass

  • Dillinja with MC GQ & SPMC - Metalheadz History Sessions Mix

    Dillinja with MC GQ & SPMC - Metalheadz History Sessions Mix MP3

    Recorded live at Metalheadz https://www.facebook.com/dillinjavalve https://twitter.com/Dillinjavalve Keep updated with new Mixes: ...

    Tags: Dillinja (Musical Artist), Metalheadz (Organization), Lazcru, CruCast, dizzee, Dizzee Rascal (Rapper), sleeze, dj, ez, kiss, magnetic man, Magnetic Man (Musical Group), essential mix, radio one, crucast, major lazer, mix, dubstep, reggae, ronaldo, sbtv, ukf, rooney, adele, major lazer carnival mix, Remix, Garage, UK Garage (Musical Genre), Dance, Music (Industry), Freestyle, Wiley, Funky, Crew, Industry (Quotation Subject), slim, zee, Bass, Jungle, Drum, (Musical

  • Law - All Dillinja Mix Part I

    Law - All Dillinja Mix Part I MP3

    Part 1 of my All Dillinja mix series. Download the full series at: http://drumtrip.co.uk/mixes/history-of-dillinja-mixes-by-the-law/ Tracklist: 1.) Dillinja -- The Angels ...

    Tags: Dillinja, Jungle music, Oldschool Jungle (Musical Genre), drum and bass, DNB, Cybotron, Trinity, Goldie, Metalheadz, Capone

  • O U  Dillinja 1996 1999 The Dark Years

    O U Dillinja 1996 1999 The Dark Years MP3

    Tags: O, U, Dillinja, 1996, 1999, The, Dark, Years

  • Dillinja - Nasty Ways (Full Version)

    Dillinja - Nasty Ways (Full Version) MP3


    Tags: Drum and Bass, Drum n Bass, DNB, Jungle, Dillinja, Nasty Ways Full Version, Nasty Ways




    Tags: dillinja, dnb, jungle, drum n bass, studio, interview, rare, old, classic, equipment, production, goldie, metalheadz, talkin headz

  • Dillinja - Brutal Bass

    Dillinja - Brutal Bass MP3

    Track 3 on a quite brilliant E.P from 1995. Test out your sub woofer, with a little help from Dillinja. This does what it says on the tin!!!

    Tags: old, skool, drum, bass, jungle, dillinja, angels, fell, brutal, sub, woofer, metalheadz

  • Dillinja - Grimey

    Dillinja - Grimey MP3

    Dillinja is a drum and bass artist here is a music video for his track Grimey and no cutoff.

    Tags: dillinja, drum, bass, google, earth, baronravensworth, ravensworth

  • Dillinja - Sovereign Melody

    Dillinja - Sovereign Melody MP3

    D2 1994 Deadly Vinyl.

    Tags: sovereign melody, dillinja, drum and bass, synthesizer, vinyl, synthesized music, electronic, jungle, old skool, dnb, electronic music, drum bass, remix, deadly, 1994, D2, capone, deadly ceremonies

  • HD - DIllinja Mix - 30 Mins - 2011

    HD - DIllinja Mix - 30 Mins - 2011 MP3

    Tracklist Track 1: Dillinja - Nasty Ways Track 2: Dillinja - 2 Da 1 Track 3: Dillinja - Massive Track 4: Dillinja - Friday Track 5: Dillinja - Tudor Rose Track 6: DIllinja ...

    Tags: Dillinja, Mix, 2011, house techno, drums, breakbeat, dnb, drum and bass, old skool, vinyl, anime, bass, house electro, dillinja, nasty wayz, remix, jungle, dance, rouge, dub, creature, drum bass, electronic, rave, records, step, liquid, spore, breaks, creator, trance, baton, spore creature, creature creator, beats

  • Dillinja - Silver Blade (Music Video)

    Dillinja - Silver Blade (Music Video) MP3

    music video I pieced together, clips from the film Blade Runner [NO COPY RIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED]

    Tags: dillinja, silver, blade, runner, music, video, dark, dnb, drum, bass, science, fiction, future

  • Dillinja - Sky

    Dillinja - Sky MP3

    Philly Blunt Records PB005 1995.

    Tags: jungle, dillinja, dnb, philly blunt, 1995, hip hop, amen, drum bass

  • Dillinja - All Aboard (HQ)

    Dillinja - All Aboard (HQ) MP3

    D'n'B from dillinja ;)

    Tags: drum, and, bass, dillinja, cybotron, get, ill, all, aboard, HQ

  • Dillinja - Ja Know Ya Big

    Dillinja - Ja Know Ya Big MP3

    This is track 2 on a superb E.P by Dillinja released in 1995. Love the beats, love the bass - love Dillinja!!

