Acapella (English Version)

  • [ENGLISH COVER] 방탄소년단 (BTS) - 잡아줘 (Hold Me Tight) Ballad Version with ACAPELLA

    [ENGLISH COVER] 방탄소년단 (BTS) - 잡아줘 (Hold Me Tight) Ballad Version with ACAPELLA MP3

    [READ ME] Please listen with headphone and watch in HD for better quality Please ask me directly for mp3 download :) SC: ...

    Tags: music, Ballad (Musical Genre), English Cover, BTS, Bangtan, Bangtan Boys (Musical Group), Singing, Cover, Piano, A Cappella (Musical Genre), KPOP, Korean, South Korea, Park jimin, jeon jungkook, rap monster, rapmon, min yoongi, kim namjoon, min suga, suga, j-hope, jung hoseok, jungkook, jimin, kim v, kim taehyung, kim seokjin, jin, hold me tight, Hold Me Tight (Composition)

  • ENGLISH "Euterpe" Guilty Crown (AmaLee) Acapella

    ENGLISH "Euterpe" Guilty Crown (AmaLee) Acapella MP3

    PATREON! Help me keep making covers like this! ✦TWITTER: ✦FACEBOOK: ...

    Tags: euterpe, guilty, crown, TV, opening, theme, first, episode, one, song, insert, english, eng, fandub, fan, dub, version, ver, adaptation, subs, lyrics, sing, along, amanda, lee, leeandlie, vocalist, singer, female, girl, EGOIST, Inori, Yuzuriha, main, character, singing, capella, without, music, anime, animation, japanese

  • [acapella] EXO - Heart Attack (english version)

    [acapella] EXO - Heart Attack (english version) MP3

    Happy Mothers' Day to everyone! And while everyone is waiting for the full version of Overdose, here's the english acapella of EXO's "Heart Attack" that I did!

    Tags: exo, heart attack, acapella, english, kpop, cover, music, exotic, suho, do, baekhyun, kai, chanyeol, sehun, xiumin, luhan, kris, lay, chen, tao, overdose, live, sub, lyrics, karaoke, instrumental, performance, version, growl, wolf

  • [acapella] Rain - Dear Mama Don

    [acapella] Rain - Dear Mama Don't Cry (english version) MP3

    Recorded this on Monday when I heard the sad news about LeeTeuk's family. My heart goes out to him and hope he is pulling through. It made me think about ...

    Tags: Rain, Bi, Rain Effect, Dear, Mama, Cry, Tears, 30, Sexy, instrumental, LA, Song, cover, rendition, english, version, subbed, music video, acapella, performance, speaking, live, lee, hyori, jay, park, album, comeback, 2013, 2014, remix, dance, super junior, leeteuk, family, accident

  • EXO - Christmas Day (Acapella English Cover)

    EXO - Christmas Day (Acapella English Cover) MP3

    140906 a "The Lost Planet in Jakarta" Cover Project; from exo-L to EXO. The song has been passed to EXO's Chen Sung by DORKyungsoo Lyrics and Arranged ...

    Tags: christmas day, exo, exo-k, exo-m, acapella, english cover, song cover, kpop, kpop cover, the lost planet in jakarta, lost in tunes

  • 2NE1 - Come Back Home (English Version) (Acapella)

    2NE1 - Come Back Home (English Version) (Acapella) MP3

    Anyone who comments "The lyrics are wrong" will be blocked. Yall should know better already. I'm aware it's not "come baby baby come home." No need to ...

    Tags: Come Back Home, English, version, 2NE1, To Anyone, twenty one, 21, Yabisi, MCYabisi, CL, Lee Chaerin, Park Bom, Jenny, Dara, Sandara, Minzy, Minji, Gong, Korean, pop, Kpop, dance, South, Korea, cover, karaoke, instrumental, Asian, CL (Musical Artist), Sandara Park (Musical Artist)

  • {English Acapella} TaeTiSeo - Love Sick

    {English Acapella} TaeTiSeo - Love Sick MP3

    StudioSylar performing TaeTiSeo's Love Sick in English Acapella ;) I got very many requests to cover TaeTiSeo so here it is! I know a lot of you were hoping for ...

    Tags: TaeTiSeo, Love Sick, SNSD, Generation, Taeyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany, Lee, Sora, English, Version, Cover

  • [acapella] SHINee - Orgel (english version) (snippet)

    [acapella] SHINee - Orgel (english version) (snippet) MP3

    Just a little something for fun. Happy fourth of July! Be safe everyone, much love :)

    Tags: SHINee, Key, Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, Orgel, english, version, cover, remix, acapella, short, full, subs, misconceptions, of me, dream girl, why so serious, speaking, instrumental, fourth, of, july, korean, episode



    EMBODIMENT OF PRAISE collection of Nigerian praise and worship song LED BY THERESA OGUNSANYA-DANIEL for bookings pls call 44 7428771224 uk.


