Comb Jelly

  • The Lovely Lobed Comb Jelly

    The Lovely Lobed Comb Jelly MP3

    These beautiful, oval-shaped animals have eight rows of tiny comblike plates that they beat to move themselves through the water. As they swim, the comb rows ...

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  • World

    World's Weirdest - Neon Killers MP3

    World's Weirdest: Freaks in the Ocean : SUN OCT 14 at 3P et/pt : Comb jellies look anything but dangerous.

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  • Arctic Comb Jelly with its prey

    Arctic Comb Jelly with its prey MP3 - In the freezing waters of Svalbard, beyond 79 degrees north, an unusual predator is feeding on the abundant plankton. This is a type of ...

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  • Octonauts Creature Report - The Comb Jelly

    Octonauts Creature Report - The Comb Jelly MP3

    Tags: The Octonauts (TV Program), Animated Cartoon (TV Genre)

  • Bloodybelly Comb Jelly

    Bloodybelly Comb Jelly MP3

    The bloodybelly comb jellys sparkling display is from light diffracting from tiny transparent, hair-like cilia. These beat continuously as a form of propulsion. In the ...

    Tags: Monterey Bay Aquarium, MBARI, bloodybelly comb jelly, comb jelly, bioluminescence, deep sea

  • Facts: The Comb Jelly (Ctenophora)

    Facts: The Comb Jelly (Ctenophora) MP3

    Quick facts about these voracious carnivores! The Comb Jelly (Ctenophores, Gooseberries, Sea Walnuts, Venus's Girdles, Warty Comb Jelly, Melon Jellyfish).

    Tags: comb jelly, comb jelly facts, ctenophore, ctenophora, gooseberries, sea walnuts, warty comb jelly, melon jellyfish, cnidaria, jellyfish, plankton, colloblasts, statocyst, deep ocean, deep sea facts, cool ocean facts, cool fish, unique fish, monster of the deep, scary fish, big fish, monterey bay aquarium, national geographic, noaa, rare fish, ancient fish, marine fish, marine biology, Fish, nematocyst, stinging

  • Octonauts: Creature Reports - Comb Jellies

    Octonauts: Creature Reports - Comb Jellies MP3

    Want to join our next mission? Click here to Subscribe: Creature Report - Showing the amazing facts about the Comb Jellies The Octonauts ...

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  • Comb Jellies

    Comb Jellies MP3

    Comb Jellies -- Phylum Ctenophora Comb jellies are beautiful animals with tiny, hair-like structures arranged in eight rows like the teeth of a comb. As they swim ...

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  • Absurd Creatures | Comb Jellies Are Ready to Rave

    Absurd Creatures | Comb Jellies Are Ready to Rave MP3

    Put the comb jelly in the spotlight and watch it groove. The sea creatures turn into pulsating rainbows of movement under the right lighting, no disco ball needed.

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  • Comb Jellyfish

    Comb Jellyfish MP3

    Visual mix: Interstella VJ Music: Sector AB - Supreme Particles Album: Ambient Diary vol.1 - Electrolux Records.

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  • Comb jellies part 1 Gooseberry feeding

    Comb jellies part 1 Gooseberry feeding MP3

    Feeding behaviour of sea gooseberries Pleurobrachia pileus.

    Tags: sea, gooseberry, pleurobrachia, pileus, feeding, ctenophore, comb, jellies

  • The Octonauts: Peso and the Giant Comb Jelly Toy Figure

    The Octonauts: Peso and the Giant Comb Jelly Toy Figure MP3

    In this toy review video Bobbie and Mr Hands play with The Octonaut Peso and the Giant Comb Jelly figure set. Peso is one of the Octonauts and the crews ...

    Tags: The Octonauts (TV Program), toy, review, peso, giant jelly fish, reviews, toys, octopod, adventure, playing, disney jr, channel, Disney Channel (Organization), Collection, meomi, fun, undersea, missons, funny, animals, cartoon animal, seas creatures, explore rescue protect, medic, penguin, ocean, play time, set, Cartoon (TV Genre), Animal (Fictional Character), jelly fish, figure, Disney Channel (TV Network)

  • Swallowed Whole - a comb jelly preying on a comb jelly

    Swallowed Whole - a comb jelly preying on a comb jelly MP3

    Beroe ovata preying on Ocyropsis cristalina (Ctenophora) Beroid comb jellies lack tentacles and often swallow entire large preys, usually other gelatinous ...

