• Brandtson - Blindspot

    Brandtson - Blindspot MP3

    Just wanted to share some cool music! Hope that's okay. :)

    Tags: Brandtson, Blindspot, indie rock, emo

  • Brandtson - Mexico

    Brandtson - Mexico MP3

    Brandtson's Music Video For "Mexico"

    Tags: Brandtson, Mexico

  • Brandtson Earthquake and Sharks

    Brandtson Earthquake and Sharks MP3

    Please Subcribe for more music! Lyrics: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Went down to Mexico, I drove my black El Camino I met up ...

    Tags: Brandtson, Earthquake, and, Sharks

  • Brandtson- The Escapist

    Brandtson- The Escapist MP3

    first video i made.

    Tags: Brandtson, the, escapist, music, video, pascack, valley, hofstra, university, river, vale, nj, new, jersey

  • brandtson - mercy medical

    brandtson - mercy medical MP3

    Brandtson - Mercy Medical - Pioneros de Nada con Hummersqueal.

    Tags: mercy, medical, brandston, pioneros, de, nada

  • Policia ; Brandtson - King Of Pain

    Policia ; Brandtson - King Of Pain MP3

    A song tribute to the legendary alive band,the POLICE!!..Listen to the original version and leave a comment..a must hear song for their fans...

    Tags: The, Police, Policia, tribute, band, rock

  • Brandtson - Shannon Said

    Brandtson - Shannon Said MP3

    Brandtson Shannon Said Fallen Star Collection 1999 Something to bloom but not my eyes I'm waiting for you alone in my room except for the flies Looking for ...

    Tags: Brandtson, shannon said, shannon, theclapattack, clap attack, emo, indie, rock, folk, digging, crates, 1999, fallen star collection, diaries, music, Rock Music (Musical Genre)

  • Grace Thinks I

    Grace Thinks I'm A Failure - Brandtson MP3

    No copyright infringement intended! She said that I'm a shining star in her sky and I feel that far away I'll make a wish for the best of all the little things that I miss ...

    Tags: brandtson, grace, emo, thinks, failure, trying, to, figure, each, other, out

  • Brandtson - "Nineveh"

    Brandtson - "Nineveh" MP3

    Brandtson - "Nineveh"

    Tags: brandtson, Nineveh, letterbox

  • Brandtson - Over And Out

    Brandtson - Over And Out MP3

    With Lyrics Brandtson - Over And Out Album: Send Us A Signal Radio man, get us a signal, we need to establish some communication. You're breaking up ...

    Tags: Brandtson, Over, And, Out, Send, Us, Signal

  • Brandtson - Fighting Gravity

    Brandtson - Fighting Gravity MP3

    beautiful song from their greatest album : the Fallen Star Collection (1999)

    Tags: brandtson, fighting, gravity, fallen, star, collection, emocore, indie, rock

  • brandtson - the rookie year

    brandtson - the rookie year MP3

    Tags: Movie

  • Brandtson - Mexico

    Brandtson - Mexico MP3

    With Lyrics Album: Send Us A Signal Records on the floor. I'm giving back whats yours remember us last weekend dancing to the psychedelic furs. I tried to tell ...

    Tags: Brandtson, Mexico, Send, Us, Signal, With, Lyrics

  • Brandtson - Drawing A Line In The Sand

    Brandtson - Drawing A Line In The Sand MP3

    Couldn't find this song anywhere here, i love it, so i uploaded it. (if you may, listen to my music too there´s a facebook ...

    Tags: Brandtson, Drawing, Line, In, The, Sand, Send, Us, Signal, Old, School, Real, Emo, Indie, Saves, Day, Sunny, Estate, Get, Up, Kids, Mineral, Gloria, Record, Early, November, Further, Seems, Forever, Jejune, Places, At, Park, Taking, Back, Sunday

  • Brandtson - Just Breathe (Send Us A Signal #05)

    Brandtson - Just Breathe (Send Us A Signal #05) MP3

    Brandtson's Just Breathe off the 2004 album Send Us A Signal.

    Tags: Brandtson, Just, Breathe, Send, Us, Signal

  • Words For You - Brandtson

    Words For You - Brandtson MP3

    Brandtson owns the rights to this song. Artist: Brandtson Track: Words For You Album: Letterbox.

    Tags: Brandtson, Words, For, You, Letterbox

  • Brandtson - As you wish

    Brandtson - As you wish MP3

    In a box under my bed I have kept them safe from all the world and every one wished upon in some way but that never works out burning bright and burning out ...

    Tags: Brandston, as, you, wish, youtube, rock, indie

  • Brandtson-Leaving Ohio.wmv

    Brandtson-Leaving Ohio.wmv MP3

    Tags: Brandtson, Leaving, Ohio

  • Brandtson LIVE - Cornerstone Festival 2001

    Brandtson LIVE - Cornerstone Festival 2001 MP3

    Brandtson performing at the Cornerstone Festival 2001 in Bushnell, IL Credit goes to the original taper whomever that may be. Copied from a tape I received ...

    Tags: Brandtson, Cornerstone Festival (Music Festival), Rock, Emo, Live

  • Brandtson-Holly Park

    Brandtson-Holly Park MP3

    Track 5 on The Emo Diaries Chapter 2, "Holly Park" by Brandtson. Enjoy!

    Tags: Brandtson, Emo, Diaries, Deep, Elm, Records

  • Brandtson - Summer In St. Claire

    Brandtson - Summer In St. Claire MP3

    Tags: Brandtson

  • Brandtson - Throwing Rocks Tonight

    Brandtson - Throwing Rocks Tonight MP3

    Tags: Brandtson, Throwing Rocks Tonight, Music (Industry)

  • Brandtson - Days End

    Brandtson - Days End MP3


    Tags: brandtson, days end, music, bleach

  • The Bottle and The Sea by Brandtson

    The Bottle and The Sea by Brandtson MP3

    Artist: Brandtson Album: Send Us A Signal Song: The Bottle and The Sea LYRICS I've been sitting here waiting, trying to fall asleep, There is an answer in my ...

    Tags: Brandtson, Send, Us, Signal, The, Bottle, and, Sea

  • 2005-07-16 - 04 - Brandtson - 02.avi

    2005-07-16 - 04 - Brandtson - 02.avi MP3

    2005-07-16 - 04 - Brandtson - 02.avi.
  • Brandtson-Things Look Brighter.wmv

    Brandtson-Things Look Brighter.wmv MP3


    Tags: Brandtson, Things, Look, Brighter

  • Brandtson - Who Are You Now ?

    Brandtson - Who Are You Now ? MP3

    Album - Send Us a Signal (2004)

    Tags: Brandtson (Musical Group)

  • Brandtson-Sic Transit Gloria.wmv

    Brandtson-Sic Transit Gloria.wmv MP3

    Tags: Brandtson, Sic, Transit, Gloria