• Cubanate - Antimatter [Full Album]

    Cubanate - Antimatter [Full Album] MP3

    1 Body Burn 2 Angeldust 3 Autonomy 4 Metal D-Code Hard Mix 5 Junky 6 Blackout 7 Exert/Disorder 8 Kill Or Cure 9 Body Burn 10 Angeltrance 11 Junky ...

    Tags: cubanate

  • Cubanate - Hate Song

    Cubanate - Hate Song MP3

    Cubanate - Cyberia - 3. Hate Song I had to put it up.. as its my favourite Cubanate song and it wasn't on here! sometimes when the night falls I need "the noise" I ...

    Tags: Cubanate, Industrial

  • Cubanate - Oxyacetalene

    Cubanate - Oxyacetalene MP3

    almost like motorhead if they decided to go industrial metal :O)

    Tags: CUBANATE

  • Cubanate - Oxyacetylene (Extended Remix)

    Cubanate - Oxyacetylene (Extended Remix) MP3


    Tags: Cubanate (Musical Group), Oxyacetylene

  • CUBANATE-Lord of the flies

    CUBANATE-Lord of the flies MP3

    Seeing as I couldn't find LOTF, decided to make one. Here you go boys and girls, the best Industrial song of all time.

    Tags: Industrial

  • Cubanate "Body Burn"

    Cubanate "Body Burn" MP3

    Artist: Cubanate Song Title: Body Burn (P) (C) 2000 Cleopatra Records, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. for ...

    Tags: Cubanate, Body, Burn, Cleopatra, Records, Goth, Industrial, Metal, Dark, Gothic, Music, Rock

  • Cubanate - Hinterland

    Cubanate - Hinterland MP3

    Tags: Cubanate, Interference, Hinterland, Industrial, Breakbeat

  • Cubanate - Human Drum

    Cubanate - Human Drum MP3

    from Cyberia (1994)

    Tags: Cubanate, Human, Drum

  • Cubanate - Skeletal

    Cubanate - Skeletal MP3

    Tags: dance metal industrial techno

  • Cubanate - Revolution Time

    Cubanate - Revolution Time MP3

    This track appeared on the original release on Machinery Records. When they release this album in the states, they combined this album with the Metal single, ...

    Tags: machinery, dynamica, c-tec, ebm, industrial

  • Gran Turismo - Cubanate - Autonomy

    Gran Turismo - Cubanate - Autonomy MP3

    Gran Turismo - Cubanate - Autonomy.

    Tags: Autonomy

  • Barbarossa- Cubanate

    Barbarossa- Cubanate MP3

    from 'Barbarossa'. "LET'S GO TO WAR!!!"

    Tags: Cubanate, Barbarossa, ebm, industrial, techno, electro, metal

  • AngelDust - Cubanate

    AngelDust - Cubanate MP3

    Angel Dust - Cubanate.

    Tags: Angel, Dust, Cubanate

  • Cubanate Oxyacetylene Live

    Cubanate Oxyacetylene Live MP3

    Oxyacetylene by Cubanate live at Chelseas in Columbus Ohio 5/5/98.

    Tags: Cubanate, Oxyacetylene

  • Cubanate - Build

    Cubanate - Build MP3

    Dynamica Records (1994)

    Tags: Cubanate, Industrial, Cyberia, Oxyacetylene, Ooh, Sounds, A Bit, Like, Lemmy, From, Motorhead

  • Cubanate - Superstructure (unreleased demo)

    Cubanate - Superstructure (unreleased demo) MP3

    From "Cubanate - Search Engine" [unreleased demo, 2001]... one of the best industrial-electro-bands ever. Rare track. Bandsite: ...

    Tags: Music, Electro, Alternative, Power, EBM, Noise, Goth, Gothic, Cubanate, Kir, Kir-Hamburg, Eisbert, Eisenbert, Industrial, Underground, Elektro, Electronic, Metal, Methal, Dark, Noise (acoustic), Noise Music (Musical Genre), Demo, Experimental, rare

  • Cubanate - Switch

    Cubanate - Switch MP3

    From the album Antimatter (1993).

    Tags: industrial, ebm, electronic, coldwave, marc heal, metal rock, electronic music

  • Cubanate - Come alive

    Cubanate - Come alive MP3

    From the album "Barbarossa" 1996.

    Tags: cubanate, barbarossa, 1996, industrial, metal, gothic, electronic, dark, Good, Dream, Goth

  • Cubanate - Sucker - 1993

    Cubanate - Sucker - 1993 MP3

    Tags: Cubanate, Sucker, 1993, proshow

  • Cubanate - Exultation

    Cubanate - Exultation MP3

    No video. Only Sounds. Year 1996. Sorry for display the same image in all videos. I'm too lazy.

    Tags: EBM, Cubanate, Exultation

  • Cubanate - Joy (Extended)

    Cubanate - Joy (Extended) MP3

    No video. Only Sounds. Year 1996. Sorry for display the same image in all videos. I'm too lazy.

    Tags: EBM, Cubanate, Joy, Extended

  • Gran Turismo - Cubanate - Skeletal

    Gran Turismo - Cubanate - Skeletal MP3

    Gran Turismo - Cubanate - Skeletal.

    Tags: Skeletal

  • Gran Turismo - Cubanate - Oxyacetylene (Instrumental Mix)

    Gran Turismo - Cubanate - Oxyacetylene (Instrumental Mix) MP3

    Gran Turismo - Cubanate - Oxyacetylene (Instrumental Mix)

    Tags: Oxyacetylene, Instrumental, Mix

  • Cubanate "It" starring Big Wop

    Cubanate "It" starring Big Wop MP3

    Cubanate "It" starring Big Wop.

    Tags: Cubanate, It, starring, Big, Wop, BigWop

  • Cubanate - The Horsetrader

    Cubanate - The Horsetrader MP3

    Artist: Cubanate Song: The Horsetrader Album: Interference Year: 1998 Lyrics: ?

    Tags: Cubanate, Interference, Cubeanate, Interferance, Horsetrader, Horse, Trader, SightblinderX, metal, rock, ebm, industrial, techno, electronica, cubinate, channelx

  • Cubanate - Winning (unreleased)

    Cubanate - Winning (unreleased) MP3

    From "Cubanate - Search Engine" [unreleased demo]. I got no rights on the music. The Video is only for not to be so bored.

    Tags: Industrial, Wax, Noise, Cubanate, Gothic, Electro, UK, Winning, Kir, Kir-Hamburg, Elektro, Alternative, Search Engine, Disco, COTN, Creatures of the night, Hamburg, Eisbert, Eisenbert, werftenklang

  • Cubanate - Autonomy

    Cubanate - Autonomy MP3

    Cubanate - Autonomy.

    Tags: Industrial

  • Cubanate - 9:59

    Cubanate - 9:59 MP3

    From the album Interference (1998).

    Tags: industrial, ebm, electronic, marc heal, drum and bass, dnb, bass, techno, dance, music

  • Cubanate - Oxyacetylene [Instrumental] - GT1 OST

    Cubanate - Oxyacetylene [Instrumental] - GT1 OST MP3

    Artist: Cubanate Song: Oxyacetylene [Instrumental] This song is taken from the Gran Turismo 1 soundtrack.

    Tags: Cubanate, Oxyacetylene, Instrumental, GT1, OST, gran, turismo, original, sound, track, soundtrack