basshunter the indian mp3

  • Basshunter - Dota

    Basshunter - Dota MP3

    Music video by Basshunter performing Dota. ©: 2008 Warner Music Group & Hard2Beat. Available in 4shared: ...

    Tags: Dota, DotA, Basshunter, Bass, hunter, 2008, Official, music, Warner, Music, Group, Hard2Beat


    Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA


    Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA (I hear you, man) Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA (I feel you, man) Vi sitter här i Venten och spelar lite DotA Och pushar på och smeker, med motståndet vi leker[...]
  • Basshunter-DOTA(Stef H 2011 Remix)

    Basshunter-DOTA(Stef H 2011 Remix) MP3

    Hey! I`ve made a new version of DOTA by BassHunter.This is one of my biggest projects.If you saw my old Dota remix then u can compare it with this one ...

    Tags: Basshunter, Dota, TTTT, Together, To, The, Top, athene, Dj, Technotune, shadowtranc3, league, of, legends, fl, studio, hands, cool, club, studios, recording, up, eurodance, trance, remix, mix, electronic, tutorial, bass, justin, bieber, techno, time, electronica, rave, feat, ferry, uplifting, vocal, ultimate, pinnacle, love, sibiu, avrig, stefan, hila, romania, manian, zooland, records, dance, songs, best, armin, van, buuren, technobase, fm, energy, markus, disco, original, future, schulz, melodic, singing

  • BassHunter - The Indian

    BassHunter - The Indian MP3

    "The Indian", rare old song by BassHunter. Lots more uploads coming soon.

    Tags: basshunter, bass, generation, every, morning, now, gone, promised, why, walk, away, still, love, deny, far, from, home, will, learn, to, again, know, you, can, plane, spain, camilla, welcome, rainbow, dream, girl, in, her, eyes, more, trance, up, hard2beat, ultra, records, jonas, altberg

  • BassHunter - The Beat

    BassHunter - The Beat MP3

    "The Beat" is from BassHunter's International Christmas Edition of LOL.

    Tags: basshunter, the, beat, we, are, waccos, bass, generation, every, morning, jonas, altberg, hard2beat, promised, myself, why, deny, walk, away, still, love, day, night, will, learn, to, again, far, from, home, know, you, on, our, side, can, numbers, plane, spain, welcome, rainbow, angel, in, basshunteryt, trance, up, camilla, without, stars, stay, red, sun, so, with, al, final, when, leave

  • BassHunter - In And Out (2010) Official video

    BassHunter - In And Out (2010) Official video MP3

    hey guys this is one of the 1st songs I've made with fruityloops, I'm not 100% familiar with the fact, I'm way off 100% don't bag it. enjoy ...

    Tags: fl, studio, basshunter, funny, crazy, runescape

  • Indila - Love Story

    Indila - Love Story MP3

    La réédition de « Mini World » est disponible sur iTunes : Découvrez la playlist Love Story faite spécialement par Indila sur ...

    Tags: Indila, Love, Story, Capitol, French, Pop


    Love Story


    L'âme en peine, il vit mais parle à peine Il l'attend devant cette photo d'antan Il, il n'est pas fou, il y croit, c'est tout Il la voit partout, il l'attend debout Une rose à la main, à part elle, il n'attend ri[...]
  • Basshunter - Elinor 2014

    Basshunter - Elinor 2014 MP3

    Basshunter's new stuff! Ellinor v2 :) Bass mode: ON Enjoy it!!

    Tags: Basshunter (Musical Artist), Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Basshunter DJ SWEDEN Trance Dance Music, Jump, Beat, Rhytm, Bass, Kicks, Leads, Jonas Altberg, 2013, Calling Time, Track, Electronic Music, techno, Hardstyle, HardBass, Hard-Trance, Classic, Old Style, Dance Music

  • Basshunter - The Hardstyle We Play

    Basshunter - The Hardstyle We Play MP3

    Hardstyle track from Basshunter. /Smalley ;)

    Tags: Basshunter, The, Hardstyle, We, Play, Hardcore, Give, Me, Your, Souls, Every, Morning, Attack, Swedish, Adva, Tech, Techno, Sandra, Wana, Be, Alone, 2009, New, Album, Old, Shit, Jonas, Erik, Altberg, 2006, LOL, Hard2Beat, Records, Now, Gone, All, Ever, Wanted, Official, Videos, MegaMix, Small3y, Smalley

  • BassHunter - DotA BassHunter Remix (HD OFFICIAL VIDEO)

    BassHunter - DotA BassHunter Remix (HD OFFICIAL VIDEO) MP3 --- The Official Video of BassHunter's DotA Remix.

