• Anakin - Cosmosapien

    Anakin - Cosmosapien MP3

    'Cosmosapien' taken from Anakin's album 'Celestial Frequency Shifter' out February 3rd, 2015. Order now at Subscribe to the No Sleep ...

    Tags: Anakin, No Sleep Records, Celestial Frequency Shifter, Cosmosapien

  • Anakin - Cosmosapien

    Anakin - Cosmosapien MP3

    "Cosmosapien" by Anakin. ยฉ 2015 No Sleep Records. All rights reserved. Purchase: ...
  • Onur Ertem on  Roland V-Drum TD-9 / EZ Drummer 2009 ( Cosmo Sapien)

    Onur Ertem on Roland V-Drum TD-9 / EZ Drummer 2009 ( Cosmo Sapien) MP3

    Drums:Onur Ertem Hardware:Roland V-Drum TD 09 Software: EZ Drummer Track:Jamie Lidell - A Little Bit More.

    Tags: Roland, V-Drum, EZ, Drummer, Jamie, Lidell, onur, ertem, virgil, donati, dave, dicenso, mike, portnoy, sean, reinert, marco, minnemann, drum, solo, thomas, lang, Onur, Ertem, improvisation, TNK, gecegece, titiz, gene, hoglan, volkan, tom, knight, benny, greb, richard, christy, bobby, jarzombek, keith, carlock, morgan, agren



    Predict the future. A Futurology timeline with some optimistic predictions of the future and future technology taken from popular sources. Music by So Shush.

    Tags: future, prediction, predict the future, predicting the future, Futurology, population, 7 billion, kinetic type, anthropocene, cloud computing, Renewables, Fossil Fuels, Peak oil, body flight, Nuclear Fusion, Quantum Unification Theory, Bionics, transplant, cloning, longevity, immortality, interstellar, terraforming, cosmosapien, artificial intelligence, android, robot, manipulation, Microsoft, Office, Vision, Envisioning, Productivity, work, home, technology, innovation, NASA, future vision, Neil Armstrong