Better Than It Was

  • We make BISMUTH Non-Toxic Shotgun Slugs - Better than LEAD?

    We make BISMUTH Non-Toxic Shotgun Slugs - Better than LEAD? MP3

    In this video we make some crudely-cast shotgun slugs using the metal bismuth. Bismuth is often associated with Pepto Bismol, but in pure form it is a shiny and ...

    Tags: Bismuth (Chemical Element), lead, shotgun slug, exotic bullet, expensive, taofledermaus, demoranch, homemade, ballistics, hollowpoint, slomo, casio, toxic, molten aluminum, elements, science, chemistry, how-to, pepto bismol, density

  • Vanilla Destiny Endgame Was Better Than TTK

    Vanilla Destiny Endgame Was Better Than TTK MP3

    Endgame activities in The Taken King don't provide the same level of incentive as Vanilla & Dark Below. What is causing this and how can it be changed?

    Tags: Destiny, Content Drought, Drought, Tips, Level 40, Trials of Osiris, Destiny The Show, dlc, bbkdragoon, Xbox One, Destiny Game, Destiny The Game, Playstation, The Taken King, Taken King, Taken King Destiny, The Taken King Destiny, TTK, TTK Raid, Raid, Light Level, 40, Hard Mode, Hard, Mode, Kings Fall, Trials, Flawless, Vault of Glass, Gjallarhorn, Endgame, DLC, Action Role-playing Game (Video Game Genre)

  • Better Than Ezra - Good

    Better Than Ezra - Good MP3

    "Good" is a song by Better Than Ezra, released as the first single from their major-label debut album Deluxe. The song would prove to be one of the biggest ...

    Tags: Better, Than, Ezra, Good

  • Why Does Hot Food Taste Better Than Cold Food?

    Why Does Hot Food Taste Better Than Cold Food? MP3

    It seems like nothing's better than a hot meal. How did we evolve to prefer cooked food over raw? What Did Prehistoric Humans Actually ...

    Tags: hot food, cooked food, fire, ancestors diet, paleo diet, raw food diet, taste, evolutionary advantage, evolution, evolve, stomach, carnivore, Raw meat, cooked meat, current events, education, educational, dnews, Science, discovery news, d news, trace dominguez



    Written by Marina Diamandis Produced by David Kosten & Marina Diamandis The new album "FROOT" is out now! ...

    Tags: Marina and The Diamonds, marina, diamonds, froot, better than that, premadonna, electra heart, forget, im a ruin, Music (TV Genre)

  • Trey Songz - Sex Ain

    Trey Songz - Sex Ain't Better Than Love [Official Video] MP3

    2012 WMG. Watch the official video for Trey's "Sex Ain't Better Than Love". Which team are you on? #TeamSex or #TeamLove - ...

    Tags: Trey, Songz, Inevitable EP, New, Music, Video, trey, songs, trey songs

  • Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself

    Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself MP3

    Adam Lambert's official music video for 'Better Than I Know Myself'. Click to listen to Adam Lambert on Spotify: ...

    Tags: original high, Better Than I Know Myself, Better, Than, Know, Myself, live, Adam, Lambert, single, hq, queen, never close, Official, album, remix, mad world, download, official video, lyrics, american idol, what do you, cover


    Better Than I Know Myself

    Adam Lambert

    Cold as ice And more bitter than a December Winter night That's how I treated you And I know that I I sometimes tend to lose my temper And I cross the line Yeah that's the truth I know it gets hard sometimes But I could never Le[...]
  • Mickey Guyton - Better Than You Left Me

    Mickey Guyton - Better Than You Left Me MP3

    Find the new Mickey Guyton single, “Better Than You Left Me” at all digital retailers now or click here: Written by Mickey ...

    Tags: Mickey, Guyton, Better, Than, You, Left, Me, Liberty, Records, (LIB), Country

  • Better Than FaZe Pamaaj?!

    Better Than FaZe Pamaaj?! MP3

    Please leave a like on the video! ツ SUBSCRIBE TO BECOME A PAJAMA! ツ ▻▻▻ ツ Follow me on Twitter: ツ ...

    Tags: Advanced, Warfare, Sniping, Sniper, Montage, Pamaj, Pamaaj, Pajama, FaZe, Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, Black ops 2, Montag, e Gameplay, Perfectionis, t Clan, Gaming, sniping, ballista, DSR, XPR, quad feed, five man, triple insane live commentary, commentary, austin, pajama, pants, love, you trickshotting, head shot, cod, mw2, cod4

  • Is Giving Better Than Receiving?

