Bullshit (MsDos Remix)

  • How not to make an 8-bit remix

    How not to make an 8-bit remix MP3

    While GXSCC is capable of producing decent-sounding music, many people tend to misuse it and create very poor sounding "8-bit" "remixes" without any ...

    Tags: 8-bit, Remix, GXSCC, Bad, Fail, Terrible, Parody, Satire, LOL, YouTube, How-to, Mix, Epic, Owned, Noob, Software, Tutorial, Spoof, Comedy, Windows, Movie, Maker, Computer

  • Murray richardson - progress (tom davis remix)

    Murray richardson - progress (tom davis remix) MP3

    Tags: techno, deep, original mix, progress, Deep (album), essential, Mix, Dance, tom davis, remix, murray richardson, love, tom, davis

  • Mortal Kombat 3

    Mortal Kombat 3 MP3

    Clássico da Bullshit Masters ... Um dos primeiros trailers feito pela Bullshit Masters.Totalmente analógico, sem edições e com certeza muuuito trash.

    Tags: Bullshit, Masters, Mortal, Kombat, Cleber, Drago, Marcos, Santos, Trash



    I can't believe anyone actually fell for this bullshit. It's funny because i started really fucking with him and he got mad and hung up.

    Tags: scam, funny, bullshit, nonsense

  • Let

    Let's Play Flashback: The Quest for Identity - 10: Out With a Bang MP3

    I love that all Conrad wants to do now that all this bullshit is over with is take a really long nap. More video game characters should be like that. Just like, "Man, I ...

    Tags: flashback, the quest for identity, sega, genesis, mega drive, delphine software, us gold, 1993, talkthrough, walkthrough, commentary, yes the title, is a holdover, from when someone, suggested using it for, i never forgot it, thanks for, hypothetically asking

  • Let

    Let's Play onEscapee: Part 2 - More Caves MP3

    The bullshit-o-meter is off the charts! Commentated by SupSuper and Paul.Power.

    Tags: lets, play, onescapee, the, escapee, caves, invictus, pc, video, game, action, adventure, supsuper

  • Fantastic Dizzy - Sega Megadrive

    Fantastic Dizzy - Sega Megadrive MP3

    Known as The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy outside Europe and Australia. Only Dizzy game to be released on the consoles , it was released on the NES ...

    Tags: Fantastic, Dizzy, Sega, Megadrive, Genesis, Daisy, Egg, Hero, Platformer, Pal, European, AdyShearer

  • Breaking Beats Liquid DnB - Guestmix - Greekboy

    Breaking Beats Liquid DnB - Guestmix - Greekboy MP3

    Welcome Back to Breaking Beats Guestmix, on this instalment we have GreekBoy, Rollin out some Lush Liquid Dnb Dubs, of forthcoming release's from ...

    Tags: liquid drum and Bass, liquid dnb, dnb, drum and bass, drum n bass, liquid drum n bass, dnb mix, liquid mix, liquid dnb mix

  • How To Scan Enemies in Doom

    How To Scan Enemies in Doom MP3

    This is a tutorial video I made on how to scan enemies in Doom that works on certain source ports. I also made this so that everyone who was aware of the code ...

    Tags: Doom, scan enemies, enemy, linetarget, bind l, bind key, ZDoom, GZDoom, Skulltag, Zandronum, source port, ports

  • DooM Bugs, Crashes and Glitches - Part 15

    DooM Bugs, Crashes and Glitches - Part 15 MP3

    Not sure what the render has to do with this. And if he is spelled "Ark-Vile" or "Arsh-Vile". I prefere the first one though. About my wallpaper: Link for all the ...
  • corrosion - psykedelik (pc dos demo, 1998)

    corrosion - psykedelik (pc dos demo, 1998) MP3

    lethal injection. code malfunction. information overlord. subliminal torture. psykedelik. Yes, remarkable, isn't it? A tin-can fuckin' demo like production by those ...

    Tags: pc, dos, msdos, demoscene, corrosion, kosmoplovci



    Zeus presents Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone (un-emulated) for the zx spectrum, a true classic from the golden era of spectrum gaming which must not be ...

    Tags: double dragon iii 3, the rosetta stone, zx spectrum, sinclair, video game, zeusdaz, full game, longplay, walkthrough, Gameplay

  • Let

    Let's Play (Fail at) Crusader: No Regret 39 - Endgame and Credits MP3

    Thus concludes the current final chapter of the crusader series. As there has never been a sequel or continuation of this game, although it may had been worked ...

    Tags: play, crusader, no, regret, draygan, terminated, silencer

  • * REMAKE * DooM OPL soundtrack : RUNNING FROM EVIL

    * REMAKE * DooM OPL soundtrack : RUNNING FROM EVIL MP3

    The aiming of DOOMSDAY is the biggest shit ever. First it seemed like I fail badly because my first priority was to stay away from the evil FN button while firing ...

    Tags: DooM, DooM II, OPL, Soundblaster, AdLib, OPL2, OPL 2, Running, From, Evil, Remake

  • Problem Solver by Jeff B. Flockin

    Problem Solver by Jeff B. Flockin' w/ Lyrics MP3

    Tags: problem, solver, end, the, games, knowledge, weapon, call, it, set, off, all, is, one, raw, spirits, bumping, WWE Raw (TV Program), Music, Rap Music, Robot, Math, Computer, Lyrics, Technology, Physics, Space, Robots, Experiment, Mechanics, Lego, Chemistry, Lab, Environment, Robotics, Full, Engineering, Algebra, Aviation, Lecture, Biology, Interactive, Education, Maths, Mathematics, Artificial, Research, Song, Gadget

  • Richard O

    Richard O'Brien Returns With The Crystal Maze || Mr Hairy Brit MP3

    Funny news - The rebooted version of Crystal Maze just got even more epic as it has been revealed that legendary host Richard O'Brien is very much involved in ...

    Tags: oh, kickstarter, crystal dome, funny, game show, film, hairybrit, Video Blog (Website Category), Scary, my, hairy news, Game, vlog, Entertainment, crystal maze, rocky horror picture show, news, tourism, retro, mr hairybrit, The Crystal Maze (TV Program), crystal maze london, fort boyard, Weird, vlogger