• Cyne - All my Angles are right (Full Album)

    Cyne - All my Angles are right (Full Album) MP3

    Cyne - All my Angles are right (Full Album) Track list: 01. Attics 0:00 02. Avians 1:39 03. Tears For Uriah 4:29 04. Sunglasses After Midnight 7:05 05. Fine Prints ...

    Tags: CYNE (Musical Group), Hip Hop Music (Musical Genre), Hip Hop (Exhibition Subject), Underground Hip Hop (Musical Genre), 2014, album, full album, cyne, all my angles are right, Ancient Audio, Attics, Avians, Carousels, Embers, Fine Prints, Firefights, Heaven Is A Hologram, Lyrics, Full, In Between Kingdoms, Null, Song, Now, Poison, Spaces, Sunglasses After Midnight, Tears For Uriah

  • CYNE - Water For Mars (Full Album) [720p]

    CYNE - Water For Mars (Full Album) [720p] MP3

    The studio album "Water for Mars" by CYNE. Uploaded for promotional uses only. Purchase the album here: ...

    Tags: CYNE, water for mars, album, hd, 720p

  • Cyne - Paradise

    Cyne - Paradise MP3


    Tags: Collections, (1999-2003), Paradise

  • Cyne - Maintain

    Cyne - Maintain MP3

    Very refreshing song from Cyne, out of Gainesville, Florida. For people asking about the piano sample, I believe it's originally from Natalie Cole - Inseperable.

    Tags: Cyne, nujabes, rap, hip, hop, hip-hop, real, music, cise, starr, akin, speck, enoch, underground

  • CYNE -- "Running Water"

    CYNE -- "Running Water" MP3

    CYNE's 2004 music video for "Running Water" -- shot, directed, and edited by Ingen Frygt.

    Tags: cyne, running, water, city, centre, offices, ingen, frygt, botanica, hip, hop

  • Cyne - 400 Years

    Cyne - 400 Years MP3


    Tags: Collections, (1999-2003), 400, Years

  • Cyne - Steady

    Cyne - Steady MP3

    Listen people, this is hip-hop!

    Tags: Collections, (1999-2003), Steady

  • Cyne - Time Being [Full Album]

    Cyne - Time Being [Full Album] MP3

    Label: P-Vine Japan 1 Intro 0:00 2 Nothing's Sacred 0:30 3 Papermate 2:34 4 Interlude --- 5 Spoken For 5:45 6 400 Years Revised 9:12 7 Interlude ---- 8 ...

    Tags: Full Album, Hip Hop Underground

  • CYNE - Soapbox (HD)

    CYNE - Soapbox (HD) MP3


    Tags: cyne, soapbox, evolution fight, hip hop, hiphop, florida, hip-hop, rap, hd, 720p, highdefhiphop

  • CYNE - Carousels

    CYNE - Carousels MP3

    CYNE “Carousels” Directed by Michael Lahey From the album “All My Angles Are Right” out now on Hometapes Get the album and more: ...

    Tags: CYNE (Musical Group), Carousels, All My Angles Are Right, Cise Star, Cise Starr, Speck, Enoch, Hometapes, Music (TV Genre)

  • CYNE - Jakob Ladder (featuring Substantial)

    CYNE - Jakob Ladder (featuring Substantial) MP3

    Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary Compilation Lyrics: (Cause we climbing ...

    Tags: CYNE, Jakob, ladder, jacobs, jakkob, substantial, cise, starr, 2012, with, lyrics

  • CYNE - First Person

    CYNE - First Person MP3

    Lyrics: Yo, God, you ever wondered what the fuck your purpose is out here man? Whatchyou put on this earth for? Here we go again... Nah, for real man I was a ...

    Tags: CYNE, First, Person, Lyrics, Chilled, Hip, Hop

  • Cyne - Arrow of God

    Cyne - Arrow of God MP3

    Cyne - Arrow of God Album - Evolution Fight.

    Tags: Cyne, Arrow, of, God, Nujabes, Shing02, Samurai, Champloo, Rap, Hip, Hop, Tokyo, Japan, Hydeout, Productions, Chill, Relax, Korean

  • Cyne - First Person

    Cyne - First Person MP3

    Cyne - First Person.

    Tags: Cyne, First Person, Underground hip-hop, dope

  • Cyne - Haze

    Cyne - Haze MP3

    From 2005 Album: " Evolution Fight" Cyne's Site : CYNE ("Cultivating Your New Experience") (pronounced "sign") is an ...