    Tags: basshunter, dota, boten, anna, when, you, leave, walk, on, water, angel, in, the, night, all, ever, wanted, now, gone, melo, trance, try, to, stop, us, every, morning, bass, generation, we, will, not, be, afraid, october, 2009, album, Ni, det, som, finns, swedish, version, new, sandra, wana, alone, life, should, easy, ellinor, never, dancing, dream, girl, her, eyes, love, more, basshunteryt, mack3012, worldwidemusicians, hard2beat

  • Aaron

    Aaron's Basshunter Tutorial Remix Video MP3

    Found a basshunter FLP I made last year when I started out with FL Studio. So I opened it and decided to upload it to YouTube. Hope you like it (and, yes, I do ...

    Tags: fl, studio, xxl, fruity, loops, basshunter, bass, hunter, techno, hardstyle, hardcore, dance

  • Basshunter - All I Ever Wanted (Ultra DJ

    Basshunter - All I Ever Wanted (Ultra DJ's Remix) MP3

    Basshunter - All I Ever Wanted (Ultra DJ's Remix) from Ultra Records. This is from the deluxe version of his new album 'Bass Generation'. Buy it here: ...

    Tags: basshunter, bass, generation, vocal, pop, trance, skylar, lie, ultra, records, All, Ever, Wanted, Ultra, DJ, Remix

  • DJ Fredde Goes Basshunter song

    DJ Fredde Goes Basshunter song MP3

    This is the third version i've made on the Basshunter Youtube Song. Sorry for the slight video / sound delay. Hope you all like it =) Leave comment good or bad.

    Tags: hard, style, raegeton, dance, techno, house, rmb, sound, music, production, studio, FL, Fruity, Loop, Basshunter, Bass, tiesto, super, ultra, mega, hyper, lol, song

  • Basshunter - Boten Anna (DJ Miyazaki Rework Remix)

    Basshunter - Boten Anna (DJ Miyazaki Rework Remix) MP3

    EDIT: For High Quality video on Youtube go to EDIT 2: For download link - ...

    Tags: FL, studio, xxl, basshunter, boten, anna, techno, trance, autotune, remix, reFX, Nexus, Vanguard, Electronic, Dance, Music

  • Basshunter - Kick To The Beat

    Basshunter - Kick To The Beat MP3

    Amazing tuneage and pretty long! /Smalley ;)

    Tags: Basshunter, Kick, to, The, Beat, Drunken, monkey, tune, 2008, Cheesy, Trance, 2001, 2009, Hard2Beat, Records, Jonas, Erik, Altberg, Bass, Generation, Live, Tour, Album, New, Every, Morning, Camilla, Swedish, JonasBHonline, YouTube, Google, Website, Smalley, Small3y

  • Basshunter - The Big Show

    Basshunter - The Big Show MP3

    The Big Show by Basshunter.

    Tags: basshunter, music, new, single, album, official, video, now, gone, all, ever, wanted, angel, in, the, night, miss, you, please, go, every, morning, promised, myself, why, will, learn, to, love, again, walk, away, deny, far, from, home, on, our, side, plane, spain, remix, can, stay, exclusive, trance, up, more, dream, girl, bass, creator, russia, privjet, camilla, full, swedish, vocals, lyrics, version, generation, tune, dance, nation, tired, of, ellinor, TheBHMusicTube, Basshunteryt, basshuntertube, hard2beatrecords, ultrarecords, brand

  • Basshunter - So Near, So Close

    Basshunter - So Near, So Close MP3

    Tags: Basshunter So Near, So Close

  • Basshunter - Heaven (DJT13 Remix - Preview)

    Basshunter - Heaven (DJT13 Remix - Preview) MP3

    Preview of a new remix! Sorry I haven't posted anything recently, been getting lots of homework.. Programs Used: Camtasia Demo, FL Studio and WMM.

    Tags: djt13, trublez, thirteen, basshunter, heaven, remix

  • Counterstrike mp3 - Basshunter

    Counterstrike mp3 - Basshunter MP3

    Tags: counter, strike, counterstrike, mp3, bass, hunter, basshunter, techno, remix, video, game, videogame, music, sweet, fast, awesome, awsome, great, amazing, publish, please, come, again

  • Basshunter - DotA (Original Remixed)

    Basshunter - DotA (Original Remixed) MP3

    I just found out about the original Dota, so i decided to remix it to sound similar to the newer one. I personally like this version more than the new one now.

    Tags: basshunter, bass, hunter, dota, now, gone, your, ur, boten, anna, can, walk, on, water, every, morning, promised, myself, original, all, ever, wanted

  • Basshunter - Im So In Love With You (Clubraiser Remix)

    Basshunter - Im So In Love With You (Clubraiser Remix) MP3

    basshunter i am so in love with you track. If you like it, go to for download or just if want to hear moore from me go to ...