    Is Giving Better Than Receiving? MP3

    Which is better scientifically: giving or receiving? Get involved with Samsung Solve for Tomorrow: Follow us @whalewatchmeplz ...

    Tags: AsapSCIENCE, AsapTHOUGHT, Science, Giving, Receiving, Samsung, Solve For Tomorrow, Greg, Mitch, Greg Brown, Mitchell Moffit, Funny, Biology, Psychology, Education, Learning, Studies, Technology, Challenge, YouTuber, Gay YouTubers, Altruism, Help, Charity, Gifts, Greed, Evolution, Animals, Survival, Natural, Community, Cooperation, Brain, Mind, Neuroscience (Field Of Study), Research (Industry)

  • Better Than Ezra - Good (Music Video)

    Better Than Ezra - Good (Music Video) MP3

    Fed up with his job, a man decides to revisit the home of his youth, rather than showing up to work. There, he reminisces about his glory days, and finds a ...

    Tags: Better Than Ezra, Good, Music Video, Video, 90s, 90s Music, Lyrics, Offical, Unofficial, Happy Accident Productions, Deluxe, 1995, Album, Music, Better Than Ezra Good

  • Boys Like Girls - Two Is Better Than One

    Boys Like Girls - Two Is Better Than One MP3

    Boys Like Girls' official music video for 'Two Is Better Than One'. Click to listen to Boys Like Girls on Spotify: ...

    Tags: The great escape, five minutes to midnight, single, hq, Columbia, album, remix, download, official video, lyrics, heels over head, cover, BoysLikeGirlsVevo, Sony, Boys Like Girls lyrics, Boys Like Girls live, Boys, Like, Girls, Two, Is, Better, Than, One, official, acoustic, playlist


    Two Is Better Than One

    Boys Like Girls

    I remember what you wore on the first day You came into my life And I thought hey You know this could be something 'Cause everything you do and words you say You know that it all takes my breath away[...]
  • Hurts - Better Than Love

    Hurts - Better Than Love MP3

    SURRENDER is out now on iTunes: Buy signed CDs and Vinyl: or stream: ...

    Tags: illuminated, some kind of heaven, single, album, hurts, better, than, love, Lyrics, Better Than Love, download, remix, official video, lyrics, cover, full album, Sony, acoustic, hurts lyrics, official, blindhurts, somebody to die for, live, music, stay, audio


    Better Than Love


    Every second is a lifetime And every minute more brings you closer to God And you see nothing but the red lights You let your body burn like never before An[...]
  • Hinder - Better Than Me

    Hinder - Better Than Me MP3

    Music video by Hinder performing Better Than Me. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 9675410 (C) 2007.

    Tags: Hinder, Universal, Rock


    Better Than Me


    I think you can do much better than me After all the lies that I made you believe Guilt kicks in and I start to see The edge of the bed Where your nightgown used to be I told myself I won't [...]
  • Why BATMAN is Better Than SUPERMAN!

    Why BATMAN is Better Than SUPERMAN! MP3

    Batman or Superman, who is better? Here are 3 ways that Batman can top the big S. Click here for Superman is BETTER than Batman ...

    Tags: bandit, incorporated, banditincorporated, baditinc, inc, batman, superman, better, comic, fight, win, vs, batman v superman, dawn of justice, debate, argument, The Dark Knight (Award-Winning Work), dark knight returns, ben affleck, zack snyder, henry cavil

  • You know better than I (from "Joseph King of Dreams")  © by Dallyn Vail Bayles ♪

    You know better than I (from "Joseph King of Dreams") © by Dallyn Vail Bayles ♪ MP3

    "Better than I" © by Dallyn Vail Bayles ♪ Purchase it @ iTunes: I thought ...

    Tags: Joseph, King, of, Dreams, YouknowbetterthanI



    DAY 919 // 25TH SEPTEMBER 2015 Dave's video with Bryan… Check out Bryan's inspiring site ...

    Tags: daily vlogs, louis cole, funforlouis, fun, road trip, USA, england, Video Blogging, United Kingdom, adventure, travel, steve booker, ben brown, travel vlogs, jacksgap, jack harries, finn harries, caspar lee, zoe sugg, zoella, marcus butler, grace, daily grace, tyler oakley, pointlessblog, alfie deyes, troye sivan, bucket list, wanderlust, british, youtuber, london, pennyboard, holiday, tourism




    Tags: mac, vs, pc, mac vs pc, macintosh, windows, apple, robots, filthy frank, pink guy

  • Better than the Swegway?

