Body Mapping

  • Body Mapping and Art Therapy

    Body Mapping and Art Therapy MP3

    This video provides an insight into the body mapping process that I personally use to process my own experiences and gain deeper self awareness.

    Tags: Art Therapy, Kate Finnila, Body Mapping, Mindfulness, Meditation, ANZATA, Creative Therapy, Expressive Therapy, Artist Studio, Self Portrait, Artist, Kate Middleton, Lesotho, Africa

  • Breathing and Body Mapping Part I

    Breathing and Body Mapping Part I MP3

    Tags: mobile

  • Music is Motion; Body Mapping for Musicians

    Music is Motion; Body Mapping for Musicians MP3

    Music is created with motion. The quality a musician's motion corresponds to the quality of the sound and music that we produce. A great way to learn to move in ...

    Tags: doug johnson, piano, jazz piano, berklee, piano technique, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, taubman, edna golandsky, golandsky, dougjohnsonpiano, bodymap, body mapping, what every needs to know, andover educator, PAMA, alexander technique, somatics, harry tanscheck, Grace kelly, grace kelly music

  • ChakTalk:  Body Mapping

    ChakTalk: Body Mapping MP3

    Use art therapy to body map the physical, mental, and spiritual.

    Tags: ChakTalk, ChakWave, Jacquelyn, Richey, India, art, therapy, emotions, body, mapping



    THE BODY MAPPING TOOL This Resource-book is a collection of animations and short videos that present different tools to support children in their peace ...

    Tags: Save the Children, Redd Barna

  • Body Mapping Projection - Bonifant Communication Group

    Body Mapping Projection - Bonifant Communication Group MP3

    Body Mapping projection with VFX in real time MUSIC BY TEMPER TRAP / SWEET DISPOSITION FROM THE 2009 ALBUM "CONDITIONS"

    Tags: Video Mapping, Tecnologia, Activacion BTL, Communication (Industry), Public Broadcasting Service (TV Network)

  • Body Mapping | "The Human Machine"

    Body Mapping | "The Human Machine" MP3

    Universidad de Guadalajara | Centro Universitario de la Costa Ingeniería en Comunicación Multimedia | Feria de Innovación Tecnológica y Emprendimiento "La ...

    Tags: The Human Machine, Body Mapping, Mapping, Human Body, Human Anatomy, Human Systems, 3D, Animation, University Of Guadalajara (Organization), CUCOSTA, FITE, UDG, Control, Brain, Mind, Science, Medicine, Bones, Anatomy, Trust, Bulbform, Lights, Mexico, Arts

  • Body Mapping for Musicians Update

    Body Mapping for Musicians Update MP3

    A simple introduction to the process of body mapping and the ways in which it can help musicians play more freely and more expressively.

    Tags: Body, Mapping, for, Musicians, Update



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  • Body Mapping Interactive Demo Reel

    Body Mapping Interactive Demo Reel MP3

    2011 Demo with contact information. This covers "body art projection" for aerialist, ballet, burlesque and "pole dancing". For booking or more info plus a pdf info ...

    Tags: vjpablo, dansebleue, danse, bleue, dance, video, projection, psychedelic, ballet, avant-garde, experimental, demo, cubism, Body, Body Mapping, Body Mapped

  • Ableton Vs Live Body Mapping

    Ableton Vs Live Body Mapping MP3

    A clip of Adam Winchester's incredible talk at our Autumn Seminar last weekend. Among his hour on the stage was this, fascinating use, of Infrared body ...

    Tags: Xbox Kinect hacked, Ableton, maxmsp, infrared, digitallabz, wedge

  • Cristian Vogel - Body Mapping (Tresor45)

    Cristian Vogel - Body Mapping (Tresor45) MP3

    Cristian Vogel - Body Mapping, released 1996, Germany,

    Tags: Tresor045, Tresor, berlin, Cristian, Vogel, Body, Mapping, station55, No, Future, Brighton, techno, Aufschwung, Ost

  • Body Mapping Class with Lea Pearson

    Body Mapping Class with Lea Pearson MP3

    Discomfort among flutists is common. It makes practicing uncomfortable and creates limitations in our playing. Sore backs, sore necks, hand problems and ...

    Tags: Flute, Wildacres, Body Mapping, Lea Pearson Michelle Dunn

  • Body Mapping

    Body Mapping MP3

    Experimento de Body Mapping Danza Manuel Fajardo Música Gonzalo Cárdenas Multimedia Josue Abraham Video Ariadna Hernandez experimento de body ...

    Tags: body, mapping, live, visual, mapeo, cuerpo, multidisciplina, perfarmia, danza, dance, music, musica

  • WOW Lamborghini Reventon 3D body mapping diplay on car

    WOW Lamborghini Reventon 3D body mapping diplay on car MP3

    This is a production for SR auto Group to have their Lamborghini Reventon used in a 3D image mapping light and laser show! Enjoy it's quite the visual ...

    Tags: Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Bmw, Audi, Carrera, Aventador, Reventon, Gallardo, Lamborghini Veneno, Ferrari LaFerrari

  • 360° 3D Mapping Projection with Rabarama

    360° 3D Mapping Projection with Rabarama MP3

    On the 10th of June 2011, an exciting new merge between technology and art was unveiled in Florence at the ANTIconforme exhibition. Using state of the art 3D ...

