...And You Smell (Stinky Pinky Dub)

  • Commander Hot Stuff | MLP Comic Dub

    Commander Hot Stuff | MLP Comic Dub MP3

    Otherwise known as "How Pinkie Pie got her cutie mark!" :D Found this awesome comic on EqD and decided to give it a try~ My first time trying to voice Rarity ...

    Tags: My, Little, Friendship, is, Magic, Rarity, Rainbow, Dash, Pairing, Hearth, Warming, Eve, episode, how, pinkie, got, her, cutie, mark, comic, dub, fandub, Equestria, Princess, Luna, Celestia, Commander, Hurricane, CrimsonBugEye

  • You Smell Like Vanilla - Pinkie Pie MLP:FiM Friendship Games

    You Smell Like Vanilla - Pinkie Pie MLP:FiM Friendship Games MP3

    You Smell Like Vanilla - Pinkie Pie MLP:FiM Friendship Games My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic Friendship Games Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash- "You Smell Like ...

    Tags: Pinkie Pie (Film Character), Animated Cartoon (TV Genre), My Little Pony (Fictional Universe), Pony (Animal), Rainbow Dash, Hasbro, Equestria Girls, EG, My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, Pinkie Spy, Friendship Games, Humanized, Vanilla, Short, Shorts, Exclusive Short, Short Film (Film Genre), Pinkie Pie

  • Amy VS Pinkie

    Amy VS Pinkie MP3

    WARNING: This cartoon contains a dangerous amount of 4th wall breaking. Cautionary measures are recommended. This has been known to kill people.

    Tags: Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, Amy Rose, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Animation

  • I Can

    I Can't Decide (We're Going for a Ride) (Pinkie Pie singing cover) MP3

    First and foremost this animation was created by Viva IMMATOONLINK Reverie and used with permission for this cover be sure to check out the original found ...

    Tags: Going for a ride, pinkamena song, pinkie pie singing, my little pony, evil pinkie pie song, evil pinkie pie, cupcakes, pinkamena diane pie, pinkimena, grimdark, grimdark ponies, rainbow dash, pinkie pie, MLP, MLP songs, MLP music, Viva IMMATOONLINK, PMV, Animation, mlp animation, my little pony friendship is magic, cupcakes song, pinkie sings



    I do not own Sextra Credit.

    Tags: greatest, dub, anime, worst dub, funny, sextra credit

  • Let

    Let's Play Tales of Vesperia, Episode 9: Operation Stink Bomb MP3

    Karol is actually super smart, yo. Keep it up...but also go take a bath. If you enjoyed this video, please be sure to show some support!

    Tags: Tales Of Vesperia (Video Game)

  • Mlp smelling junk and porn

    Mlp smelling junk and porn MP3

    Don't ask.
  • Pinkie

    Pinkie's Sugar Rush! (Feat. ChiChi) MP3

    After four months of planning, composing, and producing Pinkie's Sugar Rush! is finished! This is the theme song for Wreck It Ralph Meets MLP by ToucanLDM.

    Tags: ElectroKaplosion, ChiChi, Pinkie Pie, MLP, original song, toucanldm, music, brony song, brony music, my little pony, wreck it ralph, sugar rush, mlp, tim, Friendship is magic, EK, electronic, vocal, Pinkie Pie song, Singer, Song, Original, funny, Wreck-It Ralph (Film), Voice Actor (Profession)

  • Wiener Dog Rap Battle

    Wiener Dog Rap Battle MP3

    Babaloo Chachi vs. Professer Perkins! Vote for the winner in the comments below!

    Tags: wiener, dog, rap, battle, myfunnybrianshow, babaloo, chachi, professor, perkins, hiphog, funny, weener, dogs, hot, rapping, Freestyle, Hiphop, Dachshund (Animal Breed), Rapper, Puppy, Cute, Chihuahua, Underground, Playing, Pet, Flow, Boxer, Pets, Doggy, Lab, Mixtape, Barking, Beagle, Toy, Miniature, Records, Funny Dog, Chasing

  • MLP Fanfic Reading -

    MLP Fanfic Reading - 'Stink' by DegeTheMighty (clopfic) MP3

    Summary: Big Mac is nauseatingly repugnant with my poor OC Redfart (do not steal). source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdzJKzh_9YY original text: ...

    Tags: Fan Fiction (Website Category), MLP

  • Kung Faux - Pinky the Dragon Lady 3/3

    Kung Faux - Pinky the Dragon Lady 3/3 MP3

    Part 3 of 3: It's time for a show down, Kung Faux style. In this episode, Pinky makes a stink when her master is kidnapped by Da' Mayor. Neither Gramma's ...