    Tags: DJ, Mindzor, Take, The, Lead, splash, basshunter, techno, house, electro, fl, studio, fruit, loops, sequencer, fresh, mix, remix, music, bass, hard, style, speed, core, swedish, beat, am, so, in, love, with, you, hiphop, new

  • Basshunter - One In A Million (Tom Franks Remix)

    Basshunter - One In A Million (Tom Franks Remix) MP3

    This is a remix I made using the "One In A Million" sample by Basshunter. Hope you enjoy enjoy! Please rate and comment! Download Link ...

    Tags: Basshunter, basshunter, Smalley, oneinamillion, FLstudio, flstudio, dancemusic, trance

  • Basshunter - Dididi (HQ).

    Basshunter - Dididi (HQ). MP3

    Track: Basshunter - Dididi. ~ Album: Unknown. ~ Genre: Eurodance/Dance. ~ Pleas Subscribe For More Basshunter! COPYRIGHT NOTICE: If you are the owner ...

    Tags: Basshunter, Dididi, Music, Muziek, Dance, Trance, Techno, Euro, Eurodance, Remix, Mix, Electronic, Electronica, Rave, Uplifting, Energy

  • Stef H (Dj TechnoTune) - D.O.T.A [RemiX]

    Stef H (Dj TechnoTune) - D.O.T.A [RemiX] MP3

    new DOTA REMIX: Hey there mates I`m back again with this new remix of BassHunter`s Dota,Hope You like it.

    Tags: Basshunter, dota, all, ever, wanted, ultrabeats, hard2beat, records, manian, rob, mayth, kolli, dj, tiesto, armin, van, buuren, techno, trance, dance, euro, eurodance, house, minimal, fl, studio, loops, technotune, stefan, hila, avrig, sibiu, romania, best, cool

  • Ashiq Banaya Aapne(Hindi trance) vs Osorno

    Ashiq Banaya Aapne(Hindi trance) vs Osorno MP3

    THIS SONG CAN BE downloadedD AT THE NEXT LINK: I Mixed this song deep ...

    Tags: EMRAAN, electronic, electronica, arabia, arabic, Ashiq, Banaya, pop, dance, trance, colombia, usa, tiesto, europe

  • Benny Benassi - Illusion

    Benny Benassi - Illusion MP3

    Enjoy! Subscribe to my channel for more awesome party music! To download the song: 1. Download a software called "Youtube downloader". 2. Download a ...

    Tags: techno, music, mallorca, party, 2010, summer, hits, awesome, how, to, make, song, funfair, ride, pop, best, electro, house, trance, mix, radio, show, benny, benassi, illusion, tiesto, sneaky, sound, system, will, be, here, hit, remix, italian, minimal, acid, avicii, bromance, bootleg, my, feeligs, for, you, ibiza, on, the, beach, logic, pro, Fruity, loops, tutorials, french

  • Basshunter Vs. Big Brother - Fest I Hela Huset, VIDEO, 2011

    Basshunter Vs. Big Brother - Fest I Hela Huset, VIDEO, 2011 MP3

    Postad av Fest i hela huset är en eurodancelåt skriven och producerad av Basshunter och framförs av deltagarna i den svenska ...

    Tags: Basshunter, Big Brother, Fest I Hela Huset, 2011, Sonia Kamau, Annie Almen, Gurkan, Simon Danielsson, festival, big brother, sweden, video clip, teen movie, dance remix music, music, videoclip, photoshoot, break, stockholm, spring, song, swedish, live, sverige, international

  • Basshunter - Dota(Kolli REMIX) - All i ever wanted

    Basshunter - Dota(Kolli REMIX) - All i ever wanted MP3

    NEW VERSION NEW VERSION This is a remix of the song DOTA(All i ever wanted) made by ME More Info ...

    Tags: dj, kolli, dota, remix, all, ever, wanted, basshunter, lol, now, gone, Vi, sitter, venten, och, spelar, weiller3

  • Basshunter - In Her Eyes (Remake by SoNiX1241) #14

    Basshunter - In Her Eyes (Remake by SoNiX1241) #14 MP3

    Well I remade the song by watching some other videos.. ;] Got inspired from DJ Zikmano's video ;] so.. hope u guys like it ...

    Tags: Fl, Studio, Tutorial, Fruity, Loops, Beginners, Teach, Make, Hardstyle, ReFX, Nexus, Vanguard, Samples, Vengeance, House, Vocals, Club, Euro, Plugins, XXL, Bass, Kick, Rave, Allstars, Remix, Remake, Zebra, VST, Future, Harp, Distorted, sample