• Chiasm - Relapse (Full Album)

    Chiasm - Relapse (Full Album) MP3

    Tags: chiasm, relapse, electro, industrial, full album

  • Chiasm - Reform (full album)

    Chiasm - Reform (full album) MP3

    00:00 Deny 03:28 Soulprint 08:23 Unity 12:23 The Caffeine Cycle 17:26 Reform 22:34 A Section of Time 27:50 Deceivers 31:40 Won 36:34 Incubate 41:37 ...

    Tags: chiasm, reform, industrial, ebm, electro, full album

  • Chiasm - Isolated

    Chiasm - Isolated MP3

    Tags: Chiasm, Isolated, Electro, Schranz, House, Vampire, Bloodlines

  • Chiasm - Liquefy

    Chiasm - Liquefy MP3

    Chiasm - Liquefy from the album disorder.

    Tags: Chiasm, liquefy, disorder, gothic, darkwave, vampire, emileigh, rohn

  • Formula - Chiasm

    Formula - Chiasm MP3

    from album Disorder.

    Tags: formula, chiasm, disorder, industrial, electro, trance, dark, techno

  • Chiasm - Someone

    Chiasm - Someone MP3

    Official music video for Chiasm for the track "Someone" Directed By Ryan Wetherall From the album "Disorder" available in stores.

    Tags: electronic, someone, chiasm, ryan, wetherall, fantasy, music, video, short, film, 16mm

  • Chiasm-Soulprint

    Chiasm-Soulprint MP3

    Lyrics: Genetic blueprint for the soul" "Come on" "Genetic blueprint for the soul" "Come on" "Genetic blueprint for the soul" "Are we good?" "Genetic blueprint for ...

    Tags: Chiasm, Soulprint, Isolated, gothic, vampires, the, masquerade, bloodlines

  • Chiasm - Disorder

    Chiasm - Disorder MP3

    This music is for promotional use only. Credits go to the producers of these songs. All content is owned and made by them.

    Tags: chiasm, disorder, industrial, dark, electro

  • Chiasm - Major Tom (English Version)

    Chiasm - Major Tom (English Version) MP3

    Standing there alone The ship is waiting All systems are go "Are you sure?" Control is not convinced But the computer has the evidence No need to abort The ...

    Tags: Peter Schilling, HD

  • Chiasm - Isolated  ( with lyrics )

    Chiasm - Isolated ( with lyrics ) MP3

    Isolated by Chiasm. Enjoy... And be nice, it's my first video..Ever.. Actually, I just made it to practice and see how things would go. This is also heard on the game ...

    Tags: Chiasm, Isolated

  • Chiasm - Isolated

    Chiasm - Isolated MP3

    Lyrics; isolated alone apart i'll never crawl again i'll never fall again until i'm free here i stand in this room caged and trapped inside seems i'm damned to live a ...

    Tags: Chiasm, Isolated, Vampire, Bloodlines, Electro (music), HQ

  • CHIASM   Petals video

    CHIASM Petals video MP3

    New Chiasm Video: PETALS This is the first released preview track off the upcoming full length album, CHIASM -"11:11". Animation by Tymoteusz Sułek.

    Tags: chiasm, sulek, petals, industrial, female, detroit, electronic

  • Chiasm - Fight

    Chiasm - Fight MP3

    Chiasm - Fight from the album disorder.

    Tags: Chiasm, fight, techno, darkwave, electronic, emileigh, rohn

  • Chiasm - The Caffeine Cycle (Lyrics)

    Chiasm - The Caffeine Cycle (Lyrics) MP3

    Emileigh Rohn a.k.a. Chiasm made this song. I didn't find it on Youtube so I made a video with the lyrics. It's a great song from a great artist and deserves this ...

    Tags: Chiasm, Caffeine, Cycle, Lyrics

  • Chiasm First Ever Drums 100% FC

    Chiasm First Ever Drums 100% FC MP3

    After many months, the unFCed drums list is now down from 3 to 2. Feels good to be the one to make that happen. This song is difficult for quite a few reasons.