    Tags: 3d, mapping, rabarama, vecchiato, mapped, mappatura, projection, proiezioni, padova, mick, odelli, drawlight, paola, epifani, michele, federico, scarbini, firenze, proiezione, virtuale, video-mapping, video mapping, Projection Mapping, Design, 3d mapping, mapping projection, amazing, best, awesome

  • PE Body Mapping Client

    PE Body Mapping Client MP3

  • Body Mapping Clip

    Body Mapping Clip MP3

    Live Motion Tracking Copyright Lush Productions. All Rights Reserved Created in Conjunction with Mapjacks Art Collective.

    Tags: Body Mapping, Projectionmapping, videomapping, neo burlesque, burlesque performer, mapjacks, pinupmodel, Darla Lush, Real Time

  • Body Mapping Barranquilla

    Body Mapping Barranquilla MP3

    Video Studio Body Mapping, modelo Invitada Angie Carreño, producctor general Alonso Hinestrosa , Barranquilla 2015.

    Tags: boddy mapping, alonso hinestrosa, Barranquilla

  • Body Mapping - Exploring a tool for healing

    Body Mapping - Exploring a tool for healing MP3

    This film explores how the technique of body mapping is helping people living with HIV to come to terms with their lives and plan for the future. It shows how this ...

    Tags: Body, Mapping, with, English, Subtitles

  • ExLex body

    ExLex body MP3 Matyas Kalman and Daniel Besnyo are both founders of the Hungarian VJ movement and independent studio, VJ Centrum ...

    Tags: ExLex, body, mapping

  • Mapping the Body using the Google Maps API

    Mapping the Body using the Google Maps API MP3

    SUBSCRIBE to UNSWTV : Using previously top secret technology, Prof Melissa Knothe Tate and her ...

    Tags: UNSW Australia, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Google Maps (Website), Software (Industry), osteoarthritis, satellite imagery, Google algorithms, Engineering (Industry), Biomedical Engineering (Industry), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Diagnostic Test), Google (Award Winner), medical imaging

  • Liberia Body-mapping

    Liberia Body-mapping MP3

    In March 2010, the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience aided Liberia's Civic Initiative, the Liberia Media Center, and other Liberian civil society ...

    Tags: Liberia, post-conflict, transitional justice, Africa, Sites of Conscience, healing, Kenya, civil war, body-mapping, Liberia Media Center, Civic Initiative

  • What is Body Mapping?

    What is Body Mapping? MP3

    An explanation of how Body Mapping can help musicians recover from injury, and play with freedom and ease.

    Tags: body mapping, Alexander Technique, somatic, injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, Focal Dystonia, wrist, anatomy, music education, improving musician, Feldenkrais Method, repetitive stress injury

  • Body Mapping for Brass - Raised Shoulders

    Body Mapping for Brass - Raised Shoulders MP3

    This video is about raised shoulders unrelated to breathing in brass players and is intended to help teachers with common issues. BODY MAPPING ...

    Tags: body mapping, Andover Educators, MUN, MUN School of Music, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, baritone, tuba, cornet, tension, shoulders, raised shoulders, shoulder tension, brass pedagogy, brass, pedagogy, teaching, brass teaching, education, music, music education

  • Body Mapping with Hepatitis C

    Body Mapping with Hepatitis C MP3

    Photos and story of a Hepatitis C Positive Women's Body-Mapping Workshop in Victoria, BC, Canada held during three days in 2011. Co-sponsored by AVI ...

    Tags: Hepatitis C (Disease Or Medical Condition), Body Mapping, Art Therapy, HCV, Hepatitis C Virus (Organism Classification), women, Victoria, BC, Canada, AVI, CATIE

  • Body Mapping

    Body Mapping MP3

    Desarrollo para instalación interactiva.Funciona con o sin operador. En sistema loop o con sensor de activación o con operador transmitiendo en tiempo real.
  • Body mapping with VR

    Body mapping with VR MP3

    Tags: Virtual, Reality, Oculus, Rift, Virtual Reality (Media Genre), body tracking, inverse kinematics, leapmotion, leap motion, Leap Motion (Business Operation), Oculus rift, Oculus Rift (Video Game Platform), Codeloaf, Explore ForeVR

  • Mizuno Women

    Mizuno Women's Breath Thermo Body Mapping Cowl L/S | MP3

    Get yours at Keep warm with the Mizuno ...

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  • The Winter Spirit Live Show - 3D Body Mapping Show - Teaser

    The Winter Spirit Live Show - 3D Body Mapping Show - Teaser MP3

    This year's winner of the Overall Performance Art Award at the Smirnoff Winter Pride Awards –KIMATICA are proud to announce their latest hi-tech, interactive ...

    Tags: Contraband Events, Contraband International, Shocking, Amazing, Spirit (Literature Subject), Popular Culture (Media Genre), Performance, Cool, Snow, Live, Winter, 3D Mapping, 3D Projection, Projection, 3D Entertainment, 3D Visual, Video Production, 3D Events, Nightclub Entertainment, Festival Entertainment, Concert Entertainment, Concert Projection, Festival Projection, Body Mapping, 3D Film (Film Genre)