• Crypticz - Magnets (Music Video)

    Crypticz - Magnets (Music Video) MP3

    Buy on Bandcamp: Become a fan of Inflect: http:// ...

    Tags: crypticz, magnets, music video, drum n bass, drum and bass, dnb, drum and bass music video, dnb music video, halfstep, dark, grime, bristol, bass, Drum, Jungle, Remix, Music (TV Genre), Grime (Musical Genre), Dub, Electronic, Mix, Step, Records

  • Crypticz - Bubblegum [PICKNMIX001]

    Crypticz - Bubblegum [PICKNMIX001] MP3

    Download now ~

    Tags: Music, Video, Bubblegum, Guns, For, Hire, Jungle, DNB, Bass, 160, 170, Dubplate, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Remix, Drum Bass, Fun, Willy Wonka (Film Character), Candy (Food), Sweets For My Sweet (Composition), Sweets (Musical Group), Chocolate (Food), Box, Crypticz, Lakeway, Inflect, Bristol, Diffrent, London, Pink, Giraffe, Banana, Design, Creative, 2015

  • x Crypticz x |RnG Player on XboxOne

    x Crypticz x |RnG Player on XboxOne MP3

    RnG Player!!!
  • Crypticz - Transmission

    Crypticz - Transmission MP3

    Label: Inflect Audio Catalogue No.: INFLECT005 Release Date: 1/5/15 Format: Digital (Distributed) ...

    Tags: crypticz, transmission, dnb, drum, and, bass, 2015, half, time, step, chilled, minimal, liquid, dub, inflect, audio, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Drum Bass, Electronic

  • Crypticz interview December 2013

    Crypticz interview December 2013 MP3

    Jordan Parsons AKA "Crypticz" chats about his career in elecronic music.

    Tags: Crypticz, Jordan Parsons

  • Crypticz - TEK

    Crypticz - TEK MP3

    Fresh from the labs, Cryptics unveils his take on UK Footwork. ...

    Tags: footwork, juke, fwuk

  • Crypticz - Emotions ft. Amy Ives (Simon Says Remix)

    Crypticz - Emotions ft. Amy Ives (Simon Says Remix) MP3

    Here is Emotions by Crypticz remixed by Simon Says. Emotions has some really great vocals and an awesome drop. Enjoy! :] Download:: ...

    Tags: Crypticz, Emotions, Amy Ives, Simon Says Remix, Emotions (Simon Says Remix), Simon, Says, Simon Says, Remix, Progressive House, Progressive, House, House Music, HouseMusicTroll, HouseMu5icTroll, House Music (Musical Genre)

  • Crypticz - Lost In Space

    Crypticz - Lost In Space MP3

    Crypticz - Lost In Space | Future Bass Free/Name Price Download: Check Out Crypticz Below More Music From Crypticz Home: ...

    Tags: future garage, future bass, 2-step, bass music, edm, FutureGarageBass, house music, Crypticz, Lost In Space, Good Street Records

  • crypticz 1.mp4

    crypticz 1.mp4 MP3

    The first official video.

    Tags: Crypticz, team crypticz, pulsar stunts, nepali stunts, stunts on bikes, nepali keta haru, biker, bike, wheelie, stoppie

  • Crypticz - Contact EP [Interview]

    Crypticz - Contact EP [Interview] MP3

    We caught up with Crypticz to discuss his new EP, booty bass and alien abductions. Buy the Contact EP now @

    Tags: DNB, Bass, 160, 170, Slowfast, Beats, Vibes, Different, GiraffeStep, Pink, Giraffe, EP, Interview (TV Genre), Television Program (Media Genre), Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Jungle, Things, Remix, Rouge, Dub, Drum Bass, Dub (Musical Genre), Drums (Musical Instrument), Drummer (Profession), Electronic

  • #221 Crypticz (OK) v Frost (SU)

    #221 Crypticz (OK) v Frost (SU) MP3

  • CrypticZ

    CrypticZ MP3

    Add shoot done by CrypticZ.

    Tags: CrypticZ, addshoot

  • FTRP005: Crypticz - Be Alrite EP

    FTRP005: Crypticz - Be Alrite EP MP3

    Tags: Footwork, footrap, crypticz, juke, trap, dubstep, bass, space, breaks, breakbeat, club, deep, soul, booty, ambient, experimental, epic, jungle, drumstep, electro, chill-out, groove, music, instrumental, rave, uk, jordan parsons, EP, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Electro (Musical Genre)

  • #124 Doge Ace (OH) v Crypticz (SU)

    #124 Doge Ace (OH) v Crypticz (SU) MP3

  • J.Nomad & Crypticz - Downfall

    J.Nomad & Crypticz - Downfall MP3

    160 J.Nomad - Downfall (ft. Crypticz) / Twelve Miles (Halogen Music - 19.10.15) Download: J.Nomad ...
  • MULTI COD DUALTAGE | Prism episode 1-by CRYPTICz

    MULTI COD DUALTAGE | Prism episode 1-by CRYPTICz MP3

    Tags: Call Of Duty (Video Game Series)

  • CALAMITYz and CRYPTICz dual tage trailer

    CALAMITYz and CRYPTICz dual tage trailer MP3

  • FFA Nuklear /by VoxE Crypticz

    FFA Nuklear /by VoxE Crypticz MP3

  • Introducing you Decoy CRYPTICz

    Introducing you Decoy CRYPTICz MP3

    Tags: montage, trickshottings, trickshot, mw3, bo2, blackops2

  • Minecraft Creativ #1 neuer Channel für LPs | Crypticz

    Minecraft Creativ #1 neuer Channel für LPs | Crypticz MP3

    Tags: Minecraft (Award-Winning Work)

  • AW: Livecommentary Rage bei Minecraft?! | Crypticz

    AW: Livecommentary Rage bei Minecraft?! | Crypticz MP3

    Tags: Minecraft (Award-Winning Work), Crypticz