    Tags: kung, faux, kungfaux, pinky

  • DJ Irvin Cee Mixtapes - Smells like Adult Techno DJ SET 95

    DJ Irvin Cee Mixtapes - Smells like Adult Techno DJ SET 95 MP3

    Audio: https://soundcloud.com/irvincee/20140209-smells-like-adult □ Video: not available yet □ Beatport: ...

    Tags: Leuven, belgium, djset, mixtape, techno, traktor, x1, club, clubmusic, mixing, Cherrymoon, kontrol, X1, laptop, la, rocca, Native, Instruments, Pioneer, Behringer, deejay, house, edm, tech, music, mixer, Disc Jockey (Profession), House Music (Musical Genre), Techno

  • NEW GIRL - Funny Scenes

    NEW GIRL - Funny Scenes MP3

    A video of funny moments throughout the entire first season of the hit TV show, FOX's New Girl. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. All video and ...

    Tags: new, girl, funny, scenes, best, moments, season, one, schmidt, nick, jess, winston

  • Falling Breakdown- Do You Smell My Dick Bitch :D

    Falling Breakdown- Do You Smell My Dick Bitch :D MP3

    Beim Proben Langeweile gehabt :P http://www.facebook.com/fallingbreakdown.

    Tags: falling, breakdown, daniel, peter, maik, pinky, robin, proben, band, braunschweig, metal, hardcore, rap, langeweile, proberaum, do, you, smell, my, dick, bitch

  • Perfect Polly DUB

    Perfect Polly DUB MP3

    Introducing the world's first Robotic Parakeet.

    Tags: perfect polly, infomercial, parakeet, bird, dubs, johnnyboystrikesback, tv, Commercial, dub

  • Take a Bath, Buttercup!

    Take a Bath, Buttercup! MP3

    Buttercup is really dirty, so she has to take a bath.

    Tags: PPG, RRB, Powerpuff, Girls, Bowdyruff, Boys, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Butch, Boomer, Brick, Weird, Al

  • MLP : Equestria Girls - Friendship Games - Pinkie Spy (EXCLUSIVE Short) #2

    MLP : Equestria Girls - Friendship Games - Pinkie Spy (EXCLUSIVE Short) #2 MP3

    A winning team does whatever it takes to learn their opponent's strategy. Even if it means wearing pink camouflage. Friendship Games Fantasy League players, ...

    Tags: mlp season 5 trailer new, my little pony season 5 preview, equestria girls friendship games, mlp season 5, my little pony season 5, my little pony, my little pony season 4, mlp, mlp song new, my little pony song, my little pony s4 song, mylittlepony, mylittlponyde, equestria girls friendship games short 2, eg friendship games short 2 pinkie spy, friendship games pinkie spy

  • Let

    Let's Play Persona 4 - Episode 36 [Mystery Food X] MP3

    Kanji also gets knocked the fuck out...

    Tags: Shin, Megami, Tensei, Persona, Play, Lets, Video, game, Walkthrough, Playthrough, KZX, God, Dammit, joel, Gdjoel

  • Three 6 Mafia Dub Show 2010

    Three 6 Mafia Dub Show 2010 MP3

    Three 6 Mafia intro/Dope bOy Fresh..shout out to Dub Show Tour,Ford,Monster Energy,101.5 jamz.

    Tags: Three 6 Mafia, Dub Show 2010, Dj Paul, Juicy, jamz

  • 2 in the pinky 1 in the stinky

    2 in the pinky 1 in the stinky MP3

    BMW Syndikat Asphaltfieber 2011 wisst ihr eig was des heisst? jaa zweie vorne einer hinten xDDD gott is des geil :)

    Tags: BMW, Syndikat, Asphaltfieber, 2011

  • Write a Nate Pinky Episode Contest (ep. 111)

    Write a Nate Pinky Episode Contest (ep. 111) MP3

    NATE PINKY is DEAD he has turned into Tom Cote: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheTomCoteShow. Episode 111 - Write A Nate Pinky Episode Contest - Yeah ...

    Tags: write, an, episode, contest, spiggitz, TheSchwartzcaster, tom cote

  • Politics in Equestria

    Politics in Equestria MP3

    Equestria is such a peaceful place...or is it? Okay, so it obviously isn't safe, but I fear that there is a greater danger lurking below what the 22 minute episodes ...

    Tags: MLP, My Little Pony (TV Program), royalty, government, oppression, peace, war, politics, uprising, secrets, diplomacy, dragons

  • Lil Wayne- Way Of Life(feat. Big Tymers & Tq) -500 Degreez

    Lil Wayne- Way Of Life(feat. Big Tymers & Tq) -500 Degreez MP3

    this is a song taken from the album """500 Degreez""""""" visit my channel and watch my other vids plz enjoy and sub here r da lyrics to that song:: Look right here, ...

    Tags: Lil Wayne, Way, Of, Life, -500, Degreez, music, song, album