    Better than the Swegway? MP3

    So, I got sent a Monorover? Is it better than the Swegway? ○ I REPLY to COMMENTS! Drop a LIKE if you enjoyed! ○ New watch from ...

    Tags: Monorover, Monorover R1, swegway, airwheel, self balancing wheel, Daniel Wellington, MarzBar, MarzBarGaming, day in the life, alex brooks

  • Another Top 10 Trailers Better Than the Movie

    Another Top 10 Trailers Better Than the Movie MP3

    Don't you hate it when the appetizer is better than the main course? Well, when it comes to these movie trailers, that was exactly the case. Join http://www.

    Tags: movies, trailers, movie trailers, bad movies, trailers better than the movie, best trailers, tron legacy, knowing, man of steel, after earth, pearl harbor, snow white and the huntsman, watchmen, clash of the titans, top 10, WatchMojo

  • One Direction - Better Than Words

    One Direction - Better Than Words MP3

    Track #14 on One Direction's album Midnight Memories November 2013 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "DIANA": ...

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  • Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

    Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs MP3

    Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! All Media Courtesy of AFV MUSIC Istrum Main Licensed via Warner Chappell ...

    Tags: cats, kitten, kitty, cat, smart, toilet, sufficient, awesome, pet, best, AFV, buzzfeed, buzzfeedvideo, video, better, Funny, Cute Animals

  • Better Than Revenge - Taylor Swift (lyrics)

    Better Than Revenge - Taylor Swift (lyrics) MP3

    Better Than Revenge - Taylor Swift ((Speak Now)) Lyrics: Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did ! The story starts when it was hot and it was ...

    Tags: Taylor, Swift, Better, Than, Revenge

  • Why SUPERMAN is Better Than BATMAN!

    Why SUPERMAN is Better Than BATMAN! MP3

    SUBSCRIBE for weekly comic book videos! ▷▷ Why BATMAN is Better Than SUPERMAN ▷▷ ...

    Tags: Superman (Comic Book Character), batman, batman vs superman, batman v superman, dawn of justice, versus, better than, DC Comics (Comic Book Publisher), Comics (Comic Book Genre), Comic Book (Comic Book Genre), nerdsync, nerd culture



    Previous Free Game :: ▻ Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: ▻ My Twitter ...

    Tags: showcase, forge, custom, adventure, map, thediamondminecart, commentary, creeper, minecart, porkchop, lets, play, live, zombie, spider, skeleton, archer, xbox, arcade, quest, diamond, rails, tnt, multiplayer, gameplay, torch, biome, sword, game, moon, testificate, video, pc, free, playthrough, enchanting, server, mining, ore, free online game, Personal Computer (Video Game Platform), montage, Video Game (Industry), free game, steam, dantdm, trayaurus, soccer physics, fifa, soccer, football

  • Parachute Youth - Can

    Parachute Youth - Can't Get Better Than This (Official Video) MP3 Music ...

    Tags: Parachute Youth, Cant Get Better Than This, Sweat It Out Music, Official, Music, Video, Clip, Julien Paolini, Cant Get Better Than This EP, Awake Now



    Here it is! The WORLD PREMIERE of Too Faced's #BetterThanSex Couple's Therapy Short Film starring ME. I'm obsessed. Let me know what you think ;) Boys ...

    Tags: gigi, gigigorgeous, gregory, gorgeous, gregorygorgeous, beauty, fashion, guru, too faced, better than sex, too faced better than sex, sephora, mascara, commercial, film, Makeup, Tutorial

  • Becoming better than yesterday - Motivational Video

    Becoming better than yesterday - Motivational Video MP3

    Follow me on twitter: instagram: @itsalfredoa Google + ...

    Tags: everyday, better than yesterday, silvester stalone, amazing, will smith, ima show you how great i am, goal, running, YouTube, motivation, People are awesome, muhammad ali, motivational video, pursuit of happyness, the future wise, Better, boxing, inspiring, composed, forrest gump, success is my goal, beautiful, Greatest speeches, 42, successismygoal, Amazing people, Motivational speech, Training, best of, lawyers, doctors, Inspirational movies, work hard, depression, work twice as har, sports

  • 15 Trailers Better Than The Actual Film

    15 Trailers Better Than The Actual Film MP3

    From insane genre mashups to equally as insane celebrity vanity projects, we look at 15 trailers better than the movie Facebook: ...

    Tags: The Monuments Men, The Last Airbender, Spider Man 3, Only God Forgives, Cloverfield, Superman Returns, After Earth, Knowing, Sucker Punch, Man of Steel, The Counsellor, Cowboys and aliens, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty