After Dinner With The Trogs

  • NES Longplay [226] Trog

    NES Longplay [226] Trog MP3 Played by: MrPopsicle43 It's survival of the fastest in the prehistoric land of Og. That crazy, one-eyed caveman, the Trog, is hungry...

    Tags: Nintendo, Entertainment, System, Famicom, NES, longplay, walkthrough, solution, speedrun, end, ending, secrets, bossfight, Gaming, playthrough, videogame, Trog

  • Troggs - "Love Is All Around"

    Troggs - "Love Is All Around" MP3

    Yet another clip which shows that the promo video was alive and well long before "Bohemian Rhapsody", but you already knew that, didn't you? Hampshire's ...

    Tags: troggs, reg, presley, fontana, pop, sixties, psych, andover, hampshire

  • The Trog Saga

    The Trog Saga MP3

    The Trogs ride the coil to stay alive. In their prehistoric world, the sea has become the most reliable source for food. Once used as shields by their inland ...
  • #77 - KLS Grafik Hus, S-Trog and Expat dinner #77 - KLS Grafik Hus, S-Trog and Expat dinner MP3

    This week we explore other aspects of Denmark that are not necessarily in the news headlines but still fun to cover! We visit KLS Grafisk Hus and enjoy the ride ...

    Tags: Expat Dinner, KLS Grafisk Hus, electric truck, Jobs in Denmark, Expat in Denmark, Foreningen Nydansker

  • Trog Fanfair

    Trog Fanfair MP3

    Tags: Trog, Dartington

  • Trog (Bally Midway) (MS-DOS) [1990]

    Trog (Bally Midway) (MS-DOS) [1990] MP3

    Download your favourite classic PC games from here / Descarga tus juegos clásicos favoritos de PC a partir de aquí: Buy ...
  • Trog

    Trog's minecraft let's play ep 1: No food no stone no service! MP3

    Welcome to the first episode of my minecraft let's play. We spawn in a new 1.7 biom. It is very hard to find food and stone in this biom can you guess what it is?

    Tags: Food (Industry), Minecraft (Video Game), Video Game (Industry), no food, no stone, no servive, episode 1, ep1, part 1, pt1, trogalstaid, Trogalstaid, Bob Trogalstaid, bob, bob trogaldatid, clay, masa, new biom, let us play, starter house, first house, creeper, skeliton, scoarboard, deathcounter

  • Bioenergie: Teller Trog und Tank!

    Bioenergie: Teller Trog und Tank! MP3

    Teller, Trog und Tank Der vermeintliche Gegensatz „Tank versus Teller in der Diskussion um die Verwendung von Pflanzenöl für Bioenergie ist irreführend.

    Tags: erneuerbare Energien, Biokraftstoffe, Bioenergie, Biosprit, Tank Teller, Nahrungsmittel, erneuerbare Rohstofffe, Nachhaltigkeit

  • Reaper

    Reaper's Review #65: Trog (NES) MP3

    Did you know that eating a pineapple turns a little dino into a T-Rex? Yeah, that's right, science books don't teach you that little fact.

    Tags: Nintendo Entertainment System (Computer), Trog (Video Game), Review

  • The Pit: Dark Corners Review

    The Pit: Dark Corners Review MP3

    Down in the pit there's something alive. Half-human, half-monster half-crazed. Pray to God it only kills you. Subscribe for more b-movie reviews every Tuesday.

    Tags: Horror, B-Movie, Dark Corners, Review, MST3K, commentary, funny, comedy, critic, anger, cinema, dvd, death, Reviews, The Pit, Teddy, monsters, kid, revenge, gore, nudity, creature, Angry, psycho, nanny, trogs, Troglodytes (Organism Classification)

  • Troggy Trog

    Troggy Trog's Let's Play DDO Part 10: Redemption MP3

    Troggy Trog's Let's Play DDO campaign series continues! "Oh noes! Da Sahuagin found meh!" In this episode, Troggy is on a mission to find Lars Heyton.
  • Underground 2010 Extended Trailer Scene Dora And Trog

    Underground 2010 Extended Trailer Scene Dora And Trog MP3

    Watch the extended trailer scene from Underground. When a rave takes places in an abandoned US Army base. a group of ...

    Tags: Underground, extended, scenes, horror, thriller, movie, trailer, movie trailers, the descent, The Crazies, Underground the movie, Underground 2010, 2012, zombies

  • BS: games 23# Trogs

    BS: games 23# Trogs MP3

    Oh yea, one of my very old childhood favorite games, Trog! I used to play this game when I was a kid all the time! in this game, you control one of the dino-mites, ...

    Tags: Barrysun, games, Trogs, dino-mite, nes

  • Let

    Let's Play Trog - Cavemen taste yummy! MP3

    Probrably the only video i'll make for this game... but it was fun, and eating the cyclops cavemen was fun too.

    Tags: Play, Trog

  • Wild Thing (Troggs cover)-Ditto

    Wild Thing (Troggs cover)-Ditto MP3

    Tags: wild, thing, troggs, music, party, Rock, The Dukeman, Dukeman, classic rock

  • Erase This Place Live at Planet Trog in Whitehall PA. (entire show)

    Erase This Place Live at Planet Trog in Whitehall PA. (entire show) MP3

    Songs include: Clarity Intro Trust is Gone All Hype No Heart (cover) Same Food Different Jar My Life on Display Chivalry Is Dead (featuring Kenny Barney) ...

    Tags: Pennsylvania (US State), Band, Erase This Place, Singer, Vocalist, Drummer, Bassist, Guitarist, Pop punk, Alternative

  • Watch Delicatessen   Watch Movies Online Free

    Watch Delicatessen Watch Movies Online Free MP3

    The story is centered on a microcosm of a post-apocalyptic society where food is so rare it's invaluable and is used as currency. The story centers on an ...

    Tags: delicatessen trailer english, delicatessen full movie, delicatessen soundtrack, delicatessen full movie subtitles, delicatessen official trailer, delicatessen trailer, Delicatessen, Watch Delicatessen

  • Trog! - NES Gameplay (by Happy.Nes)

    Trog! - NES Gameplay (by Happy.Nes) MP3

    Welcome to the prehistoric land of Og, where a one-eyed caveman named Trog fends for himself by hunting dinosaurs. In TROG! you have to help Spike and ...

    Tags: Animated Cartoon (TV Genre), Game, NES, Nintendo (Video Game Developer), Mario, Mario Series (Video Game Series), Video Game Culture, Video Game (Industry), Nintendo Entertainment System (Video Game Platform), Gameplay, Video Game Console (Invention), Platform Game (Video Game Genre), Trog (Video Game)



    COME ON .....COME ON........WILD THING ..........WILD THING I THINK I LOVE YOU.....................!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM TROGS...........Larry..,......!!!

    Tags: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (Restaurant), FOOD REVIEW, Wild Pepper (Restaurant), Food (TV Genre), Restaurant (Industry)

  • Fallout 3 - Trog Dancers

    Fallout 3 - Trog Dancers MP3

    The trogs dance for me. Game - Fallout 3: If you enjoy the video make sure to Subscribe, Comment, and Like!

    Tags: twitch, games, Music, Zelda

  • TROG.  Joan Crawford  1970

    TROG. Joan Crawford 1970 MP3

    It is said Bette Davis commented that if she had found herself starring in "Trog," she'd commit suicide. Alas, poor Joan Crawford, who obviously felt she couldn't ...

    Tags: Joan Crawford, Queen Bee, Harriet Craig

  • Buntingford Trogs -  Monkton Combe Holiday 1974

    Buntingford Trogs - Monkton Combe Holiday 1974 MP3

    Buntingford Trogs Holiday 27 July - 03 Aug 1974 Monkton Combe School Somerset Filmed on Kodak Super 8 Cine Film A Mitch Klock Production All Songs ...

    Tags: Monkton Combe, Jacksongs, Wells Cathedral (Building), Somerset (English Non-metropolitan County), Super 8 Film (Film Format), United Kingdom (Country), Longleat Safari Park (Zoo)

  • Trog Walkthrough/Gameplay NES HD 1080p

    Trog Walkthrough/Gameplay NES HD 1080p MP3

    Free Games Here and Here Pirate Link Trog! is an arcade game developed by Midway Games for the ...

    Tags: walkthrough, solution, speedrun, ending, bossfight, gameplay, video game, HD, HQ, gaming, no commentary, playthrough, intro, replay, retro, 8bit, NES, dendy, Nintendo, Game, longplay, gameanyone, MegaSakura17, EightBitHD

  • Fallout 3 The Pitt Unsafe Working Conditions part 5 of 8 Ingots part 4 of 5 #74-82

    Fallout 3 The Pitt Unsafe Working Conditions part 5 of 8 Ingots part 4 of 5 #74-82 MP3

    At the southern chain-link fence of the factory roof, 4-Move eastward hugging the fence and drop down from the ledge it terminates on. You'll be dropping pretty ...

    Tags: Fallout, The, Pitt, Unsafe, Working, Conditions, part, of, Ingots

  • Market Minute: Where does our food come from?

    Market Minute: Where does our food come from? MP3

    The Market Minute is produced for the Elgin, Illinois Downtown Neighborhood Association's Harvest Market in association with StolenArts Productions. Troggs ...

    Tags: Harvest Market, Elgin, Illinois, Downtown Neighborhood Association, Chicago, Urban Farming, Suburban Farming, Food, Agriculture (Industry)

  • Arcade - Trog

    Arcade - Trog MP3

    Aquí el que no corre, vuela (1992)

    Tags: aqui

  • Imora - Live @ Planet Trog

    Imora - Live @ Planet Trog's MP3

    Performing Live at Planet Trog's in Allentown, PA.

    Tags: imora, if, the, shoe, fits, paint, by, numbers, blood, of, an, englishman, live, planet, trogs, champ, happily, never, after, ship, out, recordings, master, key, management