Black Lab

  • Black Lab-This Night

    Black Lab-This Night MP3

    Well, i first heard this song when i was at Craigs house one time. I was playing some TF2 on his computer and he brought in his iPod. "Listen to this" he said.

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  • Black Lab - Your Ghost [HQ]

    Black Lab - Your Ghost [HQ] MP3

    Didn't see this song on youtube, so I decided to upload it myself. RIP Heath Ledger.

    Tags: Black Lab, Your, Ghost, Your Ghost, Music, Song, Awesome, Epic, Heath, Ledger, Heath Leder, Batman, Mysterious

  • Black Lab - This night

    Black Lab - This night MP3

    I've heard this in one episode of Dr.House..... amazing song, need to share.

    Tags: Black Lab - This night, slow, nice, touching

  • Black Lab - The Road

    Black Lab - The Road MP3

    i don't own this song. the track was available for free for a short period of time on Lyrics: this is the ache inside this is darkness in my hand ...

    Tags: the road, black lab, banshee, banshee s03e06, banshee ost, banshee soundtrack, music

  • Black Lab - Weightless Lyrics (HD)

    Black Lab - Weightless Lyrics (HD) MP3

    Black Lab - Weightless Lyrics (HD)

    Tags: Black Lab, Weightless, Lyrics, HD

  • "This Night" video footage of Black Lab. The Shield promo song

    "This Night" video footage of Black Lab. The Shield promo song MP3 This is a performance video by the band Black Lab of the song 'this night,' featured on The Shield season 6 promo.

    Tags: black, lab, the, shield, season, six, promo, this, night, spider-man, buffy, blade

  • Black Lab - Time Ago

    Black Lab - Time Ago MP3

    Music video by Black Lab performing Time Ago. (C) 1997 Geffen Records Inc.

    Tags: Black, Lab, GEFFEN, Rock


    Time Ago

    Black Lab

    i watch your window for hours. moon has set down without us. all by ourselves riding in the front[...]
  • Cute black lab talking

    Cute black lab talking MP3

    This is junior our black lab talking to us. So cute Subscribe to my channel, I will be working on some new video's soon.

    Tags: black, lab, labrador, Dog, Dogs, Cute, Playing, Talking, Pet, funny, word, words, Chat, Puppy

  • Black Lab Plays "The Floor is Lava"

    Black Lab Plays "The Floor is Lava" MP3

    This black lab refuses to put his back paws on the hard wood floor! SUBSCRIBE TO AFV ANIMALS!: Watch More Animal Videos at: ...

    Tags: dog, cute, funny, fun, AFV, floor, filmy, puppy, adorable, dogs, animals, black lab, AFV Animals, puppies, floor is lava, lava, pets, pet, Labrador Retriever (Animal Breed)

  • Black Lab - This Night (lyrics).wmv

    Black Lab - This Night (lyrics).wmv MP3

    Tags: BLTN

  • Puppy Labrador 1st Week at Home Destruction and Exploration - Cute

    Puppy Labrador 1st Week at Home Destruction and Exploration - Cute MP3

    Percy's first week at home. 8 week old Black Labrador.

    Tags: Puppy (Animal), Labrador Retriever (Organism Classification), Animal (Fictional Character), Dog, Animal (Film), 1st, Cute, Percy Publishing, Percy, Destruction, Explore, black puppy, slipping, exploring puppy, 1st week, 1st car ride, collecting puppy, puupy arriving home, puppy snoring, puupy dreaming, super model, ruth killeen, jamie fineran, joseph v sultana, puppy print, publisher, books, sabre six, new puppy, ace of spades, file 51, file 52, unsceptred isle

  • Black Lab - Slow Down

    Black Lab - Slow Down MP3

    Discover the whole new Black Lab album ! (Slow Down come from Two Strangers - 2010 - available on iTunes)

    Tags: Slow Down, Black Lab, Two Strangers, rock, alternative

  • 4 Year Old Madalyn gets Surprised with a Black Lab Puppy (Rapunzel)

    4 Year Old Madalyn gets Surprised with a Black Lab Puppy (Rapunzel) MP3

    Nicole and I got her the puppy (Rapunzel is her name which is Maddie's favorite Princess) just before her 4th birthday. We told her one night that we had a ...

    Tags: Madalyn, Puppy, Dog, Surprise, Birthday, Cute, Sweet, Rapunzel, Happy, Girl, Cute Puppy, New Puppy, Surprise Puppy, Happy Birthday, Black Lab, Happy Dog, Happy Puppy, Tail wagging

  • My Black Lab Puppies (12 to 16 weeks old)

    My Black Lab Puppies (12 to 16 weeks old) MP3 - (Puppy Video #2) Many of you have been asking for a puppy update, so here it is :) Tika and Sako are my 2 black lab puppies, ...

    Tags: falia photography, falia, photography, Puppy, Update, Black Labs, Labrador, Labrador Retrievers, Black, Lab, Labs, Puppies, Tika, Tikka, Sako, Black Lab, dog, dogs, training, teaching, sit, lie down, potty training, Labrador Retriever, Cute, female

  • Waiting For Forever Soundtrack - Mine Again - Black Lab

    Waiting For Forever Soundtrack - Mine Again - Black Lab MP3

    Waiting For Forever Soundtrack Mine Again - Black Lab Trailer Song waiting for forever Lyrics: there's a place I used to go there's a world I used to know there ...