    Tags: chiasm, chaims, chaotrope, expert, drums, 100, fc, full, combo, rock, band, rock band 3, rb3, mazegeek999, maze, geek, 999, mazegeek, ihomer, ihomerx360a, x360a, pro

  • Chiasm - Delay

    Chiasm - Delay MP3

    I thought there was a place Where stars shone bright with grace And rain fell slow to time As wind dispersed its seed And now I learn I can't revive the past I've ...

    Tags: electronic, chiasm, delay, darkwave, industrial, gothic

  • Chaotrope - Chiasm | Best Quality | 1080p HD

    Chaotrope - Chiasm | Best Quality | 1080p HD MP3

    Chiasm by Chaotrope, song number 3 from the album 'The Thief in the Night - Part II' (2011). This song is distributed under 'free to share and commercial use' ...

    Tags: chaotrope, double bass, metal, progressive, progressive metal, prog, prog metal, rock, rockband, speed, virtual, Spokane, chiptune, video game, video game music, The Light at the End, experimental, virtual instruments, Mixcraft, shinymonkey8, tobegh3, guitarherophenom, ihomerx360a, danny, guitarheroaddict112, rb3, rock band 3, rb2, rock band, gh3, guitar hero, rbn, rock band network, fc chiasm, ghaddict112, TTitN, TTitN - Part II, fc 100, chiasm fc, chiasm fc rb3, chiasm guitar fc

  • Chiasm - Transparent

    Chiasm - Transparent MP3

    Hello from Romania Versuri/Lyrics i feel so out of place i cannot show my face how could it be there's anyone like me! they leave me far behind i think they must ...

    Tags: Chiasm

  • Introduction to Chiasm

    Introduction to Chiasm MP3

    A Javascript-heavy walk through the Chiasm project. Covers patterns for reusable data visualization components and linked views. Code examples here ...

    Tags: Data Visualization (Industry), JavaScript (Programming Language)

  • Chiasm - Cold

    Chiasm - Cold MP3

    Chiasm Cold Disorder.

    Tags: chiasm, disorder, cold

  • Chiasm - 11:11 (Full Album)

    Chiasm - 11:11 (Full Album) MP3

    Tags: chiasm, full album, electro, industrial

  • Chiasm - Surrender

    Chiasm - Surrender MP3

    I'm not exactly sure why but... this song is one of my favorites and it's not on youtube, so after not being able to link friends to the song so they can hear it I just ...

    Tags: Chiasm, Surrender, Techno, project, Relapse

  • Chiasm Phobic Animation

    Chiasm Phobic Animation MP3

    My most important project on Animation level 2. Always liked surreal paintings, so I just needed to do an animation about a nightmare.

    Tags: chiasm, phobic, animation, industrial, music

  • Chiasm isolated lyrics

    Chiasm isolated lyrics MP3

    Tags: vampire, bloodlines, Chiasm, isolated, lyrics, troika, games, world, of, darkness, white, wolf, Dark, Song, Vampire

  • Chiasm - Enemy

    Chiasm - Enemy MP3

    A song i really love for reasons. Album: Disorder.

    Tags: Chiasm, Enemy, Disorder, Electronica

  • Chiasm - Reform

    Chiasm - Reform MP3

    Tags: gothic, industrial

  • Chiasm - Embryonic

    Chiasm - Embryonic MP3

    Album: Embryonic (1998) Official Website:

    Tags: chiasm, embryonic

  • Optic Chiasm

    Optic Chiasm MP3

    This video is a diagram of the Optic Chiasm.

    Tags: iMovie, college, Psychology

  • 04 - The Asylum ~ {Chiasm - Isolated}.mp3 MP3
  • Chiasm.mp3 MP3
  • 06 A Section Of Time.mp3 MP3