Dead Hearts

  • Stars - Dead Hearts

    Stars - Dead Hearts MP3

    Stars - The Five Ghosts (2010) - Dead Hearts.

    Tags: stars, the, five, ghosts, dead, hearts, lyric, lyrics

  • Stars - Dead Hearts [Official Video]

    Stars - Dead Hearts [Official Video] MP3

    The official video for "Dead Hearts" by Stars, as heard in the Like Crazy film and trailer. Stars' latest album "The Five Ghosts" Available Now. Purchase on iTunes ...

    Tags: Stars, Stars band, Dead Hearts, Like Crazy, Like Crazy movie, Like Crazy trailer, Like Crazy song, Like Crazy soundtrack, The Five Ghosts, Amy Millan, Torquil Campbell, music video, official video

  • dead hearts: The Wedding of Victoria and Jason Evigan

    dead hearts: The Wedding of Victoria and Jason Evigan MP3

    For booking & contact : [email protected] Directed, Shot & Edited by Lightfield Lewis. JASON EVIGAN: "CINEMA" - on ...

    Tags: Music, wedding, hearts, Jason, Evigan, Victoria, Janzen, Lightfield, Lewis, Nikon, D7000, Short, Film, video, HD, Skrillex, dubstep, Active, Child, Cinema, couple, beautiful, Cover, Vocal, Acoustic, Filmmaking, Briana Evigan, Greg, After Midnight Project (Musical Group)

  • Bluestar and Oakheart AMV - Dead hearts

    Bluestar and Oakheart AMV - Dead hearts MP3

    Я ДОДЕЛАЛА ЭТО!!!! Коты на видео: Синяя Звёзда Жёлудь Огнегрив(Огнезвёзд)

    Tags: Bluestar, Oakheart, Bluestar and OakheartAMV, AMV, Bluestar and Oakheart, warrior cats

  • Stars - Dead Hearts (with lyrics in description)

    Stars - Dead Hearts (with lyrics in description) MP3

    Since I can no longer moderate comments, they are disabled until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience. The song Dead Hearts by Stars - Track 1 from The ...

    Tags: Stars, The Five Ghosts, Undead Hearts

  • Ivypool - Dead Hearts (PMV)

    Ivypool - Dead Hearts (PMV) MP3

    READ. THE. DESCRIPTION. It shall answer any magical questions you may have. If it doesn't, feel free to ask. :) Gah, I'm so nervous! This is my first AMV/PMV!

    Tags: warriors, cats, warrior, cat, speedpaint, painting, drawing, speed, request, erin, hunter, river, spirit, riverspirit456, leafriver456

  • Homestuck: Dead Hearts

    Homestuck: Dead Hearts MP3

    This video was cursed! Seriously, I had more trouble with my editing software while making it than I ever had for another video, but I pushed through and ...

    Tags: Homestuck, Dead Hearts, Stars, Homestuck Tribute, John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, Jade Harley, Jack Noir, Karkat, Terezi, Aradia, PM, WV

  • Dead Hearts - Hope

    Dead Hearts - Hope MP3

    From the album Bitter Verses - Dead Hearts R.I.P.

    Tags: dead hearts, bitter verses, no love no hope, breakdown, hxc, mosh, pit, circle, hardcore, 2-step, dusk, fall, innocence, hope

  • Dearly Beloved Dead Hearts

    Dearly Beloved Dead Hearts MP3

    My first ever musical mash-up! Combining Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts 2 and Dead Hearts by Stars. Download Link below! I do not own the rights to ...

    Tags: skywardwing, TheSkywardArmy, SkywardArmy, Kingdom, Hearts, III, HD, Remix, Chi, Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts III, Dearly Beloved Mash Up, Stars, Dead Hearts, Dearly Beloved (Canonical Version), Kh2, Kingdom Hearts II (Video Game), Dearly Beloved (album), Kingdom Hearts (Video Game)

  • Dead Hearts- Stars Lyrics

    Dead Hearts- Stars Lyrics MP3

    I am so sorry for the spelling. I did this video when I was in about 5th grade when writing like that was 'cool'. Once again I apologize for all the "chu" and all the ...
  • Dead Hearts (Stars) - Like Crazy (Music from the Motion Picture)

    Dead Hearts (Stars) - Like Crazy (Music from the Motion Picture) MP3

    Music By Stars

    Tags: Stars, Like Crazy, Soundtrack

  • Stars - Dead Hearts Lyrics

    Stars - Dead Hearts Lyrics MP3's my third lyric video (one i made months ago so it's not a request) If you see any bad quality I apologize for it, if you have any request make sure to tell ...