  • CYNE - 400 Years (Underground Classic)

    CYNE - 400 Years (Underground Classic) MP3

    CYNE, great group this wasn't on neither of their 'Time Being (2003)' or 'Evolution Fight (2005)' but 1 of there best songs. There new album 'Pretty Dark Things' ...

    Tags: CYNE, Evolution, Fight, Time, being, Akin, Cise, Star, Fallen, Stars, 400, Years, Underground, Hip-Hop

  • CYNE - Pretty Apollo ( Water For Mars ) 1080 HD

    CYNE - Pretty Apollo ( Water For Mars ) 1080 HD MP3

    CYNE - Pretty Apollo, From Water For Mars Album! In 1080 HD, Please Subscribe For More! :)

    Tags: cyne pretty apollo, water, for, mars, album, high quality, hip, hop, underground, cyne, pretty, apollo, hip hop, chilled, true, real

  • Cyne - Evolution Fight  [Full Album]

    Cyne - Evolution Fight [Full Album] MP3

    1. Plight About Now 0:00 2. Soapbox 2:22 3. Evolution Fight 5:19 4. Haze 8:42 5. Rousseau 12:08 6. Fuck America 15:38 7. Growing 18:30 8. Rappin' 22:35 9.

    Tags: Full Album, Hip Hop Underground

  • CYNE - One Day

    CYNE - One Day MP3

    I am in no way associated with the content of this video, and in no form am I trying to take credit for the content shown. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT ...

    Tags: CYNE, One, Day

  • Cyne - Midas

    Cyne - Midas MP3


    Tags: Collections, (1999-2003), Midas

  • Cyne - Tragic

    Cyne - Tragic MP3


    Tags: Collections, (1999-2003), Tragic

  • CYNE - Arrow Of God

    CYNE - Arrow Of God MP3

    Track 10 from CYNE's 2005 album, "Evolution Fight"

    Tags: CYNE (Musical Group), Hip Hop Music Musical Genre, Evolution Fight (Musical Album), Music Industry, Arrow of God, Rapping Profession, Underground Hip Hop Musical Genre

  • Cyne - First Person (Instrumental)

    Cyne - First Person (Instrumental) MP3

    Cyne - First Person (Instrumental) Instrumental Remake by Chief Rugged x Steve McFish Not looped!

    Tags: CYNE (Musical Group), first person, instrumental, hiphop, rap, beat, oldschool, dope, sampling, akai s950, sp1200

  • Cyne - Paradise

    Cyne - Paradise MP3

    Cyne - Paradise.

    Tags: Cyne, Paradise, underground hip-hop, dope

  • Cyne - Chapter II: Teeth

    Cyne - Chapter II: Teeth MP3

    Artist: Cyne Album: Wasteland Vol.1 Killmore Release: 2011.

    Tags: Cyne, Wasteland, vol, Killmore, 2011, Hip, Hop, Trip, Nujabes, Chapter, II, III, IV, Braces

  • 11-cyne-octagon-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 04 Nujabes - Shades Of Nostalgia.mp3 MP3
  • 12-cyne-midas_(cuts_by_dj_infamous)-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 09-cyne-paradise-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 02-cyne-african_elephants-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 03 Nujabes - D.T.F.N. (Clean).mp3 MP3
  • 01 Feather [feat. Cise Starr & Akin.flac MP3
  • 03-cyne-steady-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 08-cyne-e-motion-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 05-cyne-a_moment_with_enoch-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 02 Nujabes - D.T.F.N. (Instrumental).mp3 MP3
  • 01-cyne-inform__invade_(an_introduction)-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 05 - Highs 2 Lows (feat. Cise Starr from CYNE).flac MP3
  • 04-cyne-tragic-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 13-cyne-midas_(plex_remix)-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 03 - Lady Brown (feat. Cise Starr from CYNE).flac MP3
  • 01 Feather [feat. Cise Starr & Akin.flac MP3
  • 03 - Lady Brown (feat. Cise Starr from CYNE).flac MP3
  • 07-cyne-400_years_(seth_p._brundel_remix)-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 05 Nujabes - D.T.F.N. (Accapella).mp3 MP3
  • 14-cyne-out_of_time-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 15-cyne-outro-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 10-cyne-a_moment_with_speck-cqi.mp3 MP3
  • 03 Nujabes - D.T.F.N. (Clean).mp3 MP3
  • 05 - Highs 2 Lows (feat. Cise Starr from CYNE).flac MP3