  • [acapella] B2ST - Beautiful Night (english version)

    [acapella] B2ST - Beautiful Night (english version) MP3

    Made this a LONG time ago, and decided to release it now. Been waiting for an instrumental to pop up, but there was never a decent one. Therefore, decided to ...

    Tags: Beast, B2ST, Beautiful Night, korean, japanese, cover, english, version, instrumental, acapella, audio, mp3, HD, Kikwang, Trouble, Maker, Hyunah, Yoseob, Coffee, Junhyung, Doojoon, Dongwoon, Gikwang, Hyunseung, You, Shock, Fiction, Back To You, Mystery, Bad Girl, When I Miss You, Easy, Breathe, Dream Girl, Freeze, Let it Snow, The Fact, MBLAQ, speaking, Cube, Entertainment, kiss, Mellerz, cute

  • Thalía - Tú y Yo (Acapella English Version)

    Thalía - Tú y Yo (Acapella English Version) MP3

    Tags: Latin Pop (Musical Genre)

  • [acapella] Taeyang - Ringa Linga (english version)

    [acapella] Taeyang - Ringa Linga (english version) MP3

    Here's the acapella version of my cover to Taeyang's "Ringa Linga" in English. Kudos to Ryan for the cool video. Looking good bruh, thanks! --- Like me on FB: ...

    Tags: taeyang, big bang, sol, ringa linga, acapella, kpop, cover, english, instrumental, dance, choreography, top, gd, seungri, daesung, 2014, 2013, comeback, performance, live, concert, fancam

  • Indestructible - SNSD ( English Version ) - Acapella

    Indestructible - SNSD ( English Version ) - Acapella MP3

    Annyeong SONEs :3 This is my first video ever :v I'm Quynh Anh, you can call me Nah too~ whatever but I'm just 14. Too young :o There are many faults left in ...

    Tags: Indestructible, English Version

  • [Acapella] Apink - LUV English Cover

    [Acapella] Apink - LUV English Cover MP3

    Leave any suggestions in the comment section :) I'm out of ideas for the next cover. I was thinking of covering Hello Venus 'Wiggle Wiggle' and EXID 'Up and ...

    Tags: Jaz, english, version, ver, cover, k-pop, pop, DL, HQ, HD, 2014, audio, mp3, music, apnk, love, luv

  • [ACAPELLA ENGLISH COVER] EXO (엑소)- Promise (약속) by delusionaal

    [ACAPELLA ENGLISH COVER] EXO (엑소)- Promise (약속) by delusionaal MP3

    headphones/earphones & hd pls!!!! i'm trying so much new shit in this one video. first, the fact that i recorded 5 videos with different outfits and heAD ...

    Tags: covers, collab, collaboration, fandub, fancover, delusionaal, jaerin, instrumental, vivian, karaoke, exo promise, exo promise english, exo promise cover, promise, yaksok exo cover, exo piano promise, promise piano, promise exo instrumental, promise cover

  • Park Bom (박봄) - You and I English Version (acapella)

    Park Bom (박봄) - You and I English Version (acapella) MP3

    mp3 download: ...

    Tags: park, bom, you, and, english, version, cover, babiixj

  • [Acapella] Apink - Mr. Chu English Cover

    [Acapella] Apink - Mr. Chu English Cover MP3

    Apink - Mr Chu English Cover [Acapella Version] [Non-acapella version]: Lyrics: --- Once I look at you, I want ...

    Tags: Jaz, english, version, ver, cover, k-pop, pop, DL, HQ, HD, 2014, audio, mp3, music, Apink, ch

  • VIXX Eternity English Version

    VIXX Eternity English Version MP3

    [DOWNLOAD & ACAPELLA in the description box] If you didn't know already, VIXX is one of my favorite groups and I love their songs so much ;_; Eternity is no ...

    Tags: VIXX, Impaofsweden, VIXX Eternity, VIXX (Musical Group), Eternity english version, vixx eternity english cover, k-pop, k-pop english verison, jellyfish entertainment

  • Be My Baby - Wondergirls ( Acapella English Version )

    Be My Baby - Wondergirls ( Acapella English Version ) MP3

    1 : 18 am. and bored... again New song by the Wondergirls. Thought I'd cover a piece of it.. but acapella.. cuz i couldnt find a decent instrumental yet... Sorry for ...

    Tags: Kuya, Jesse, James, Baris, Jessie, jjbaris, Canada, Filipino, Winnipeg, Glee, Club, Wonder, Girls, Wondergirls, Be, My, Baby, English, Male, Version, New, song, Acapella, karaoke, Cover

  • Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull

    Shakira - Rabiosa (English Version) ft. Pitbull MP3

    Vídeo oficial de Shakira de su tema 'Rabiosa' ft. Pitbull. Haz clic aquí para escuchar a Shakira en Spotify: Incluido en ...

