Balts Bite Back!

  • FM Violet - Driving Nowhere (1993)

    FM Violet - Driving Nowhere (1993) MP3

    Little known about this band. They did only 2-3 tracks to compilations before disbanded. Shame because is amazing trance rock and my favorite song ever!

    Tags: indie, estonia, trance rock

  • Peacock Spider 1 (Maratus volans)

    Peacock Spider 1 (Maratus volans) MP3

    Courtship of peacock spider Maratus volans from Australia, one of the most amazing spectacles in the animal world, filmed, edited and narrated by myself ...

    Tags: peacock, spider, jumping, maratus, volans, salticidae, wildlife, australia, arachnid, wilderness, small critters, sydney, nature, cute, colourful, dance, mating, colour, iridescent, beauty, behaviour, performance, ritual, Australia, animal, interesting, Color, Macro, Action, love, sex, advertising, attraction, makeup, Fun, Pet, flirting, Sex (play), comical, quirky, comedy, Digital, SLR, spider movie, pets, funny pets, exciting pets, exotic pets, best pets, Cosmetics (Industry), Animal (Muppet), Animals, Toys, Funny, science

  • How To Change A Timing Belt In Your Car

    How To Change A Timing Belt In Your Car MP3

    Emmy Award Winning mechanic Scotty Kilmer shares his 46 years of repair experience in his video illustrating how to replace an engine timing belt. If you like ...

    Tags: engine, timing, belt, interference, broken, expert, mechanic, advice, scotty, kilmer

  • Effects Of Bath Salts.wmv

    Effects Of Bath Salts.wmv MP3

    On August 4, the Bay County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call. When they arrived, a man answered the door with a T-Shirt wrapped around his eyes and a ...

    Tags: Tyler Media Group, Sheriff Frank McKeithon, Bay County, Florida, Bay Community News, Bath Salts, Molly, Synthetic Marijuanna

  • Nokia 225 Dual SIM Comes with 2.8 Inch LCD QVGA Display, 2.0 MP Camera, Twitter, Facebook

    Nokia 225 Dual SIM Comes with 2.8 Inch LCD QVGA Display, 2.0 MP Camera, Twitter, Facebook MP3

    New Nokia 225 Dual SIM Listed on Company Website. this is a series 30+ nokia deveice which is running Nokia OS with Expandable memory card slot up to ...

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  • Great Blue Herons and Common Mergansers at Jug Bay, MD

    Great Blue Herons and Common Mergansers at Jug Bay, MD MP3

    Great Blue Herons and Common Mergansers at Jug Bay.

    Tags: Common, Merganser, Great, Blue, Heron

  • Common Mergansers mating

    Common Mergansers mating MP3

  • World POG Championship

    World POG Championship MP3


    Tags: pogs, mybrainhumor, mbh, tim merlau, dave mays, dan michelinie, kat mcnew, grant ramos, luke arreguin, sarah craig, mybrainhumore, sports, parody, slammer, the hammer, thomas gerhardt, commercial break, hipster hunters, vanilla ice, yin yang, 8 ball, dinosaurs, jokes and jokes, crack attack

  • 1983 - Soul of Tree

    1983 - Soul of Tree MP3

    Tags: 1983, Soul of Tree, 1993, shoegaze

  • 2tie - Z-svētki (X-mas)

    2tie - Z-svētki (X-mas) MP3

    Song about X-mas commercialization in latvian.

    Tags: latvian, xmas, social, sad, commercialization, 2tie

  • Common Merganser: Kennebunk ME

    Common Merganser: Kennebunk ME MP3

    Male Common Mergansers preening on ice along the Mousam River in Kennebunk ME. Digiscoped with the ZEISS DiaScope. 15-56x Vario eyepiece.

    Tags: Common Merganser (Organism Classification), Merganser, birds, birding, digiscoped, ditiscoping, ZEISS, DiaScope

  • Röövel Ööbik - Whatever Makes Me Happy

    Röövel Ööbik - Whatever Makes Me Happy MP3

    Tags: Whatever Makes Me Happy, Roovel Oobik, 1993