• MF Boknafjord

    MF Boknafjord MP3

    Seinande | MaritimeVideoer.

    Tags: mf boknafjord seinande

  • M/F Boknafjord trial trip

    M/F Boknafjord trial trip MP3

    On the 27. december 2011 I attended one of the last trial trips with M/F Boknafjord, a double ended LNG driven car ferry for Fjord1, before final delivery from ...

    Tags: Fjord1, Boknafjord, LNG, ferry, Rolls-Royce, Multi Maritime, Fiskerstrand Verft, BLRT, FBLRT, Dagmar, storm, waves, storfjord

  • Pighaj Boknafjord 2013

    Pighaj Boknafjord 2013 MP3

    pighaj boknafjord.
  • MF Boknafjord

    MF Boknafjord MP3

  • MF Boknafjord - Fjord1

    MF Boknafjord - Fjord1 MP3

    MF Boknafjord i nydelig vær på Boknafjorden. I rute mellom Arsvågen - Mortavika.

    Tags: gassferje, fjord1, as



    Juli 2010.

    Tags: varre, fjell



    Tags: MES, Marine Evacuation System, Safety, Evacuation, Ferry, Emergency, Life Raft, Chute, muster station



    Stavanger Haugesund.

    Tags: MF, BOKNAFJORD, 12

  • M/F Boknafjord

    M/F Boknafjord MP3

  • Demo - Virtual tour of M/F Boknafjord

    Demo - Virtual tour of M/F Boknafjord MP3

    A short demo from a massive virtual tour covering the entire M/F Boknafjord.

    Tags: brareklame, bra reklame, boknafjord, fiskerstrand verft, fiskerstrand, virtual tour, interaktiv tour, virtuell tur

  • Boknafjord

    Boknafjord MP3

    MF Boknafjord på Aarsvågen-Mortavika 1. april 2012.

    Tags: Boknafjord, Mortavika

  • MF Boknafjord

    MF Boknafjord MP3

    MF Boknafjord på Halhjem-Sandvikvåg 29. januar 2012. Beklager, men gikk tom for plass på kameraet.

    Tags: Boknafjord, Halhjem

  • Boknafjorden

    Boknafjorden MP3

    Boknafjorden/Storm Nokia Lumia 1020 1080p 60fps HD.

    Tags: Boknafjorden, storm, Fjord (Geographical Feature Category), boat, wave, big, big waves, bokn

  • Angeln in Norwegen--Bokn--Haugesund 2011.wmv

    Angeln in Norwegen--Bokn--Haugesund 2011.wmv MP3

    Wieder ein super Angelurlaub in Norwegen, viele Makrelen, Köhler, Pollack und Dornhaie, tolles Haus und super Boot.

    Tags: Norwegen, 2011, Youtube

  • Faszination Ryfylke  *  Rogaland  *  Südwestnorwegen

    Faszination Ryfylke * Rogaland * Südwestnorwegen MP3

    Norwegenidylle, faszinirende Sonnenuntergänge, etliche Fischarten usw...

    Tags: Faszination, Ryfylke, Rogaland

  • Angeln in Norwegen! Ein gar nicht kleiner Fisch im Austefjord!

    Angeln in Norwegen! Ein gar nicht kleiner Fisch im Austefjord! MP3

    In Norwegen am Austefjord! Ein toller Fisch am anderen Ende der Angelleine - doch was es ist, wird erst am Schluß sichtbar. Ein paar Bilder von den ...

    Tags: Fishing, Norwegen, Heilbutt, Angeln, Norway

  • Leng angeln in Norwegen

    Leng angeln in Norwegen MP3

    Super Angeltag in Norwegen, am letzten Angeltag bei rund 350 metern tiefe wechseln sich Leng und Lumb ab, drillen bis der Arzt kommt. Einfach ein super ...

    Tags: Superangler, 2012

  • Ferjeliv i Mortavika

    Ferjeliv i Mortavika MP3

    Boknafjord avgang Mortavika, og Mastrafjord ankomst samme stad.

    Tags: Mortavika, Ferje, Ferge, Fjord1, Boknafjorden

  • Norway - Haugesund

    Norway - Haugesund MP3

    Haugesund is the main town in the region of Haugalandet, Western Norway. It has a long history, prosperous in the 19th century, and quite good at showing off ...

    Tags: sandalsand, sandalfilm, Norway (Country), Rogaland (Administrative Division), haraldshaugen, smeasundet

  • 1968 Fjordwing 18 HT w/ MerCruiser 4.3 MPI

    1968 Fjordwing 18 HT w/ MerCruiser 4.3 MPI MP3

    Cruising on the Boknafjord. Top speed approx 50 knots.

    Tags: Mercruiser, Fjordwing, Norway, Fjord, Summer, Stavanger, Boknafjorden

  • Rogfast

    Rogfast MP3

    E39 Rogfast, tunnel under the Boknafjord.

    Tags: Rogfast

  • Norway - Sauda

    Norway - Sauda MP3

    Sauda is as far into the fjords of Ryfylke in Western Norway it is possible to get. Sauda has a rather drab town centre, but a "company town" right outside of ...

    Tags: sandalsand, sandalfilm, Norway (Country), rogaland, vestlandet

  • Heavy storm in Norway

    Heavy storm in Norway MP3

    November 2011, Storm Berit hits the Norwegian coast. This video is from Mortavika at the Boknafjord.

    Tags: storm, weather, norway, norge, noorwegen, boknafjord, bokna fjord, mortavika, bad weather, heavy storm, outdoor, sea, ocean, fjord, orkaan, hurricane, extreme

  • Noruega (Julio 2013)

    Noruega (Julio 2013) MP3

    Tour de una semana por Noruega, "Fiordos al completo". Visitamos las ciudades de Oslo, Bergen y Stavanger, los fiordos de Geiranger, Sognefjord y ...

    Tags: Noruega, Norway, Geiranger, Sognefjord, Briksdalsbreen (Glacier), Nigardsbreen (Tourist Attraction), Lom, Oslo, glaciar, 2013, Preikestolen (Geographical Feature), Vagamo, Lillehammer, Innsvik, Gudvangen, Loen

  • Sting Ray in Norway - Raja brachyura

    Sting Ray in Norway - Raja brachyura MP3

    Underwater video of sting ray taken in the Boknafjord outside Bokn, Norway in 2005.

    Tags: Underwater, sting, ray, diving, bokn, norway

  • Bading290110.mp4

    Bading290110.mp4 MP3

    Cold water adaption (Water temp 1 degree celsius) in relation to the project Swim for life!, which was started to set focus on organ donation in Norway. In order ...

    Tags: swim for life, stian vikra, organdonasjon

  • Ferjebilder IX

    Ferjebilder IX MP3

    Boknafjord, Fanafjord, Bastø I, Bastø II, Bastø III, Vikingen, Hardingen, Fitjar og Bømlo.

    Tags: Boknafjord, Fanafjord, Vikingen, Hardingen