    Tags: Stars, Dead, Hearts, lyrics

  • [PMV] ~Dead Hearts~ *Ditzy Doo, Time Turner and Discord Whooves*

    [PMV] ~Dead Hearts~ *Ditzy Doo, Time Turner and Discord Whooves* MP3

    OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH 70+ SUBS!!!! Oh god I'm growing :'3 Thank you so much guys, thanks for like my videos! Hope you like it ...

    Tags: Hearts, Time, All

  • Dead Hearts - Stars Lyrics

    Dead Hearts - Stars Lyrics MP3

    My First Project.

    Tags: dead, hearts, stars, lyrics, on, screen

  • Nightcore - Dead Hearts

    Nightcore - Dead Hearts MP3


    Tags: New, Project, 16

  • Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan - Dead Hearts

    Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan - Dead Hearts MP3

    Hey there youtube it's been a long while since I finished an amv I've worked on many but hadn't finished any so I never posted them; but recently I got into this ...

    Tags: Attack On Titan, Shingeki no kyojin, aot, snk, amv, anime, dead hearts, eren jaeger, armin arlert, mikasa ackerman, marco bott, jean kirschtein

  • Bluestar AMV- Dead Hearts

    Bluestar AMV- Dead Hearts MP3

    Edit AGAIN AGAIN- More than one person has asked, so I'm going to say it now. I don't like the rest of the song, not enough to animate to it. Don't ask me to.

    Tags: Dead, Hearts

  • Dead Man

    Dead Man's Bones - "Dead Hearts" video MP3

    Distributed by WMG Dead Man's Bones new album out now! Get it now at iTunes: or Amazon: Anti Records Official Website: ...

    Tags: Dead, Bones, Hearts, Music

  • Dead Hearts - Kingdom Hearts AMV

    Dead Hearts - Kingdom Hearts AMV MP3

    Our entry for PMX's AMV contest! Clips taken mainly from Music is both "Dead Hearts" by Stars and "Dearly Beloved" by Yoko Shimomura.

    Tags: Dead Hearts (Musical Recording), Kingdom Hearts (Video Game Series), Video Game (Industry), stars, Kh2, AMV, anime music video, PMX, Kingdom Hearts II (Video Game), Action Role-playing Game (Video Game Genre)

  • Nightcore - Dead Hearts

    Nightcore - Dead Hearts MP3

    Suggested by: NoticeeMeSenpai Thank you for the suggestion. Enjoy. If you got any songs you want me to Nightcore, message me on Facebook. If you got a ...

    Tags: Dead hearts, dead, hearts, stars, drama, cry, dream, sad, nightcore, sakurasou, no, pet, na, kanojo, anime, wallpaper

  • Dead Hearts - OC PMV MAP 15/31 in

    Dead Hearts - OC PMV MAP 15/31 in MP3

    Edit: Parts will be given later tonight :'D In about 2-5 hours Deadline = 2 weeks. If you're reading the rules say "Dead hearts" RULES: 1. Draw your own pictures.

    Tags: MoonSlayer, MoonxKitty, Warriors, Warrior cats, Fursona speedpaint, Paint tool SAI Speedpaint, Defiance, MAP part

  • Dead Man

    Dead Man's Bones - Dead Hearts+Lyrics MP3

    Track 02 Dead Hearts Album:Dead Man's Bones(2009) Dead Man's Bones is a band founded by actor Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields. Their first album, Dead ...

    Tags: dead, mans, bones, 23, Gospel, Gothic, Showtunes, Indie, rock, Folk, Rock, Alternative, Intro, Acoustic, Music, Alternative Rock, Hearts

  • Dead Hearts - Animatic

    Dead Hearts - Animatic MP3

    Storyboard and Original Idea by: Animatic made by: Me Music: Stars Dead - Herts Hope You Like this! And Please comment if you ...

    Tags: Storyboard

  • [YES] Dead Hearts MEP

    [YES] Dead Hearts MEP MP3

    HD please! SONG USED: Stars - Dead Hearts HOSTED BY: DarthLuna409 THEME: Past & Broken Friendships. Part 1 // soulofkonohaa009 {Dick Grayson ...