    Tags: old, skool, drum, bass, jungle, dillinja, angels, fell, ja, know, your, big, metalheadz

  • Dillinja feat MC Skibadee - Twist em out

    Dillinja feat MC Skibadee - Twist em out MP3

    Dillinja feat MC Skibadee - Twist em out.

    Tags: Dillinja, feat, MC, Skibadee, Twist, em, out, drum, bass, dnb

  • Dillinja mix by Meeesterjoe

    Dillinja mix by Meeesterjoe MP3

    Over an hour of pure Dillinja,Capone & Trinity nastiness. Circa 2004.

    Tags: Dillinja, Capone, Trinity, Bass, Drum, Drum Bass

  • Dillinja-Electro boogie

    Dillinja-Electro boogie MP3

    Tags: dnb, drum and bass

  • Dillinja - Thugged Out Bitch (Original 2002 Mix)

    Dillinja - Thugged Out Bitch (Original 2002 Mix) MP3

    Dillinja - Thugged Out Bitch (Original 2002 Mix). One of only a few 4 to the floor D & B tracks. First heard Grooverider drop this at Minsitry of Sound NYE event ...

    Tags: Dillinja, Thugged, Out, Bitch, (Original, 2002, Mix), valve, recordings, drum, bass, jungle, electronica, lemon_d, world, dance, ministry, of, sound, grooverider, roni, size, andy_c, dj, hype, marky, fabric, movement, fabio, goldie

  • Dillinja - Nasty Ways

    Dillinja - Nasty Ways MP3

    Taken From Cybertron Album.

    Tags: Dillinja, Drum, Bass, Nasty, Ways, Old, School, UK, Music

  • Dillinja - The Angels Fell

    Dillinja - The Angels Fell MP3

    Available from the Headz Store http://www.metalheadz.co.uk/headzstore Like Metalheadz on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/metalheadz.music Follow ...

    Tags: Dillinja, The Angels Fell, Metalheadz, Jungle, DnB, Drum N Bass, Drum and Bass, Goldie

  • The Dillinja Anthology - Mixed by Johnny Dash

    The Dillinja Anthology - Mixed by Johnny Dash MP3

    Our first of the Anthology Series here on Residence, Mixed by Johnny Dash. Many thanks for the mix, it's really a huge one. http://soundcloud.com/john-dach ...

    Tags: Dubstep, Trap, RAM Records, Andy C, Hospital Records, London Elektricity, Hospitality, Fabric, London, Jungle, Junglist, Massive, Residence, Riley, Detonate, Skrillex, DJ, Mix, Set, Tape, Turntablist, Turntable, Podcast, Valve Recordings, Valve, Sound, System

  • Dillinja - Violent killa

    Dillinja - Violent killa MP3

    Tags: Dillinja, Violent, killa, valve, trinity, capone, drum, bass, jungle, breakbeat, electronic, dark, banging, atmospheric, nosebleed

  • Dillinja - Cybotron

    Dillinja - Cybotron MP3

    Dillinja - Cybotron Album - Cybotron Label - Valve/FFRR CAT NO. CYBXCD018573866532.

    Tags: dillinja

  • Shy FX - Bambaata (Dillinja Remix)

    Shy FX - Bambaata (Dillinja Remix) MP3

    Buy Here http://shop.digitalsoundboy.com/download/sboy015 https://www.facebook.com/digitalsoundboy https://www.facebook.com/ShyFX ...

    Tags: shy fx, dillinja, remix, bambaata, digital soundboy

  • Dillinja - All the Things

    Dillinja - All the Things MP3

    Produced and engineered by Dillinja (K. Francis). Recorded and mixed at Valve Studios 2004 Valve Recordings.

    Tags: All The Things, dillinja, jungle, jungle rewind, Valve studio, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre)

  • Dillinja - Armoured D

    Dillinja - Armoured D MP3

    Metalheadz Platinum Breakz 1996.

    Tags: Dillinja, ArmouredD, dnb, jungle, metalheadz, platinum, breakz, rave



    DRUM AND BASS Dillinja - 'In The Grind VIP' Dillinja - 'Hard Noize' Craggz & Parallel Forces - 'Fizzy Piglets (TC Vocal VIP)' Dillinja - 'All The Things VIP ...

    Tags: dillinja, capone, dnb, mix, set, cybotron, d-type, digitech, specialist, suburban, knights, trinity, dilinja, dillinger, dillinjer, jungle, drum, and, bass

  • Dj's Presents 020 - www.xbassbrazil.com - ESPECIAL DILLINJA by Goostech And Lunatic - 24062013.mp3 MP3
  • Dillinja_-_Valve_Sound.mp3 MP3
  • Dillinja Hard Noize HD.mp3 MP3