    Tags: and, rihanna, remember, to, forget, you, single, hq, empire, Rabiosa En Directo, remix, descarga, whenever wherever, rabiosa, ShakiraVevo, waka waka, Sony, rabiosa Oficial, letras, Shakira Rabiosa, Shakira lyrics, la


    Rabiosa (English Version)


    Shakira Rabiosa If you don't get enough I'll make it double I got my boy now in big, big trouble You know I want you Atracao ahi Ratata You've got too much of that sex appeal Don't play around because I'm for real You see that ro[...]
  • Heaven [Re-make] - Ayumi Hamasaki - English version Acapella

    Heaven [Re-make] - Ayumi Hamasaki - English version Acapella MP3

    Here is a remake with a better audio than the other version.. but then you can also hear me sing out of tune or wrong lyrics more :P And I tried to do something ...

    Tags: ayumi, hamasaki, heaven, remake, english, dj, aoiko, jpop, singing, asian, girl

  • No Mercy - B.A.P (English Version) [Rough Acapella]

    No Mercy - B.A.P (English Version) [Rough Acapella] MP3

    Haha, yes, I ramble on at the beginning...and I do that with alotta videos, so I'm sorry. I'm like Jackass, where they have to formally announce what their doing.

    Tags: english version, english cover, no mercy, lyrics, acapella

  • SNSD - "Beautiful Girls" [SONE remix] (english version) [acapella]

    SNSD - "Beautiful Girls" [SONE remix] (english version) [acapella] MP3

    God damn, Yoo Young Jin. You either sing too high for me, or too low for me. Either way, this guy is a legend. Best singer in my opinion. I know it's pitchy and ...

    Tags: SNSD, Beautiful Girls, Yoo Young Jin, english version, acapella, SONE, remix

  • Big Bang - Baby Baby [English Version] [Official Acapella]

    Big Bang - Baby Baby [English Version] [Official Acapella] MP3

    I bought this song from Copyrightⓒ YG Entertainment Co.,Ltd.

    Tags: Big, Bang, Baby, Baby, English, Version, Official, Acapella

  • Rinki

    Rinki'Kun Herry_Blue english version acapella (Feat DS) MP3


    Tags: blue acapella, blue english, blue english acapella, big bang acapella, jd relic acapella, rinkikun aapella, rinkikun blue acapella, rinkikun feat, big bang blue acapella, big bang blue mv, big bang blue cover, rinki cover, rinkikun herry

  • [Acapella] AOA - Like a Cat English Cover

    [Acapella] AOA - Like a Cat English Cover MP3

    If you're wondering about the cover I made for Apink's latest song, I'm editing the video right now, so it should be up tonight. In the mean time you can listen to ...

    Tags: Jaz, english, version, ver, cover, k-pop, pop, DL, HQ, HD, 2014, audio, mp3, music, aoa, Like, cat

  • VIXX - Love Letter [English Acapella Cover] ♫「Momo」

    VIXX - Love Letter [English Acapella Cover] ♫「Momo」 MP3

    Download: Hey guys! Long time no see - uni doesn't require as little time as I expected haha....

    Tags: love, letter, vixx, jekyll, album, cover, fancover, english, lyrics, trans, translation, female, acapella, capella, vocal, vocals, hakyeon, ken, jaehwan, hongbin, hyuk, sanghyuk, ravi, wonshik, leo, taekwoon, win, music, bank, proud, starlight, fan, milky, way, rovix, realvixx, momo, momokochocosamax3, momodubu, allrisemomo, hakyeoniloveyou, Love Letter, Song, Singing

  • [acapella] SHINee - A-Yo! (english version)

    [acapella] SHINee - A-Yo! (english version) MP3

    I know the original is already in english, but I like the story behind SHINee's version. So I made a version that was just as encouraging in English. Hope you all ...

    Tags: SHINee, Key, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, Onew, A-Yo, english, version, acapella, instrumental, speaking, bulge, lucifer, ring ding dong, replay, dream girl, love like oxygen, we got married, subbed, lyrics, translations, hangul, why so serious, misconceptions, dance, cover, remix, funny, sexy, boys meet u, japan, orgel

  • [Acapella] Teen Top - "Clap" (english version)

    [Acapella] Teen Top - "Clap" (english version) MP3

    This was by request, so I made this to fulfill that request :) DL:

    Tags: Teen Top, Acapella, Clap, English, Version, Cover

  • BIGBANG - Make Love (English Version) - (Official Acapella)

    BIGBANG - Make Love (English Version) - (Official Acapella) MP3

    Tags: BIGBANG, YGEntertainment, G-Dragon, GD, Taeyang, SOL, YB, Seungri, VI, Daesung, DLite, TOP

  • M&N - Tonight (English Version [Acapella]).mp3 MP3
  • Mc Marcelo Gaúcho .m'a.-Baile Lotado (English Version) (Acapella).mp3 MP3
  • Mc Marcelo Gaúcho .m'a.-Baile Lotado (English Version) (Acapella).mp3 MP3