• Akaroa -- New Zealand HD

    Akaroa -- New Zealand HD MP3

    Akaroa, NZ Tours - Akaroa -- New Zealand Tourism, Akaroa Travel Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide ...

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  • Akaroa - New Zealand

    Akaroa - New Zealand MP3

    Akaroa (South Island) - New Zealand.

    Tags: Tourist Destination, New Zealand (Country), Tourism (Interest)

  • Cruise to Christchurch & Akaroa

    Cruise to Christchurch & Akaroa MP3

    Explore some of the highlights of this port when you cruise to New Zealand. Plan your trip at www.newzealand.com/int/cruise.

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  • First Akaroa Gp of 2015

    First Akaroa Gp of 2015 MP3


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  • Welcome to Akaroa, NZ, by Cruise Ship

    Welcome to Akaroa, NZ, by Cruise Ship MP3

    Akaroa is 75Km from Christchurch City and the main cruise port in Canterbury.

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  • Akaroa NZ

    Akaroa NZ MP3

    Akaroa, the wonderful small town and harbor on the east coast of the south island of New Zealand. The town that wants so much to be part of France. The first ...

    Tags: Akaroa, South Island, New Zealand

  • Akaroa Waterfront New Zealand

    Akaroa Waterfront New Zealand MP3

    Akaroa is a great little town about an hours drive out of Christchurch. There is some fantastic coastal scenery to explore in the area and some nice restaurants in ...

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  • awesome day out swimming with the dolphins in Akaroa with Black Cat Cruises

    awesome day out swimming with the dolphins in Akaroa with Black Cat Cruises MP3

    An awesome day out swimming with the dolphins in Akaroa with Black Cat Cruises is captured. www.blackcat.co.nz.

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  • Swimming with Dolphins - Akaroa

    Swimming with Dolphins - Akaroa MP3

  • Akaroa Township

    Akaroa Township MP3

    Tags: Akaroa, Township



    Hit the Akaroa GP today with a few of the locals and made a vid to show the good times we had, all made it home in 1 piece so that's always a good day., think it ...

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  • Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruises

    Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruises MP3

    Summer 2015 in Akaroa has been fantastic so far. This season we have captured some brand new aerial footage of our Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise to bring ...

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  • akaroa new zealand

    akaroa new zealand MP3

    just a nice day out, having a play with the cannon g12.

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  • Akaroa Classic Boat Show 2009

    Akaroa Classic Boat Show 2009 MP3

    A portrayal of the second Akaroa Classic and Traditional Boat Show, a two day event held over the weekend of 21-22 November 2009. The background music is ...

    Tags: Akaroa, Banks Peninsula, Boat Show, John Welsford, Ian Oughtred, Woolston Brass Band, Classic, Traditional, sailing, Tekao Bay

  • Jeremiah Vainerere - Te Akaroa

    Jeremiah Vainerere - Te Akaroa MP3

    Translated as `the sorrow' in Cook Islands language. It is a song about a brothers heartfelt love and emotions towards his sister after there parents have yet ...

    Tags: CreatioNZ, Upon, Reef, Islands, Peyroux

  • Akaroa 2010

    Akaroa 2010 MP3

    Third Annual Akaroa (NZ) Classic and Wooden Boat Show with cross-harbour sail to Tikao Bay for lunch!

    Tags: Classic, Boat, Wooden, New, Zealand, Akaroa, Sailing

  • New Zealand South Island road trips: Kaikoura, Punakaiki, Otago, Mackenzie Basin, Akaroa

    New Zealand South Island road trips: Kaikoura, Punakaiki, Otago, Mackenzie Basin, Akaroa MP3

    A documentary written, filmed and edited by Davide Baj & Alastair Robinson featuring: - Christchurch landscapes and Botanic Gardens - Kaikoura coastlines ...

    Tags: New Zealand (Country), South Island (Island), Franz Josef Glacier (Geographical Feature), Lake Pukaki (Lake), Lake Tekapo (Lake), Akaroa Harbour (Tourist Attraction), Te Wai Pounamu (Island), Mackenzie Basin (Location), Otago Region (Administrative Division), Road Trip (Film Subject)

  • Akaroa Gp Run #1 Autumn Edition #1

    Akaroa Gp Run #1 Autumn Edition #1 MP3

    Got heaps of good footage so will be another edit from this ride to come.

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  • Akaroa dive 2013

    Akaroa dive 2013 MP3

    My first time using the GoPro in the water. Akaroa New Zealand, poor visibility. Managed to get some Paua and mussels that day, but the fishing was no good.

    Tags: Snorkeling, Diving (Sport), Free diving, Fyran 440

  • Akaroa, New Zealand

    Akaroa, New Zealand MP3

    Recorded January 14, 2007. Akaroa is a village on Banks Peninsula in the Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand, situated within a harbour of ...

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  • Akaroa Cannon

    Akaroa Cannon MP3

    The Akaroa Cannon - a poem by Pam Ayres performed on Countdown Channel 4 Wednesday 19th December 2007.

    Tags: Ayres, Akaroa, Cannon, Countdown, Poem



    edificio residencial Pamplona N.S..


    English/Nat As France and New Zealand bicker over proposed nuclear testing in the South Pacific, a tiny community in New Zealand's island is caught in a ...

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  • Pure Akaroa Guided Kayaking

    Pure Akaroa Guided Kayaking MP3

    Welcome to Akaroa Guided Kayaking Adventure! Akaroa Guided Sea Kayak Safari is an adventure company located just a stone's throw from the water, from our ...

    Tags: Akaroa, New, Zealand, Dolphins, Kayaking

  • Shamarra Alpaca Farm Tours - Akaroa

    Shamarra Alpaca Farm Tours - Akaroa MP3

    www.shamarra- alpacas.co.nz.

    Tags: Tourist Destination, alpaca, alpacas, Alpaca Fiber (Fiber), Alpaca (Domesticated Animal), farm tours

  • The Akaroa Harbour Dolphins - New Zeland

    The Akaroa Harbour Dolphins - New Zeland MP3

    The Akaroa Harbour Dolphins - New Zeland.

    Tags: New Zealand (Country), Dolphines, Akaroa Harbour (Tourist Attraction)

  • Christchurch to Akaroa

    Christchurch to Akaroa MP3

    Riding a hired Honda VFR800 from Christchurch, NZ, to Akaroa and back again. Apologies for the quick edits, had to bloop out traffic and the bits when I forgot ...

    Tags: vfr800, hire, honda, akaroa, motorcycle, twisties

  • Breeze New Zealand Akaroa

    Breeze New Zealand Akaroa MP3

    Breeze New Zealand Akaroa.

    Tags: Breeze, Akaroa, SONY, HXR-MC50J, NewZealand

  • Akaroa, New Zealand: The Giant

    Akaroa, New Zealand: The Giant's House MP3

    Small little french town in Akaroa, New Zealand. At the top of the hill, sits the Giant's House.

    Tags: akaroa, new zealand

  • Akaroa, New Zealand motorcycle ride

    Akaroa, New Zealand motorcycle ride MP3

    http://www.motorbiketours.co.nz This is the famous Akaroa ride from Christchurch to Akaroa New Zealand. It's a one way trip to the French settlement of Akaroa ...

    Tags: Akaroa, motorcycle, motorbike, Christchurch, New Zealand, NZ, tour, rental, hire, ride, South Island, vacation, holiday