    Tags: Ctenophora (Organism Classification), Beroida, comb jelly, Zoology (Field Of Study), Plankton, Beroi, Zoologia, Biology (Media Genre), Swallowed Whole, centro de biologia marinha, usp, cebimar, biologia marinha, Marine Biology (Field Of Study), Invertebrate (Literature Subject), invertebrados, Beroe ovata, Ocyropsis, Animal (Film Genre)

  • Octonauts Creatures - GIANT COMB JELLY

    Octonauts Creatures - GIANT COMB JELLY MP3

    Octonauts Creatures you can find in Octonauts Game - it's a Octonauts Mission game. In this game is three mission - Captain Barnacles, Peso penguin and ...

    Tags: octonauts game, Octonauts Creatures, GIANT COMB JELLY, Octonauts Mission, Octonauts Mission game

  • This Comb Jelly

    This Comb Jelly's Diffraction May Drive You to Distraction MP3

    Comb jellies, like this spotted comb jelly (Leucothea pulchra), are beautiful, oval-shaped animals with eight rows of tiny comblike plates that they beat to move ...

    Tags: jellies, Jellyfish (Animal), Leucothea pulchra, spotted comb jelly, Monterey Bay Aquarium (Zoo), invertebrates, comb jelly, Aquarium, diffraction

  • Comb Jelly

    Comb Jelly MP3

    By Johnny Ye at Goodly Co. [email protected]

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  • Pet Comb Jellyfish

    Pet Comb Jellyfish MP3

    Beautiful luminescent Comb Jellyfish available at The Jellyfish Warehouse!

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  • Comb Jelly Cilia

    Comb Jelly Cilia MP3

    Video microscopy from graduate student Josh Stone of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science's Zooplankton Ecology Lab shows the beating and iridescence of ...

    Tags: iMovie, Ctenophora (Organism Classification), Cilium, Chesapeake Bay (Body Of Water), marine life

  • Watch Mesmerizing Journey Of A Comb Jelly

    Watch Mesmerizing Journey Of A Comb Jelly MP3

    This brief footage shows the mesmerizing journey of a comb jelly.

    Tags: ctenophore comb jelly, ctenophore vibrant blue, geobeats, News, World News

  • Bolinopsis comb jelly

    Bolinopsis comb jelly MP3

    Tags: Ctenophora (Organism Classification), Bolinopsidae, Jellyfish (Animal), Pet Jellyfish

  • Warty comb jelly

    Warty comb jelly MP3

    Jelly fish with built in lights.
  • Comb Jelly Kimmeridge Dorset

    Comb Jelly Kimmeridge Dorset MP3

    Planktonic Comb Jelly filmed using Canon EOS1DMK1V, Canon 65mpe macro lens , Steve Trewhella

    Tags: Premiere_Elements_10

  • American comb jelly (Mnemiopsis leidyi) Гребневик мнемиопсис

    American comb jelly (Mnemiopsis leidyi) Гребневик мнемиопсис MP3

    American comb jelly is a dangerous invasive species of the Black Sea. Homeland of Mnemiopsis is the Atlantic coast of North America. It was introduced to the ...

    Tags: Mnemiopsis leidyi, invertebrate, jellyfish, ctenophores, Ctenophora, warty comb jelly, sea walnut, American comb jelly, invertebrates, water column, water layer, plankton, invasion, invasive species, transfer, transport, disbalance, ecocatastrophe, ballast water, shipping, diving, dive, underwater, Caspian Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea, wild

  • Comb Jelly Swim

    Comb Jelly Swim MP3

    Tags: Comb Jelly, Oudekraal, Snorkelling, Ctenophora (Organism Classification)

  • Jellies Experience - Warty Comb jelly

    Jellies Experience - Warty Comb jelly MP3

    Bioluminescent Warty Comb jelly or Sea Walnut (Mnemiopsis leidyi) in The Jellies Experience Exhibit at The the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    Tags: jelly, jellies, Monterey Bay Aquarium (Zoo), california, deep animals, abyss, sea, aquarium

  • My New Pet Comb Jelly

    My New Pet Comb Jelly MP3

    My Pet Comb Jelly.

    Tags: My, Pet, Comb, Jelly

  • Comb Jellyfish

    Comb Jellyfish MP3

    This is a Comb jellyfish i filmed on 26th November in Cyprus. It swims using small hairs along the length of it's body, these hairs defract the light making a ...

    Tags: akamas, diving, underwater, jellyfish, scuba, cyprus

  • Comb jelly

    Comb jelly MP3

    Love watching these things move. Seen at the Jellies exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium.

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  • Comb Jelly Bioluminescence

    Comb Jelly Bioluminescence MP3

    Coloured lights blinking on the sides of comb jelly. Shot at the National Zoo in Washington DC using my Pentax K-7.

    Tags: Bioluminescence, Ctenophora (Organism Classification), Jellyfish (Organism Classification), Aquarium (Building Function), Pentax K-7 (Digital Camera)

  • Spot winged comb jelly

    Spot winged comb jelly MP3

    Look close and sea the luminescent on the spot-winged comb jelly.

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