• History of the Bevatron

    History of the Bevatron MP3

    This 1993 documentary chronicles the Bevatron at Berkeley Lab. During its operation from 1954 until 1993, the Bevatron was among the world's leading particle ...

    Tags: Bevatron, Lawrence, Berkeley, physics, accelerator

  • Γ. φουράκης-omada E_.Bevatron

    Γ. φουράκης-omada E_.Bevatron MP3


    Tags: fourakis, piles tou aneksigitou, omada e, Bevatron, p-yles

  • Bevatron MK II

    Bevatron MK II MP3

    Version 2 of the powerful weapon. More close to the prototype of Mr. Giolvas, but with new improvements.

    Tags: bevatron, giolvas, macedonia, lightwave, animation, 3d, turk

  • Bevatron - Amadryas

    Bevatron - Amadryas MP3

    from VA - Human Transformation Vol 2 get it free in MP3 and WAV from: 01 - Imox Maya vs Blazing Noise ...

    Tags: video, Bevatron, Amadryas, Human Transformation Vol 2, Oberon, Astro-D, Space Alchemy Lab, Full On, Full On Night, Psytrance, Goa, goatrance, Psychedellic, Psy, Music, Morning, Nightpsy, Psychedelia (Musical Genre), Psychedelic, Rave, Trance, Rave Music (Musical Genre), Trance Music (Musical Genre), Mushroom, Electronic, Festival, Trippy, Sound

  • Gorgoneio HUD  Bevatron

    Gorgoneio HUD Bevatron MP3

    Gorgoneio ~ Bevatron Γοργόνειο γραφικό περιβάλλον χρήστη.

    Tags: bevatron, gorgoneio, omada epsilon, gkiolvas, oti na nai

  • Bevatron - Synchrotron

    Bevatron - Synchrotron MP3

    I don't own any rights of this track.. So if you like it PLEASE BUY IT AND SUPPORT THE ARTIST!!!

    Tags: bevatron, bevatron synchroton

  • Bevatron - Spin Machine

    Bevatron - Spin Machine MP3

    Are You Psy? Different sounds, parties and festivals, artists, pictures, new releases! Check it!

    Tags: Psy, Trance, Psytrance, Fullon, Bevatron, Mosaico Records, Profound Records, Hadra Trance Festival, 2013, Full on, Brasil, Universo Parallelo, Boom Festival, 2012, 2014, Tristan, Ozora, Raid in Ozora, Police Ozora, Festival, Time and Space, Beatport, Release, EP, Fullon Psy Trance, BMSS, Yar Zaa, Hypnoise, Boom Shankar, Boom Shanka, Psychedelic Trance (Musical Genre), Tribe, Mushroom, Rave, Psychedelia (Musical Genre), Spinal Fusion

  • Bevatron & Naspa - Beyond Voices

    Bevatron & Naspa - Beyond Voices MP3

    Bevatron & Naspa - Beyond Voices @ V.A. Vajra Sequence Initiation ~ Fusioncraft Records Buy: ...

    Tags: bevatron, naspa, beyond voices, vajra sequence initiation, psytrance, forest psytrance





  • Bevatron - Synchotron

    Bevatron - Synchotron MP3

    IF you like what you hear, then dont hesitate to buy it at: DISCLAIMER: All rights to these creative works ...

    Tags: Aioaska, loopstep, mayaxperience, inverted quest, silent sphere, aho, middle mode, argonnight, wolle, klangmassage, pendulux, caban, ital, taliesin, conwerter, malex, human groove, argon sphere, bevatron, psytrance, psychedelic, psychedelic trance, progressive, full-on, flow one, Flow EV Records, FLE2CD001

  • Bevatron @ PLUR FESTIVAL-North Evia, Greece 21-27 Aug 2014

    Bevatron @ PLUR FESTIVAL-North Evia, Greece 21-27 Aug 2014 MP3

    Video made by Psytrance Activity* ~Music~Peace~Freedom~Love~ ** **
  • EzaOne - Bevatron

    EzaOne - Bevatron MP3

    This is my second original song! This is also the first song that I have made in FL Studio. A lot of work went into this so I hope you all like it! Visualizer by: ...

    Tags: eza, one, ezaone, bevatron

  • Bevatron-Ethereal Frequencies EP PROMO (HD)

    Bevatron-Ethereal Frequencies EP PROMO (HD) MP3

    BeatPort Exclusive: Profound Record is very proud to present Theo a.k.a. Beva Tron a very ...

