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  • Top 10 Chick Flicks of All Time

    Top 10 Chick Flicks of All Time MP3

    They're loved-up, they're full of laughs, they're likely to have you crying at least once! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 ...

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  • Top 10  chick flicks

    Top 10 chick flicks MP3

    This is what I think the top 10 chick flicks are: 10-sleepover 9-the clique 8-wild child 7-aquamarine 6-angus thongs and perfect snoggings 5-the hot chick 4-easy ...

    Tags: top, 10, movies, chick, flick, Best

  • Good movies, Best Chick Flicks, Teen movies

    Good movies, Best Chick Flicks, Teen movies MP3

    Song, a remix of girlbands; 1. Sugababes - Hole In The Head. 2. Destiny's Child - Lose my breath. 3. Girlicious - Stupid Shit. 5. Danity Kane - Damaged. 6.

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  • 150 best teen movies/chick flicks

    150 best teen movies/chick flicks MP3

    THE MUSIC GOT DELETED 2013! These are 150 of my favourite teen movies i know they go by quite fast but there were alot and i didnt want it to be too long ...

    Tags: Dvd, movie, films, teen mmovies, teen films, 2013, 2013 movies, new and old movies, Film (Invention), girly films, chick flicks, actors, 150 movies, 150 films, 150 teen movies, alot of movies

  • Best Girly/Chick Flick Films!

    Best Girly/Chick Flick Films! MP3

    i really love all these films these are just in my oppinion enjoy :) Comment rate and subscribe thank you :) ENJOY!

    Tags: girls, movies, films

  • Top 10 Chick Flick Movies and Links to the Full Movies!

    Top 10 Chick Flick Movies and Links to the Full Movies! MP3

    Top 10 Chick Flicks and link to the trailers and full movies! (3 of 3) Full Movies; The Other Woman- Bratz- ...

    Tags: Top10, Movies, The Other Woman (Film), Chick Flick (Film Genre), Bend It Like Beckham (Award-Winning Work), The First Time (Film), Sorority Wars (Film), Aquamarine (Film), Beautiful Creatures (Book), Lol (film), So Undercover (Film), Full movies, Trailer, Best, Favorite, Film (Media Genre)

  • TOP 100 Chick Flicks! (Part 1)

    TOP 100 Chick Flicks! (Part 1) MP3

    My TOP 100 Chick Flicks!! The best movies for a girly night in :D Let me know if I've missed your favourite and I will add it to the sequel! How many have you ...

    Tags: Chick Flicks, Chick Flick (Film Genre), Movies, Top, Girly, comedy, romance, rom com, romantic comedy, Top 100, Reccomendations, Emma Stone, Hilary Duff, Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Jack Black, Rachel McAdams (TV Actor), Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Reviews, Becky Jerams, Breathe You In, Jennifer Anniston, Adam Sandler, Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Film, Music, Katherine Heigl (TV Actor), Katherine Heigl, Audrey Tautou, Tom Hanks

  • Top 10 Chick Flicks Men Hate

    Top 10 Chick Flicks Men Hate MP3

    Classic or not, these are the movies that guys fear. Join as we count down the Top 10 chick flicks that men hate. Help us caption ...

    Tags: Chick Flicks, Top 10, Movies, Women, Girls, Hate, Boring, Painful, Men, Female, Romance, Comedy, Twilight, Bad, Notebook, Dear John, English Patient, Sex and the City, Mamma Mia, Dirty Dancing, movies men hate

  • top 100 chick flicks

    top 100 chick flicks MP3

    1) The five-year engagement 2) The ugly truth 3) Sleepover 4) Grease 5) The perfect man 6) Wild child 7) Your so cupid 8) Miss congeniality 9) Miss congeniality ...
  • chick flicks, funny and sad movies

    chick flicks, funny and sad movies MP3

    my favorite Chick Flicks of all time :) please subscribe ! the title of the song is : read all about it.

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  • Minor Details (2009) Full Movie

    Minor Details (2009) Full Movie MP3

    NO SPOILERS! Minor Details is a 2009 film by John Lyde of MainStay Productions and written by Sally Meyer and Anne M. Edwards starring Kelsey Edwards, ...

    Tags: Minor Details (Film), Minor Details Full Movie, 2009 Films, Kelsey Edwards, Caitlin EJ Meyer, Dani Chuchran, Lauren Faber, Jennette McCurdy, Savannah Jayde Gipson, Emma Duke, Brady Edwards, Andrew Cottrill, Elijah Thomas, Richard Michael Egan, Film (Media Genre), Mystery (Film Genre), Comedy (Film Genre)

  • "STARSHIPS" - Nicki Minaj (Music Video Parody) "Chick Flicks"

    "STARSHIPS" - Nicki Minaj (Music Video Parody) "Chick Flicks" MP3


    Tags: nicki minaj, nicki minaj starships, official starships video, starships music video, starships parody, mikey bolts, mikey bolts nicki minaj, mikey bolts starships, starships video, starships, drake, drake and nicki minaj, super bass, stupid hoe

  • Top 10  Chick Flicks

    Top 10 Chick Flicks MP3

    WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE CHICK FLICKS? Open for links & more information! --Blog-- -- My Other Channel: ...

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  • Chick Flick Kisses

    Chick Flick Kisses MP3

    Lots of kisses from different chick flicks. Song : You are the Woman by Josh Kelly In Order : 13 Going On 30 Bring It On 3 Clueless First Daughter The Princess ...

    Tags: Chick, flick, kisses, princess, diaries, drive, me, crazy, all, that, get, over, it, agent, catwalk, 10, things, ihate, about, you

  • chick flicks and Teenage movies

    chick flicks and Teenage movies MP3

    Please subscribe,comment and like if you want to :) music-- Band of st trinians up and away and Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe.

    Tags: chick flicks, Girly movies, teenage movies

  • Chick Flicks and Movies (64)

    Chick Flicks and Movies (64) MP3

    READ ME! - Hello! This is my first video upload and i hope you guys like it. It's a list of nice chick flicks and teen movies i've watched recently. Don't forget to ...

    Tags: chick flick, teen movies, favourite, movies, top, list, to watch list, slideshow, best, chick flicks, share, short, must see, teenage, movie, what to watch, video, top movies

  • Chick Flix Demo

    Chick Flix Demo MP3

    A demo that I produced for this awesome band out of Columbia, SC.

    Tags: ChickFlixDemorev

  • My Top Ten Comedy Chick Flicks

    My Top Ten Comedy Chick Flicks MP3

    Tags: Kelly Pickler, Red High Heels, Carrie Underwood, All American Girl

  • Best chick flicks 2014

    Best chick flicks 2014 MP3

  • 55-Don't You Forget About Me.mp3 MP3