    Tags: dcdushan, waiting, for, forever, soundtrack



    Check out more of my Black Lab Videos: Tahoe... funny video of this black lab puppy, being curious and playing with the water in the tub.

    Tags: Tahoe, Black Lab Puppy, puppy, funny, cute, brooklyn, nyc, playing, splashing, loves the water, water, bathtub, tub, digging, curious, hilarious

  • Cutest puppy EVER (Black Lab)

    Cutest puppy EVER (Black Lab) MP3

    About a years of footage of our black lab 'Shelby'. This is the introduction of our brand new puppy (dog). Flaggle Claggle.

    Tags: puppy, shelby, black, lab, blacklab, dog, kitty, cat, flaggle, claggle, steve, cash, 83, stevecash83, Cats, talking, meow, translation, funny, funniest, kittens, klaatu42, Exulus, sarakling76, animals, cute, kitten, comedy, humane, society, adopt, sweet, humor, hilarious, baby, sleep, boston, in, korat, Pl4stoc

  • Black Lab dog body slides in the snow

    Black Lab dog body slides in the snow MP3

    Watch as this adorable Black Labrador dog named Rafi body slides down a snow covered hill. Looks like the little guy knows how to have some fun! Source ...

    Tags: viral videos, funny videos, funny dogs, dog slides down snow, dog slides snow, dog slide, owning black lab dog, Labrador Retriever (Animal Breed), Dog (Domesticated Animal), Animal (Film Character), Puppy, Dogs, Snow, Cute, Winter, Ice, Cold, Fun, Cuteness (Website Category), Viral Video (Film Genre)

  • Black Lab Puppies

    Black Lab Puppies MP3

    These are my dog's pups - I called him "Sid Vicious" and he is the softest, most affectionate dog you could ever wish to meet. This was his first litter, 9 in all.

    Tags: puppies, black lab puppies, black lab pups

  • Black Lab and Butterflies

    Black Lab and Butterflies MP3

    Stella Rose (15 mos.) has discovered catching Butterflies recently. BY THE WAY, The last butterfly on her paw was released and it flew away.

    Tags: Funny, Black Lab, labrador, Stella Rose, cute, funny, lab

  • Black Lab-This Night(lyrics)

    Black Lab-This Night(lyrics) MP3

    Tags: Lyrics (Website Category)

  • BABY & A HUGE LABRADOR. 90lbs (40kg) black male Lab!

    BABY & A HUGE LABRADOR. 90lbs (40kg) black male Lab! MP3

    (Cow attack) (Part 2) (Part 3) ...

    Tags: Jeremy, Eden, Adolfo, Labrador, black, retriver, Labrador Retriever, Puppy, Year, Dogs, dog, hund, Agility, Terrier, Training, Shepherd, Golden, Infant, Old, Jack, Russell, Collie, Hound, Yorkshire, Border

  • Black lab takes solo bus ride to dog park stop

    Black lab takes solo bus ride to dog park stop MP3

    A black Labrador named Eclipse just wants to get to the dog park. So if her owner takes too long finishing his cigarette, and their bus arrives, she climbs aboard ...

    Tags: WNWO, WNWO-TV, NBC 24, Sinclair Broadcasting, Barrington Broadcasting, WNWO News, Toledo Ohio, Labrador Retriever (Animal Breed), dog takes bus

  • Black Lab - Circus Lights

    Black Lab - Circus Lights MP3

    Circus Lights by Black Lab, with lyrics. If you like this song, listen to Black Lab's new album at Enjoy! :)

    Tags: black, lab, circus, lights, see, the, sun, Black Lab (Musical Group), Music (Industry), Circus Lights, Rock Music (Musical Genre)

  • Black Lab - Your Ghost (lyric video)

    Black Lab - Your Ghost (lyric video) MP3

    Black Lab covered Kristin Hersh (Your Ghost) Lyrics: If I walk down this hallway Tonight, it's too quiet So I pad through the dark And call you on the phone Push ...
  • Horse Loves Black Lab

    Horse Loves Black Lab MP3

  • Black Lab - This Night lyrics (HD)

    Black Lab - This Night lyrics (HD) MP3

    Black Lab - This Night lyrics (HD) Album : Passion Leaves a Trace (2007)

    Tags: Black Lab (Musical Artist), Black, Lab, This, Night, lyrics, HD, music with onscreen lyrics

  • "This Night" music video by Black Lab

    "This Night" music video by Black Lab MP3

    Download this song here Websites/Facebook: Directed by Chris Luccy and ...

    Tags: black lab, the shield, House, this night, rock music, Music, House (TV Series), Paul Durham, Andy Ellis

  • Black Lab Puppies

    Black Lab Puppies MP3

    Grizzard's joke about a man from Massachusetts and his desire to hunt ducks with Black Labs.

    Tags: Lewis Grizzard, Southern Comedy, Black Lab Puppies, Duck Hunting Joke, Addicted to Love

  • This Blood - 11 - Black Lab

    This Blood - 11 - Black Lab MP3

    Blade Trinity Original Soundtrack. Released 2004 by Various Artists. ALL RIGHTS TO THE OWNER OF THIS SONG.

    Tags: various, artists, hard, wax, music, ost, original, soundtrack, blade, trinity, action, vampire, blood, classic, clasico, film, movie, movies, manchild

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