    Tags: profound records, bevatron, ethereal frequencies, cosmix, aural float, aurora borealis, psytrance, full on, progressive, preview, music, goa, Psychedelic, Goa Trance (Musical Genre), Psychedelia (Musical Genre), New, Trailer, Tribe, Rave, Rave Music (Musical Genre)

  • Bevatron Mark X

    Bevatron Mark X MP3

    Bevatron is a device invented by George Giolvas.

    Tags: Bevatron, giolvas, ellas, epsilon, klp

  • Inside LBNL: Bevatron Deconstruction

    Inside LBNL: Bevatron Deconstruction MP3

    Sneaky footage: Inside LBNL: Bevatron Deconstruction.

    Tags: Autism, Aspergers, Syndrome, LBNL, Lawrence, Berkeley, National, Lab, Steven, Chu, DOE, Department, of, Energy, Bevatron, UC, Cyclotron, Radioactive, Waste, Committee, to, Minimize, Toxic, Whistle, Blower, SuperBOLD, Save, Strawberry, Canyon

  • Bevatron MKIII (beta)

    Bevatron MKIII (beta) MP3

    Bevatron MKIII (mark 3) more awesome then ever.

    Tags: bevatron, omada, epsilon, giolvas



  • BEVATRON!: Steven Chu

    BEVATRON!: Steven Chu's Secret Shame (Part 1) MP3

    Tags: Autism, Aspergers, Syndrome, Berkeley, California, Mayor, Tom, Bates, Steven, Chu, Barack, Obama, DOE, Department, of, Energy, Lawrence, Labs, LBNL, Radioactive, Waste, Committee, to, Minimize, Toxic, Pamela, Sihvola

  • Gorgoneio HUD 02 Bevatron

    Gorgoneio HUD 02 Bevatron MP3

    Gorgoneio ~ Bevatron Γοργόνειο γραφικό περιβάλλον χρήστη. τελική έκδοση.

    Tags: bevatron, gorgoneio, syntagma, vouli, gkiolvas

  • Bevatron & Naspa - Beyond Voices [Psy-Trance / Goa]

    Bevatron & Naspa - Beyond Voices [Psy-Trance / Goa] MP3

    Bevatron & Naspa's new single Beyond Voices with a promo sample. Buy this Psy-Trance / Goa record at: Amazon: ...

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  • Bevatron: For You And Me

    Bevatron: For You And Me MP3

    Tags: Autism, Spectrum, Disorder, Syndrome, Bevatron, Particle, Accelerator, Cyclotron, UC, Berkeley, Lawrence, National, Labs, LBNL, Whistle, Blower, Footage, DOE, Department, of, Energy, Steven, Chu, Radioactivity, For, You, And, Me

  • Goodbye to the Bevatron - Slideshow - KQED QUEST

    Goodbye to the Bevatron - Slideshow - KQED QUEST MP3

    Fifty-five years after its construction, the Bevatron, a landmark particle accelerator at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs that helped pioneer physics discoveries ...

    Tags: bevatron, Lawrence, Berkeley, National, Labs

  • Gorgoneio - γοργόνειο - Bevatron WIP

    Gorgoneio - γοργόνειο - Bevatron WIP MP3


    Tags: epsilon, bevatron, gorgoneio, ancient greece, superweapons, giolvas

  • Otto Smith & the Bevatron

    Otto Smith & the Bevatron MP3

    Dr. Otto J. M. Smith was professor emeritus of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department at the University of California Berkeley. This video ...

    Tags: Bevatron, Otto, Smith, Berkeley, particle, accelerator, LBNL, atom, smasher

  • A Fond Farewell to the Bevatron: Nov. 6, 2009

    A Fond Farewell to the Bevatron: Nov. 6, 2009 MP3

    On Nov. 6, 2009, nearly 150 former employees of Berkeley Labs famed Bevatron gathered to bid a final adieu to the facility, before ongoing demolition deems it ...

    Tags: Bevatron, particle accelerator, particle physics, antiproton



    BEVATRON-NOV 2011.


  • Bevatron @ Earth Drop

    Bevatron @ Earth Drop MP3

  • Bevatron Roof Down 1

    Bevatron Roof Down 1 MP3

    Tags: Bevatron, Roof, Down, 1