    Tags: dead, hearts, MEP, YES, collab, dick, grayson, bruce, wayne, batman, TAS, DC, comics, generator, rex, peter, gwen, harry, stacy, parker, eddie, venom, spectacular, spiderman, green, goblin, marvel, roy, kaldur, aqualad, young, justice, red, arrow, speedy, jason, todd, under, the, hood, kitty, pryde, bobby, wolverine, x-men, artemis, robin, tarrlock, noatok, avatar, legend, of, korra, last, airbender, katara, aang, zuko, sokka, toph, suki, teen, titans, starfire, beast, boy, raven, cyborg

  • Dead Hearts - HS Fantroll Music Video *Unfinished*

    Dead Hearts - HS Fantroll Music Video *Unfinished* MP3

    EDIT: Whoa! 1000+ views! Thanks so much everyone, that's the most I've ever gotten! EDIT 2: O-oh gosh . . . 2000+!? Wow you guys . . . I don't know what to say!

    Tags: music, music video, amv, pmv, homestuck, home, stuck, home stuck, fantroll, fan troll, troll, song, animation, dead, hearts, stars, chu, kiss, sad, sadstuck

  • Alexisonfire - Dead Hearts (Midnight Oil Cover, New 2010)

    Alexisonfire - Dead Hearts (Midnight Oil Cover, New 2010) MP3

    Off the Australian Tour 7 inch EP. ENJOY! Download the EP here:

    Tags: alexisonfire, dead hearts, 2010, australia, midnight, oil, cover, new

  • Dead Hearts- EverymanHYBRID

    Dead Hearts- EverymanHYBRID MP3

    I do not own anything. Footage: EverymanHYBRID Music: Dead Hearts - Stars.

    Tags: EverymanHYBRID Fanvid, Everymanhybrid, fanvid

  • teen wolf || now they

    teen wolf || now they're all dead hearts to you MP3

    HD IS YOUR BEST FRIEND* Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, ...

    Tags: xhappyproductionsx, teen wolf, scott mccall, stiles stilinski, derek hale, allison argent, lydia martin, jackson whittemore, erica reyes, isaac lahey

  • Nightcore | Dead Hearts | Stars

    Nightcore | Dead Hearts | Stars MP3

    Enjoy~ Don't forget to subscribe and like for more! I do requests! This song is gorgeous, it brings tears to my eyes. I chose Erza (from Fairy Tail) for the picture ...

    Tags: nightcore, dead hearts, star, starts, stars, dead, hearts, depressing, sad, fairy tail, anime

  • [Eng sub] Living with Dead Hearts《躯壳》- 中国儿童拐卖纪录片

    [Eng sub] Living with Dead Hearts《躯壳》- 中国儿童拐卖纪录片 MP3

    导演: 葛亚辉Charlie Custer / Leia Li 官方网站:   制片国家/地区: 美国/ 中国大陆语言: 英语/ 汉语普通话片长: 120分钟Each year,...

    Tags: China, Documentary, Movie, Film

  • Track 10 Dead Line.mp3 MP3
  • Stars - Dead Hearts [Official Video].mp3 MP3
  • dead hearts.mp3 MP3
  • Track 10 Dead Line.mp3 MP3
  • Dead Line.mp3 MP3
  • 04 - Done With Broken Hearts.mp3 MP3
  • Heart2Chain Dead Hearts Part 1.mp3 MP3
  • RaikoElric Dead Hearts Part 9.mp3 MP3
  • NightAize Dead Hearts Part 8.mp3 MP3
  • AnotherNameTaken1 Dead Hearts Part 7.mp3 MP3
  • Dead Hearts - Stars (cover).MP3 MP3
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  • Silversup2 Dead Hearts Part 12.mp3 MP3
  • XxIneedaheroxX Dead Hearts Part 14.mp3 MP3
  • starstruckbromance Dead Hearts Part 13.mp3 MP3
  • xKibou Dead Hearts Part 6.mp3 MP3
  • xmercimissALICE Dead Hearts Part 3.mp3 MP3
  • TheShadoWings Dead Hearts Part 11.mp3 MP3
  • RachelPlum Dead Hearts Part 5.mp3 MP3
  • FoudroyantSunDead Hearts Part 2.mp3 MP3
  • Viktoriaiscompanyx Dead Hearts Part 4.mp3 MP3