• LUCID | Bo2 & Ghost Minitage | By Sktchy SP

    LUCID | Bo2 & Ghost Minitage | By Sktchy SP MP3

    OPEN: Editor: Whats up guys! xJMx Astro here bringing you a SICK minitage my friend Sktchy made for me! its ...

    Tags: Advanced Warfare, COD, Shooter Game (Media Genre), Video Game (Industry), Xbox Live Arcade (Video Game Platform), Xbox 360 (Video Game Platform), call of duty, Obey iced, Montage, Minitage, Obey rc, Mw2, Cod4, Ghost, Modern, knife only, Combat axe, Ballistic knife, xJMx Astro, xJMx clan, Ruby has a small penis, Faze boboh, Knife feed, epic, AW, Spike drone, Watch, Cod5, Montage (Film Genre), cod, Gameplay, Duty Modern, World, Scope, Ps3

  • Home made Goa Trance compilation - Sept 2015

    Home made Goa Trance compilation - Sept 2015 MP3

    Tracklist 00:00 Pleiadians - Jungle trax 09:57 Zirrex - Astrolucid 21:23 Jikooha - Galaxy journey 29:04 X-dream - Rain 36:38 Vibrasphere - Echo plantation 47:11 ...

    Tags: mfg, astral projection, prana, koxbox, psychopod, elysium, sheyba, juno reactor, hallucinogen, shpongle, miranda, filteria, ra, dimension 5, khetzal, e-mantra, imba, darshan, space tribe, electric universe, ovnimoon, manmademan, infected mushroom, total eclipse, ololiuqui, colorbox, bypass unit, california sunshine, jaraluca, agneton, asura, goa trance, goa, psytrance, trance, techno, acid, acid trance, forest, full on

  • Leftovers #2 | By Astro

    Leftovers #2 | By Astro MP3

    Hey guys I know it's been awhile since I produced some Call of Duty content but here is my second leftover episode. Hope you guys enjoy and go check out my ...

    Tags: Astro (TV Network), Film (Media Genre), faze, soar, optic, leftovers, call, of, duty, trickshotting, trickshots, quickscope, 2 piece, vatican roo, apex top 5 plays week 32, Modern, Faze (Musical Artist), Call Duty, Cod, Mw2, Duty (Musical Album), Early Modern Period (Interest), Cod4, Montage, Ride, Cod5, Montage (Film Genre), cast theater, 1080 vertigo backdrop, roo, roosupial, Bus

  • Leftovers Ep:2 Goodbye Astro

    Leftovers Ep:2 Goodbye Astro MP3

    So Astro ended and this is my goodbye. opinion com will be up soon. Music: Hoodie Allen Sticks and Stones.

    Tags: call of duty, Montage (Film Genre), Gameplay, pamaj, Nintendo, Scope, Sticks And Stones (Composition), Multiplayer, Games, EP, bo2, Xbox 360 (Video Game Platform), mw3, Video Game (Industry), School, YouTube, Crank, ghosts, Xbox, Wii, Console, Psp, hoodie allen, Grey, Trailer, Zombies, Hey, Modern, Mw2, Duty Modern, Playstation3, Modern Records (Organization), Xbox360, Playstation, void, Ghost, Say, Goodbye, Duty, montage, Duty World, astro, sniper, Sony, Ps2, Ps3, Cod6, Cod4, Cod5, Call, Cod, Uncharted, X360

  • Joined Astro

    Joined Astro MP3

    Tags: YouTube

  • First in Astro

    First in Astro MP3

    So I joined Astro again because byrne is a boss update to come soon.

    Tags: Astro, scarce, top 5, aero, obey, wallbang, back in astro, trickshott, underrated, mcas, YouTube, force of astro

  • Distortion Orchestra - Mind Cluster

    Distortion Orchestra - Mind Cluster MP3

    From the album "The Shape of things to come" year 2000 Nephilim records.

    Tags: goa trance, trance, psychedelic, Mind

  • Guided Meditation into Astral Projection // Lucid Dream // OBE w binaural beats

    Guided Meditation into Astral Projection // Lucid Dream // OBE w binaural beats MP3

    This meditation will help to guide you into an astral projection. For best results use the 'Wake and Back to Bed' method of inducing lucid dreams. Let yourself fall ...

    Tags: body, Awareness, experience, easy, projection, meditation, Dreams, inner, journey, binaural beats, pineal, Realm, astral, lucid, Lake, Traveling, of, activation, dream, Dreaming, guided, learn, out, OBE